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Page | February, 2022 FEBRUARY 2022

Team Orange,

As I write this month ’ s Ted Talk, it is 63 degrees and sunny... in mid - February … with a chance of snow in 48 hours on Superbowl Sunday. After January ’ s weekly snow events, I ’ m not really complaining as much as calling out the uncertainty of the time we ’ re in. I suppose this just underscores the concept that the “ new normal ” is that nothing is normal anymore. Is the coronavirus really fading away this time? Will Russia invade Ukraine? Will the Bengals really win the Superbowl? These are not questions we thought much about at the beginning of 2020! One constant is that week in and week out, Team Orange does what it takes to keep our community safe and moving forward. Despite the ups and downs, and the changes in administration and political parties at the state and federal level, we are the folks closest to the people and the ones who impact our residents most. The commitment that we share in making a difference in people ’ s lives motivates me to persevere no matter what else is going on around us. I ’ m excited to share that the Board of Supervisors and I met last weekend to discuss our next initiatives, which included significant Parks and Recreation facilities, supporting Career and Technical Education, and continuing to expand our successful broadband project. I ’ m looking forward to how these efforts will improve life in Orange County for us and future generations. It ’ s what we do.

- Ted Voorhees, Orange County Administrator

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New Radio System Connects the Dots for Orange County Public Safety

By: Orange County Communications Department

The new public safety P25 land mobile radio system, sourced through L3 Harris, is already making waves throughout our public safety agencies and beyond. Far from a simple upgrade, Maj. Mike LaCasse, one of the project managers, described it as moving “ from the stone age to the computer age. ” The Orange County Board of Supervisors prioritized public safety upgrades over the last several years, paving the way for the construction of a public safety building, P25 radio system, and Computer Aided Dispatch system. The P25 radio system is state of the art and enables the County ’ s first responders to communicate in real time both internally and externally.

Prior to the new system, agencies were operating antiquated and incompatible frameworks, which made collaboration and communication cumbersome. The new P25 system created a shared communications platform for multiple community organizations including: the Orange County Sheriff ’ s Office, County of Orange Fire & EMS, Orange County Public Schools, Volunteer Fire & EMS Agencies, the Police Departments of Gordonsville and Orange, Lake of the Woods Security, and the Central Virginia Regional Jail. The system also drastically expanded available communication groups, or talkgroups. Chris Cord, Director of the Orange County Emergency Communications Center, elaborated on this capability. A “ big difference is the number of available talkgroups. We went from about 5 channels to having over 100! This improves operations as we can dedicate system talkgroups to incidents and radio traffic will not overlap or interfere. ”

Prior to the new radio system ’ s launch, only three (3) radio towers were in service and coverage in Orange County was approximately seventeen percent (17%). Now, coverage is up to ninety - six percent (96%), thanks to six (6) strategically placed towers, most of which are owned and operated by Orange County. The tower network provides for redundancy. Towers are supported by fiber connectivity, microwave connections, or both, which enables the tower communication network to maintain service if any portion should fail. Furthermore, contract guarantees with our vendors ensure that any such failure would be short - term. As a result, all agencies and organizations connected through the P25 system can count on reliable, real - time communications. Reliability is key, even for individual radios. To ensure redundancy, each is equipped with programming that allows users to transmit data from a secure Wi - Fi network when radio signal is not adequate. Additionally, the software can be downloaded to a cellular device and used anywhere cellular signal is

available, allowing use of the device in a manner very similar to an actual radio.

The technological advances associated with the multiple public safety projects are in good hands. They are monitored by a dedicated Radio System Manager with the Orange County Information Technology Department. In the end, Orange County citizens are direct recipients of the new P25 system. From school bus communications, to missing person searches, to fire response calls, a cohesive and collaborate public safety response helps make our community safer. Sheriff Mark Amos recognized the diligent efforts of staff working on the project, “ First, I want to thank Major Mike LaCasse and Stephanie Straub for overseeing this project. They have done a fabulous job in seeing this project to a successful end. We now have a reliable radio system that will make all Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS better and safer. ”

