Namibia Road Trip - 2018

the other would sally forth at his rival who would move backwards and then make his own provocative lunge at the first one.

Finally the smaller of the two found himself on the road and decided to make his stand there. Luckily our driver/guide was forced to let us see through to the finish to this contretemps. After some more grunting and mock charges, the fellow still in the bushes decided to back off and disappear. The victor stood in the road for a bit longer and then moseyed on his way in triumph. Another special treat on this safari was the sighting of an Eagle Owl in the dusk as we drove back into the camp. He was huge and very beautiful. We also viewed 5 hippos in another of the reserve’s waterholes but only one opened its mouth wide enough to reveal their formidable teeth. No wonder hippos are responsible for more human deaths than any of the African predators all rolled together. We had a delicious supper at the Lodge’s outside dining area (called a “lapa”) and then eagerly headed for our 9:30 pm activity: Feeding the Lions. Am still not quite clear about this activity except it was thrilling to see. We were taken to a bunker-like structure where we walked

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