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Learning to Be Grateful

Some Ways to Help Children Appreciate Their Teachers

Donating School Supplies Many teachers use their own money to buy school supplies for their classroom. This is just one of the ways teachers go above and beyond on a daily basis, and buying some extra school supplies can help ease that cost. Take your child shopping with you and help them pick out supplies that you know their teacher will appreciate. Your children spend several hours a day with their teachers, so fostering relationships with them is vital. Use this day to help your children understand the importance of teachers, to teach them the power of gratitude, and to encourage them to show respect for everyone who helps them in life. other real estate ventures. Pertinent property can include much more than just real estate, so be sure to gather documentation on your personal effects, like jewelry or artwork, too. Take It Personally The dissolution of a marriage involves all aspects of your life — even the life you led before the marriage. Personal banking information, birth and Social Security certificates, your marriage license, previous marriage information, premarital documents, and any other legally-binding documents are always great to have on hand if your case calls for this information. Not every document you gather prior to a divorce will be used, but it’s valuable to at least know the location of some pertinent legal documents. At the Law Offices of Kevin Jensen, we understand how all-encompassing divorce can be. If you need help gathering these documents or are in need of guidance, give us a call at 408.632.7373.

as valuable as a gift. Help your child write an appreciative note and then write one yourself. Teachers often have to maintain the happiness of students, administrators, and parents. Your card could relieve some of the stress of that balancing act and let them know that you acknowledge their efforts. A Homemade Meal Making a homemade meal (or dessert) shows teachers that you went the extra mile to appreciate their hard work. You could make a favorite dish of yours or try to find a new recipe online. Either way, encourage your child to help you with the process so that the meal is truly a gift from both of you.

Teacher Appreciation Week runs from May 6–10 this year, and there are plenty of ways students of all ages can thank their educators for everything they do. Being a teacher isn’t an easy job, and the people who make it their profession are passionate about helping kids learn. Depending on how old your child is, they may need a parent’s help in showing their appreciation. Here are a few ways parents and children can appreciate teachers together. Thank-You Notes This gesture is simple and sweet and can be very thoughtful. Telling a teacher what makes them outstanding can often be just

What Do I Need? Documents You Should Gather When You File for Divorce

Notifying your loved ones, meeting with lawyers, and mucking through your emotions can make finding time to catch your breath when you’re going through a divorce seem impossible. The best way to make the divorce process a smooth process is to be upfront, honest, and clear. Make the transition easier for you and your spouse by collecting the following documents when you file for divorce. Dollars and Sense One of the biggest questions of divorce is what happens to the finances you brought into the marriage and accumulated throughout the duration. In order to accurately disseminate who should get what

out of your accounts, gather tax documents, employment records, retirement account information, Social Security transactions, bank records, and debt statements and histories. If young children are involved, disclose any financial documents they may have. Financial statements will give each partner’s attorney a clear idea of your monetary situations. What’s Mine Is Yours Separating assets can be one of the most complex parts of a divorce, but when you provide proper documentation of purchases and ownership, the decisions become clearer. Compile any information on vehicles, properties purchased during your marriage, and


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