Page 2 | February, 2022

Honoring the Memory of Captain Andrew Maples, Jr., Orange County ’ s Tuskegee Airman

Adapted from a 2017 Visit Orange County Virginia Blog Entry, “ Captain Andrew Maples, Jr.: Honoring the Service of Orange County ’ s Tuskegee Airman ”

In many ways, Orange, Virginia represents the idea of small - town America. It ’ s a place where one can get away from the noise of larger cities, relax, and enjoy the beautiful landscape. However, this has not always been the case. During World War II, there were seven (7) factories in and around the Town of Orange running at capacity, producing everything from socks for millions of marching feet, to parachutes that saved airmen and delivered soldiers to battle, and even fuses for artillery shells. Young men and women donned uniforms and went off to serve their country. Area farms produced vitally needed food and fiber. Unending rail traffic rumbled through the county and its towns, at times up to one train every ten minutes. This busy town was home to a young man named Andrew Maples Jr., whose family ’ s ties to the area went back generations, and whose family home stood near the intersection of today ’ s West Church Street and South Madison Road.

In a conversation with Maples ’ sister, Doris Walker, she described him as a well - mannered, beloved young man who stood above the crowd due to his exceptional height and poise. Interested in flying since childhood, he enrolled in Hampton Institute ’ s Civilian Pilot Training Program. Upon completion of this program, Maples returned to Orange County in triumphant fashion, flying himself to the Gordonsville Airport to inform his parents he ’ d received his pilot ’ s license. Doubtless, Maples learned much while studying at Hampton, but one thing in particular would change the course of his life. He became aware of the Tuskegee Program. The military had selected Tuskegee Institute to train pilots because of its commitment to aeronautical training. Tuskegee had the facilities, engineering, technical instructors, and climate for year - round flying. With his piloting experience as a foundation, Andrew Maples graduated from the Advanced Flying School at the Tuskegee Army Air Field on January 14, 1943, receiving his commission as a second lieutenant. Mrs. Walker recalled that their mother and father traveled the 700 miles from Orange, Virginia, to Tuskegee, Alabama, to personally pin his wings.

Maples was deployed with the 301 st Fighter Squadron of the 332 nd Fighter Group, part of the famous Tuskegee Airmen. The Tuskegee Airmen were the first African - American military aviators in the United States armed forces. Due to the prevailing Jim Crow laws of the time, units were racially segregated and the Tuskegee Airmen were forced to overcome prejudice and prove their abilities. Though they flew in other operations and with other aircraft, the Tuskegee Airmen are best known for flying P - 51 Mustangs emblazoned with red tails while escorting allied bombers in the European theater. On June 26, 1944, 1 st Lt. Maples took off from Ramitelli Air Field

Photography Credit: Pete Payette

Page 3 | February, 2022

in Italy. Tragically, his P - 47 Thunderbolt went down over the Adriatic Sea while he was leading a group of fighters on one of the 332 nd ’ s bomber escort missions. In a letter from Maples ’ friend 1st Lt. William J. Faulkner to Maples ’ mother, reprinted in The Tuskegee Airmen: The Men Who Changed a Nation , by Charles E. Francis, this loss was attributed to a mechanical problem with Maples ’ aircraft. As his aircraft failed, he radioed the other members of his squadron and requested a fix on his position which would aid rescue and recovery efforts. His last transmission relayed that he planned to bail out as soon as he had descended to a reasonable altitude. Unfortunately, no parachute would appear. Members of his squadron searched the area for signs of him or his plane. There was initially some hope that he would be found, rescued, or perhaps make his own way back to base, but this hope faded with time. While officially missing in action, he was promoted to Captain and awarded the Air Medal, which recognizes single acts of heroism or meritorious achievements while participating in aerial flight. The Army declared him dead in June of 1945 and he was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart. The Florence American Cemetery in Impruneta, Italy, commemorates his service on the Tablets of the Missing. The unit ’ s legendary success, thanks to the exemplary performance and sacrifice of individuals like Captain Maples, contributed greatly to the allied victory and paved the way for future racial integration of units in the military.

