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A door can be so much more Internal doors are highly visible and come in a variety of styles and materials. The doors you choose can impact on your home’s privacy levels, noise control and overall visual style. Start with colours you love When selecting paint colours, start with colours or tones you love. They can be an inspirational springboard for your colour palette. Think of your furniture too and how it will all work together. Choosing your ceiling cornice Cornices are a ‘finishing touch’ that can create a sense of warmth and personality to your home. Consider the size of your rooms, ceiling height, lighting and other interior decorating features. Don’t forget the architraves and skirting Do your homework on every fixture in your home, including architraves (that surround your door frames) and skirting. These mouldings can be as decorative as they are functional. Consider a feature wall An accent or feature wall lets you ‘accent’ a wall in any room with a different colour. They provide contrast, focus and dramatic flair. Which wall could work in your home? Look to the light With every choice you make, particularly with your internal paint colour scheme, consider the amount of natural light that you get in the space. More light gives you more colour options. Getting a handle on handles Like all the little touches, door furniture such as handles are an expression of your home’s style and personality. Modern or classic, they should provide a firm grip that feels right for you.


It’s time to breathe life into the space in which you and your family will live. Within your new home’s four walls are so many opportunities for personal expression. The littlest touches, such as your door handles, architraves or style of cornice, will begin to add individual style and flair to your home. Be they functional or decorative, Clarendon’s Lifestyle Studio can guide you on all the elements as you begin to build your vision for your home’s interior look and feel. Choosing your internal wall colour scheme is exciting (perhaps a daring feature wall in a bold colour?), and our clever Consultants can assist with advice and ideas. Don’t be afraid to start expressing yourself, and use this Workbook to note your selections. We hope you enjoy the process.





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