C+S August 2023 Vol. 9 Issue 8 (web)

An emergency response was necessary with accelerated deadlines and extreme site limitations that included no sanitary sewer service and shallow bedrock. An Active wastewater treatment system was designed and installed to meet a design flow of 100,000 gallons- per-day. The sand filter specifying Advanced Enviro-Septic (AES) receives gravity-flow influent to four, 40,000-gallon septic tanks configured in series. The effluent is then split into four treatment trains to facilitate isolation during maintenance. Four lined AES beds provide passive, secondary treatment. Treated effluent is collected and gravity-distributed to the UV disinfection units, each followed by a pump tank. These pumps distribute purified effluent to two evapotranspiration ponds, which allow for possible reuse. The low maintenance, high flow, decentralized wastewater treatment system allowed for full occupancy of the FEMA work housing camp quickly. This provided needed resources close to the devastated community. Conclusion Active wastewater treatment in decentralized applications offers a sustainable and efficient solution for wastewater management. By utilizing Active treatment technologies, such as advanced treatment, nutrient removal, and resource recovery techniques, decentralized facilities can achieve higher treatment efficiency, remove emerging contaminants, provide managed aquifer recharge, and minimize environmental impacts. The integration of smart technologies and decentralized energy generation further

enhances the performance and sustainability of these systems. As communities and industries continue to seek cost-effective and environmentally friendly wastewater management solutions, advanced, active decentralized treatment approaches will play a crucial role in meeting these evolving needs.

DENNIS F. HALLAHAN, P.E., is the Technical Director of Infiltrator Water Technolo - gies. Dennis has over 30 years of experience with the design, construction of decentralized wastewater treatment systems. He has authored numerous articles for on-site industry magazines and regularly gives presentations nationally on the science and fundamentals of on-site wastewater treat- ment systems. Dennis also serves on various national industry association wastewater committees.


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