Captain Maples was sadly never able to return home to share his experiences. However, his service has been immortalized in his hometown of Orange, Virginia, through the installation of a historical marker near the intersection of W. Church St. and S. Madison Rd., on the grounds of the historic Maples family home site. The marker was officially unveiled in June of 2017, accompanied by fanfare and a fitting flyover of period aircraft facilitated by the Capital Wing of the Commemorative Air Force. In 2021, his portrait was dedicated in the historic Orange County Courthouse. The example of Capt. Maples, aided by these memorials, will inspire generations to come.

Photography Credit: Jeff Poole


Commonwealth of Virginia. Department of Historic Resources. Seven New State Historical Highway Markers Approved . Virginia Department of Historic Resources, 29 Dec. 2016. Web. 20 Mar. 2017. <http://>. Francis, Charles E., and Adolph Caso. The Tuskegee Airmen: The Men Who Changed a Nation . Boston: Branden Pub., 1997. Print. "Interview with Mrs. Doris Walker." Telephone interview. 24 Mar. 2017. Maurer, David A. "Tuskegee Pilot Has Engine Trouble in Mediterranean." The Daily Progress [Charlottesville] 12 Feb. 2017, Lifestyles sec.: C1+. Print. "Tuskegee Airmen History." Tuskegee Airmen Inc. N.p., 2016. Web. 20 Mar. 2017. < explore - tai/a - brief - history/>. United States of America. American Battle Monuments Commission. Andrew Maples Jr. American Battle Monuments Commission, n.d. Web. 20 Mar. 2017. <>. Walker, Frank S. Echoes of Orange . Orange, VA: Orange County Historical Society, 2013. Print.

For more information about the storied service of the Tuskegee Airmen, please visit

Page 4 | February, 2022

Take the Orange County Public Library with You Wherever You Go!

By: Michele Beamer, Wilderness Branch Librarian

The Orange County Public Library System is excited to announce the availability of its new mobile app!

Available for both Apple and Android devices, this new app from Capira makes it easy to use the library, even when you ’ re not in the library.

Features of the new app include:

• Browsing the Library ’ s diverse collection through the catalog • Placing interesting items on hold for later pickup • Viewing account status and current checkouts, as well as making renewals • Accessing a vast array of digital resources like e - books, e - audiobooks, and movies via Hoopla, Libby by Overdrive, Kanopy, and others • Receiving push notifications regarding your account • Utilizing a digital library card, with the capability to store multiple cards for families The mobile app provides library patrons with a new way to access the library and enhances the customer experience by making it more convenient. The library is literally at your fingertips 24/7! To download the new app and start taking advantage of its useful features, use the QR codes below, or simply search for “ OCPLVA ” in your device ’ s application store today!

Google Play (Android)

Apple App Store (iPhone)

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Page 6 | February, 2022

Page 7 | February, 2022

Orange County Board of Supervisors ’ Meetings now Livestreamed in Agendas & Minutes Portal

By: Orange County Communications Department

Orange County Board of Supervisors ’ Worksessions and Meetings will now be livestreamed through a built - in feature of the Orange County website: the “ Agendas and Minutes ” portal. This function will replace the YouTube channel for Board of Supervisors ’ livestreaming purposes. Planning Commission meetings will continue to be hosted on the YouTube channel.

Accessing the livestream is simple. Follow these steps:

1. Begin by visiting the Orange County, Virginia website, located at

2. Click the “ Agendas and Minutes ” icon on the homepage. It is located just below the logo, and is the third icon from the left. This will take you to the “ Agendas and Minutes ” portal. 3. Current and future meetings will be displayed at the top. If a current meeting is available for livestreaming, you will see a red “ LIVE ” icon to the left of the meeting listing. 4. Click the meeting text. It will read “ Board of Supervisors ’ Regular Meeting ” or “ Board of Supervisors ’ Worksession. ” 5. A new window will open. At the top left of this window is a video interface. Click the “ Play ” arrow to begin your livestream. From this window, you can also view the agenda and relevant meeting documents. Past meeting recordings and agendas are also available for viewing in the “ Agendas and Minutes ” portal. This feature is a great resource to help citizens stay connected to their government ’ s activities.

