Namibia Road Trip - 2018

through a tunnel and then were invited to sit in front of long opening in the concrete wall about 2 ft. high and fronted with strong wire. We sat in the darkness for a couple of minutes and then the lights came on in front of us where a giraffe carcass was chained to the ground. Suddenly lions began pouring in from the side like a tsunami wave, their movement was so fluid. There were 4 females, a male cub, a dominant male with an impressive dark mane, and two younger males with immature manes. These beautiful animals fell on the carcass with much growling and roaring among themselves. Moments of silence would permit us to hear the ripping and tearing at the carcass and the crunching on the bones. There seemed to be no special deference to the big male and all ate together for a while, though the cub at first found it difficult to find a spot at the feast.

These were the biggest and most magnificent lions any of us had ever seen. Their bodies were flawless with no ticks and no scars. Their coats were sleek and silky. They seemed to me to be the Platonic Ideal of Lion. After a few minutes, one of the females grabbed a large chunk of the meat and retreated a bit away from the others under a tree to finish her repast. The Alpha male followed her but made no attempt to steal her meal or share it. He just stood looking at her. The cub came over too but he did not disturb Mom’s supper. The feeding went on for a long time and soon the female returned to the dinner table and pushed in for a place. No one growled or snapped at her and the baby too wiggled his way in, stepping on his mother’s nose

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