C+S August 2023 Vol. 9 Issue 8 (web)

test of the new build, followed by the precision cleaning of the new installation to ensure that no foreign object debris would adversely impact the tests. To complete the project, ICM successfully supported the commissioning phase for the new installation, ensuring that all hardware would provide the required performance during precooler testing. “We had an initial blueprint of what would be required for the project, but given the uniqueness of the technology, the R&D nature of the project, and the real-time availability of equipment and materials in the post-COVID environment, workflow flexibility was essential,” said Jamie Hodges, executive vice president of ICM. “The project required a lot of flexibility, collaboration and teamwork on the fly. Fortunately, ICM ‘loves a challenge,’ and this project definitely lived up to that motto.” ICM completed construction of the new liquid coolant system in May 2022. Four pipefitters were regularly on site, with seven pipefitters used during the peak of construction. The way of the future “Rocket science” technology development projects like this are critical since they can lead to vastly improved speeds and fuel efficiency for new jet engines supporting commercial, military and space flights – a feat that could positively impact millions of people. As a result of installing the new liquid coolant system, Reaction Engines has been able to expand the operational envelope of its heat exchanger technology, further validating its unique offering to the aerospace industry and beyond.

CLINT THURSTON is a Project Manager at Industrial Contractors/Managers, Inc (ICM), a Colorado-based industrial contractor specializing in steel and concrete structures, heavy moving and rigging, machinery installation, modification and maintenance, and more.


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