Page 8 | February, 2022

Orange County Volunteer Fire Companies Launch New Recruitment Website

By: Orange County Communications Department

Orange County ’ s strong tradition of volunteer fire service is poised to continue well into the future thanks to a new recruitment website launched at the end of January 2022. The website was funded by a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Staffing For Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grant. According to FEMA, the purpose of SAFER grants is provide support to “ fire departments and volunteer firefighter interest organizations to help them increase or maintain the number of trained, ‘ front line ’ firefighters available in their communities. ”

The new website,, explains the importance of volunteer service to prospective recruits. Additionally, it describes many of the benefits that volunteers enjoy and even highlights current volunteers in the “ Volunteer Spotlight ” section. To help recruits find the best fit for them, the website provides profiles of each of our community ’ s local volunteer fire and rescue organizations. A map is also available with the locations of each firehouse pinned. If a site visitor is unsure which department is closest to them or would like further communication, an online form can connect them to a recruiter for later follow - up. Tools, like the website and forthcoming printed recruitment materials, will help preserve the proud heritage of volunteer service in Orange County.

Page 9 | February, 2022

Orange County Sheriff ’ s Office Opens Registration for the 2022 Citizens Police Academy

By: Sarah Altman, Sheriff ’ s Office Crime Analyst

The Orange County Sheriff ’ s Office is excited to offer session nineteen (19) of their Citizens ’ Police Academy (CPA)! CPA is a free, 10 - week program designed to build positive community relationships between the Sheriff ’ s Office and the citizens of Orange County by educating the community regarding the operations of the Sheriff ’ s Office, and dispelling any misconceptions about law enforcement in Orange County. CPA sessions will be held weekly on Mondays, March 21 through June 6, 2022, from 6:30 P.M. to 9:30 P.M. This year, the Sheriff ’ s Office is proud to host the Citizens Police Academy in their new home, the Orange County Public Safety Building. CPA is open to Orange County residents, Orange County business owners, and people

employed within Orange County, eighteen (18) years of age or older. This program covers every aspect of the Orange County Sherriff ’ s Office and its various programs. Reserve your spot today! Registration will close Monday, March 7, 2022. Download your Citizens Police Academy application online. Questions? Call (540) 672 - 1200 or email Sarah Altman at .

Wellspring Health Services Partners with Orange County for Work - Related Medical Services

By Ellen Coyne, Orange County Communications Department Intern

The County of Orange has partnered with Wellspring Health Services to provide employees with another option when they need work - related medical services such as drug tests, COVID - 19 tests, and worker's compensation visits. Jenny Carpenter, Human Resources Director, developed the idea and sought assistance from the owner of Wellspring in Culpeper. Carpenter knew that partnering with Wellspring would increase access to medical services and understood how the collaboration would assist Orange Family Physicians. Carpenter stated, “ Orange Family helps the local government with many health needs including being a service provider for workers comp issues, physicals, and drug screenings. ” Carpenter said that “ Orange Family serves a great number of patients, and staff has been working tirelessly due to COVID - 19. ” Orange County ’ s partnership with Wellspring Health Services started last month with a goal to reduce staff wait times. “ Recently, we had new public safety employees sit for over an hour to get drug - screened … having Wellspring as a COVID - 19 testing site or just another health service will provide more organization and overall less wait times, ” said Carpenter. According to Carpenter, partnering with Wellspring will be a starting point in expanding access to health services in the area. “ Wellspring was very excited to know that the government was interested in partnering to accommodate the growth of the County. ”

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Page 12 | February, 2022

Michael ’ s Gift Scholarship Program Available to Support Upcoming Spring Youth Activities

By: Orange County Communications Department

Despite Punxsutawney Phil ’ s prediction of an additional six (6) weeks of winter, spring is indeed on its way. Families with children involved in youth activities are keenly aware that soccer, baseball, softball, and a

host of other activities will once again be in full swing. Along with the fun, participation in said activities involves costs like registration fees, gear expenses, and more. Orange County families should know programs are available to help with some of these expenses. One of these programs is the Michael ’ s Gift Youth Activities Scholarship program, managed by the Orange County Office on Youth. The purpose of Michael's Gift is to help Orange County youth reach their full potential by assisting with the enrollment expenses of extracurricular enrichment activities such as karate, art classes, sports programs, music lessons, and more.

