C+S August 2023 Vol. 9 Issue 8 (web)

Throughout the project, the construction team was able to work through ambiguities and challenges because of the teams collaboration and risk mitigation strategies within CMAR delivery method: • coordinating multiple stakeholders, businesses, and residents • mitigating unknown and/or unforeseen conditions • maneuvering through a highly phased project • leading the success of both public and private development alongside franchise utility relocations adjacent to the work • supporting the community through ongoing communication efforts • McCarthy mitigating risks via allowances and contingencies and led as a partner and advocate to City of Fort Worth due to the project conditions • continual communication efforts with the client and engineering team. While ove rcoming the many unique challenges of this project, the team completed it on schedule with over half a million dollars in shared savings and unspent budgets.

CMAR - A Group Effort for Best Outcomes As the project progressed over the next year, the crowded corridor continued to acquire new stakeholders and third-party developments performing their own construction work alongside the Harmon Road Project. Numerous developments–fire stations, expansions of apartment complexes, fast food franchises, and more–began construction and or entered a design phase while the Harmon Road Project pushed onward towards substantial completion. Coordination with franchise utilities became essential to ensure the project was able to continue without impacting the critical path. The entire team had a part in the coordination from synchronizing designs with new developers, to working with utility franchises to ensure no damage was done to the newly constructed roadway, along with working together to sequence their scopes prior to placing final pavement. Each party had a unique approach to accommodate what best worked for their project–from site walks to weekly calls for status updates, to helping excavate or holding back a pour to ensure the teams–both Harmon Road and the third parties could perform the necessary work needed to sustain the growth occurring along the roadway.

Riley Seahorn, Assoc. DBIA , is a project manager with McCarthy Building Companies Southern Region.

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