C+S August 2023 Vol. 9 Issue 8 (web)



THE COVER Fort Worth - Demanding Growth CHANNELS

ENVIRONMENTAL + SUSTAINABILITY 13 Gray vs. Green: Spongy Infrastructure 14 Enlisting One of Nature’s Ecosystem Engineers to Assist with Coastal Defense 16 Technology Is the Key to Revolutionizing the Jobsite— and Making it Safer TECH + SOFTWARE 18 Building the road ahead in 3D: the power of digital transformations in road construction 20 Ferrovial and Alamo NEX Create a 3D Digital Twin to Build a Viaduct Road in a Tight Urban Area STRUCTURES + BUILDINGS 22 Quality Over Quantity: Today’s Bridge & Tunnel Inspection TRANSPORTATION + INFRASTRUCTURE 24 Aligning Smart Building Implementation with Performance Expectations 26 Innovative Technology Helps Deliver The Warrenton Southern Interchange Project 30 Making the Grade: Why Lightweight Aggregates may be the Key to Improved Infrastructure 33 Enhancing the I-5 34 Exploring the massive potential for innovative underground construction technologies in the US 36 PERI Formwork Helps Lay Tracks for Massive Commuter Train Expansion technologies in the US 38 Inside Out: Building Resilient Infrastructure to Safeguard Against Natural Disasters 40 Industrial Constructors / Managers, Inc. facilitates improvements to aerospace test facility thanks to ‘on the go’ construction and welding 42 Critical Infrastructure: Successfully Upgrading Airport Facilities Within a 24-7 Environment WATER + STORMWATER 46 Active Wastewater Treatment in Decentralized Applications 50 Trolley Route Flooding Alleviated by Stormwater Management Solutions departments 8 Events Columns LOOKING BACK, MOVING FORWARD 6 Adapt and Overcome: Railroads in Northwest Arkansas Luke Carothers INDUSTRY INSIGHTS 7 Get Ready for the 2023 Yearbook of Engineering Achievement Award Competition 51 Benchmarks 52 Reader Index






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