This program began through a memorial fund raised in honor of Michael Ridgeway, a local youth with a kind heart who tragically passed away at the age of six (6). H e was a typical little boy: loud, always dirty, a lover of helicopters and soccer balls, but mostly his family and friends remember him for his unwavering compassion, quite beyond his years. He was a "smiler" and a giver, and it wasn't uncommon that he would show up to his kindergarten class with homemade presents for everyone. Michael's family and friends thought the best way to keep his memory alive was to create a program that would reflect his caring attitude toward others.

To be considered for funding, an interested parent or guardian must complete a Michael ’ s Gift application, available on the Orange County website or by contacting the Office on Youth. For eligibility, the youth must be younger than eighteen (18) years of age. They must be a resident of Orange County, Virginia, or attend Orange County Public Schools. A maximum of $100 may be requested in a child ’ s application. This amount is also the maximum that can be received in a calendar year, per child. With the goal of supporting the greatest number of youth possible, there is a “ step - down ” element built into the funding structure. Simply put, the total amount of funding a single youth can receive is reduced consecutively each year funding is provided. In most cases, a copayment will be required from the parent or guardian, and the amount will depend on the difference between the program ’ s registration fee and the amount of funding for which the child is eligible.

All applications are reviewed on a case - by - case basis by the Michael ’ s Gift committee. Not all programs are eligible for support. To learn more or download the application, please visit: Michaels - Gift. If you have questions, please contact the Office on Youth at (540) 672 - 5484.

Page 13 | February, 2022

Participants Brave the Cold at New Winter Disc Golf Tournament hosted by Parks & Recreation

By: Orange County Communications Department

Jack Frost, mythical master of midwinter mischief and tournament mascot, was a bit overzealous in the weeks leading up to Parks & Recreation ’ s new Winter One - Disc - Erland Disc Golf Tournament. Staff were forced to postpone the tournament by two weeks due to a thick layer of ice over much of the course. In fact, as the weather date approached, staff were once again concerned about potential inclement weather. Thankfully, Mr. Frost must have realized he was interfering with his own tournament; and rain was the only precipitation prior to the new date. For the event itself, the conditions were sunny with shifting winds, perfect for an event pushing players to adapt on the fly.

Staff have heard many times that the course is excellent; but due to its shorter distances, skilled players can finish it using only a midrange disc. With that in mind, they developed a tournament concept for players to “ prove it ” using only a single midrange disc provided at the event. The exact make and model of the disc was kept strictly secret, only revealed as each Innova DX Wombat3 was handed out to players heading to their starting tee. Despite being kept in the dark, the event attracted twenty - seven (27) participants eager to compete. This turnout nearly doubled the participation at the last singles tournament, the 2021 Spring Fling, and fully packed the parking lot.

Players were divided into two flights based on their scores, with the top thirteen (13) plus any ties moving into flight one (1), and the remainder staying in flight two (2). Prizes were awarded for first, second, and third place in each flight. While the discs may have been a surprise, the tournament grand champion wasn ’ t too shocking. Regular participant and perennial contender, Caleb Roberts, was crowned victorious thanks to a three (3) throw lead over second place, earned by his brother Tyler. Ties for third place in flight one and first place in flight two led to “ throw - offs ” from the eighteenth basket to the practice basket at the course entrance. This unofficial hole is often used by players to have extra fun following the completion of a round, so organizers decided to use it for tie - breaking with a simple closest - to - the - pin challenge. Ties now

broken, Mark Brooking took third place in flight one (1) and Charlie Tupitza took first place in flight two (2), followed by Dan- iel Lopez and Jeremy Butterfield. The Orange County Disc Golf Course plans to host the Spring Fling tournament (coming soon), a summer league, and the legendary Turkey Toss in the fall. However, it is open to play year - round and is completely free! Orange County Parks & Recreation even offers loaner discs so you can try disc golf without buying your own set. Call (540) 672 - 5435 for more information.

