Namibia Road Trip - 2018

This beautiful bush camp outside the park is the oldest in Namibia founded in the early 70s. But you would never believe that when you entered the property and saw the huge and luxurious rooms we were assigned. We actually would have liked to have stayed there for two nights rather than the one we had scheduled. But we are very happy we had the night we did.

The property’s own waterhole was so full of birds and mammals that it took us more than an hour drive from the entrance to the Reception. There were water birds, wading birds, passerines, and waterbucks - the antelope with the toilet seat design on the rear end. There was one part of the drive onto the property that gave us pause. A sign at the entrance gate warned that this was lion country! Yet someone had to open the gate or we would spend our time outside Mt. Etjo. So Lois hopped out of the truck and rather timorously went to check how the “open sesame” worked here. There was no lock, just a chain holding the two large “doors” together. So she threw the gate open (to the inside) and Kay drove in while Lois looked wildly around for encroaching lions. None appeared while she was closing the gate again. Whew! We made it to Reception in time to jump on an afternoon safari ride and were rewarded with many good sightings; however, the lone driver/guide was obviously not interested in birds at all and flew past them before anyone could ask for an ID. He also drove right some mammals without any word of explanation or identification. But we recognized the light colored Southern giraffes and the blue gnus, and the rhinos without his help. We also had seen Chacma Baboons and Kori Bustards before.

There were two highlights on this hurried safari ride that redeemed it perfectly!

First, we were treated to a great interaction between two large male white rhinos who were having some sort of territorial confrontation. They actually made sounds like grunting & grumbling at one another (we had never before heard any vocalization from a rhino) and one or

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