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Dr. Kent Julius and Believing in Your self

Have you ever had someone tell you that you can’t do something you’ve dreamed of doing your whole life?

her, and after graduation he went into junior college for general studies with no major and no idea what he was going to do.

Hi, I’m Jake. I’m a Maltipoo (Maltese-poodle mix), and given my small size, I have people and other dogs tell me I can’t do things all the time. But I always aim to prove them wrong, which is something I have in common with one of my humans, Dr. Kent Julius. Kent knew he wanted to be a vet from the time he was five years old. He grew up on a farm in Illinois, surrounded by all kinds of animals. His dad and grandpa knew how to take care of the animals most of the time, but when they had a big problem, they would call the local vet. Kent says he can still remember how impressed he was watching what a vet could do and how they were able to help an animal in need. His childhood dream of becoming a vet was reinforced when Kent was 11 years old. In the middle of winter, Kent and his dad got in the truck to check on one of their cows who was close to calving. When they found her, it was clear she’d already given birth, but the calf was nowhere to be seen. They went searching and eventually found the calf huddled up in the woods, shaking and covered in snow. The cow had given up on the calf, but Kent’s dad told him to grab the calf and carry it to the truck. Frostbite would cause the calf to lose part of its nose and all of its ears and tail, but with his dad’s help, Kent saved the calf and nursed it back to health. It grew up to be a big, happy cow. In high school, Kent still wanted to be a vet, but he wasn’t the most diligent when it came to school work. I can relate. Who wants to take tests when you can be outside playing fetch? During his junior year, Kent sat down with a guidance counselor who told him that, with his grades, he’d never get into vet school in the United States. Unfortunately, Kent believed

The thing is, even though he’d been told it was impossible, he still wanted to be a vet. One day, Kent called his vet back home who’d helped his family on the farm. He told the vet, “The counselor said if I didn’t have perfect grades, there was no chance I’d get into vet school.”

The vet said, “Kent, if you never try, you’ll never know.”

This was some of the best advice he’d ever gotten. Kent then called a local vet school and asked what he had to do to get in. They told him to take the right classes, get all A’s and B’s, and have experience working with a vet. Fortunately, he already had that last one. As soon as he could, Kent changed his major to pre-vet, switched all his classes, and put all his eggs in one basket. Four years later, he was accepted into veterinary school. Getting accepted into vet school was just the beginning of the hard work, but after being told he couldn’t follow his dream and believing it for a while, it was a huge win for Kent. Today, in addition to helping animals at the clinic, Kent spends time talking to kids about following their passions, whether they’re high school interns or Girl Scout troops on a field trip. He enjoys showing people what being a vet is really like and encouraging kids that they really can go out there and follow their dreams, whether they want to be a vet or an engineer or a doctor. There are a lot of people who like to say you can’t do something. It’s important to have someone who believes that you can, and sometimes that person happens to be your vet.

-Jake Julius


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