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Aim for ample storage Storage space will be your best friend in a busy laundry. Consider a winning combination of cupboards, overhead storage, drawers and possibly a tall cupboard for brooms and mops. Design around your appliances If you know the size of your washing machine, dryer or other appliances, you can design your cabinetry around them, for seamless integration into your laundry design. It’s all about the layout Ensure there’s enough space to move around comfortably (reduce bending and crouching if possible). Design your space to streamline the workflow and reduce double handling. Consider a theme for cabinets and benchtops Could your kitchen and laundry’s looks share a theme? Tying in the aesthetic across your cabinetry and benchtops can create a nice flow and consistency between spaces. Have a think about the sink! Who knew there were so many sink options - from undermount to drop-in. You could even consider two sinks side by side. Think colour, material, size, visual appeal and functionality. Little details, big impact Here are some other details to muse - pull-out laundry bins, an ironing centre, an air dryer, a rail to hang wet clothes and of course, enough deep bench space to fold that laundry! External access, lighting and ventilation Think skyhigh! Make sure you have adequate lighting in your laundry through windows or a skylight, and good ventilation through one or more windows and/or an exhaust fan.


A laundry may not seem glamorous. But it will be one of the hardest working areas of your home and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t love it. It should be practical, but it can still have style and flair with every little choice you make. It’s where clothes will be soaked, washed and dried, fluffy towels will be folded, socks will be paired up (hopefully) and it will be the ‘engine room’ in many ways for your family. Our Lifestyle Studio Consultants will help guide you to create your laundry, from cabinets and benchtops to tubs and tapware. Make selections in your workbook and create your ideal laundry. Add personality, choose a neutral or contemporary colour palette and design a functional, good looking space that will keep your family ticking along year after year.





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