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Choose a roof you’ll love As well as settling on the ideal roof colour, consider tile profile, texture and how your roof works with all your home’s other features. Consider the colour your exterior walls will be and whether your home has a certain look you want to achieve. To match or not to match? When it comes to roofing, guttering, fascias, downpipes or cladding… do you choose the same colour, or contrasting colours? Take a close look at display homes, online or magazines for inspiration. Seeing your ideas already in existence can be very helpful! Make your garage door a feature The whole facade of your home should make a statement, but your garage door has a chance to really add some wow factor and complement the other facade features. Take durability into account, but also other aesthetics of your home’s look, including your roofing system’s colour scheme. Colour can say so much The colour palette you select for your home’s facade speaks volumes about your personal style. Neutral, bright, bold, daring, soft tones or strong contrasting colours… explore your options and see what feels right for you (and looks good in daylight, evening-lit, and when the garden grows!).





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