NATFEN Awards Magazine Edition 9



T he horrors of Grenfell Tower seem to be haunting the news once again and the tragedy of substandard products continues to raise its ugly head. According to the BBC Pano- rama programme the insulation that burned so rapidly out of control, had never passed the required safety test and it should not have been on the building. It is suggested that the RS5000 insulation, used at Grenfell gives off toxic fumes that contains cyanide when on fire. The programme suggested that almost all of the 72 people who died there were killed by smoke. The change in formula of the product was not the only problem with the fire safety tests and it has been suggested that the BS8414-2 test showed that RS5000 was only safe to use on certain new build projects when it was combined with a particular fire-proof cladding panel. In a BBC report it was cited that Matt Wrack, general secretary of the Fire Brigades Un-ion felt Panorama’s allegations would be investigated, commenting “if there are breach-es of the law then those people need to be held to account”.

Celotex the company that manufactured the cladding is co-operating fully with all the inquiries regarding Grenfell Tower including the Police investigation and the public en-quiry. Naturally, the survivors have raised concerns regarding the safety of other tow-er blocks and there are still so many vital questions that have to asked and answers are needed about how this can be avoided in the future. The news for the housing market continues to be pessimisitic with recent reports stating that workers including police officers and teachers remain priced out of yet more Lon-don areas than ever before, despite a slowdown in the property market. According to a new study the hopes of many looking to find a place on the property ladder have once again been dashed. Whilst there was hope that a slightly stagnant market might enable those in the essential professions to buy a property, only eight per cent of London homes can now be afforded by a police officer on an average salary of £44,824.


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