Namibia Road Trip - 2018

to see: desert scenery with stubby, gnarly plants, huge termite mounds of differing colors depending on the soil they sat on, darker giraffes, the elusive klipspringers, and mountain zebras. The road was rough and bumpy but still drivable. Kay was getting better and better at this kind of driving.

Male and Female Klipspringer Antelope

Hobatere (translated “Find Me”) is another private reserve just outside the park. It burned to the ground a few years ago and has since been completely rebuilt. We stayed here for three nights and enjoyed the property very much. The housing consisted of round concrete thatched bungalows. En suite bathrooms and comfortable bedding made the stay very good. The common area for meals was lovely and the food was tasty. Breakfast and supper were included but we learned we could purchase lunches for a small fee. We would be spared peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for awhile. As patrons are not allowed to drive themselves in the reserve, we purchased morning, afternoon and night drives with a guide. Our safari guide and usual driver was Liberty, so named because he was born on Namibia’s independence day. He was very knowledgeable, spoke perfect English, knew his stuff about the animals and where to find them. He wasn’t as good on birds but at least he did not just drive rapidly past them.

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