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Page 16 | February, 2022

Chicken on a Stick Recipe

Page 17 | February, 2022

Page 18 | February, 2022

Orange County Announces New Economic Development and Tourism Program Manager

By: Rose Deal, Economic Development Director

On January 31 st , Julie Perry assumed the role of Economic Development and Tourism Program Manager. Julie comes to Orange County as a seasoned Tourism professional, spending the last 5 years as a Tourism Relations Manager with the Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC). Prior to VTC, Julie served for 11 years as the Tourism Services Manager for the City of Fredericksburg Department of Economic Development and Tourism where she ran the Regional Tourism Program and coordinated Public Relations and Marketing efforts for a variety of City programs. Julie spearheaded several notable projects while working in Fredericksburg, including 3 - dimensional and 2 - dimensional Public Art installations, both Summer and Winter Restaurant Week Programs, the Window Wonderland Holiday Riddle Contest and the annual Children ’ s

Tree Lighting. Welcome to Orange County Julie!

For more information, contact Julie Perry at

Page 19 | February, 2022

Full - time Opportunities

Part - time Opportunities

Buildings & Grounds Supervisor Child Care Operations Manager Communications Officer Custodian Deputy Sheriff Firefighter / EMT Firefighter / Medic Wellness Program Manager

Airport Operations Worker Child Care Lead Teacher – LES Child Care Lead Teacher – LGPS

Child Care Teacher – LES Child Care Teacher – LGPS Child Care Teacher – OES

Child Care Teacher Assistant – LES Child Care Teacher Assistant – LGPS Collection Site Attendant Senior Library Aide

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Orange County Public Schools Calendar 2021 - 2022

Link to Calendar

Page 22 | February, 2022

FEBRUARY 2022 INSIGHT REVIEW CROSSWORD The answers for this puzzle are available within this issue of the Orange County Insight newsletter. Complete the crossword and send us your answers to be entered into a drawing to win two (2) Orange County Parks & Recreation Discount Regal Theatres Movie Tickets ($19 value). IMPORTANT : Enter online at: Two sets of prizes will be awarded through separate drawings; one available to Orange County employees, and the other to members of the public. Only one entry is allowed per household. The form will request your name, address, email address, phone number, and employee status. Enter by Monday, February 28, 2022.

ACROSS 1. Electric heaters should be plugged directly into a wall outlet, never an __________ cord. 3. A new _______ system now provides 96% coverage in Orange County. 5. Capt. Andrew Maples Jr. served in WWII among the famous Tuskegee _________ (answer is plural). 7. If your phone call is not answered, always leave a brief ________. 9. Volunteer recruitment for local ____ companies will be aided by a new website. 11. Michael ’ s _____ is a youth activities scholarship program managed by the Office on Youth. DOWN 2. The Sheriff ’ s Office opened registration for the Citizen ’ s ______ Academy. 4. Never use a _________ indoors or in an enclosed space, like a porch or garage. 6. The Library ’ s new app allows you to store _______ library cards. 8. Parks & Recreation offers discounted ________ tickets. A February promotion is currently active. 10. ________ of Supervisors ’ Meetings can be livestreamed through the Agendas & Minutes portal on the Orange County website. 12. Human Resources has partnered with ____________ Health Services in Culpeper, Virginia for added employee convenience.

Page 23 | February, 2022

Citizens Ask...

By Michelle Williams

Q: How can I volunteer at the Animal Shelter? A: If you have a few hours each day, week, or month and would like to volunteer, please download a Volunteer Application or stop by and pick one up! Volunteers get to do all of the fun stuff like walking dogs, running play groups, letting the cats out for exercise, washing puppies, grooming dogs, and sitting with shy dogs who just need a friend.

Q: I sold my vehicle on February 15 th , can you adjust my Personal Property bill? A: Orange County does not prorate personal property tax. You are assessed for any taxable item that you own as of January 1st of the year.

April Clark Senior Administrative Assistant and Emergency Planner

Get to know Orange County staff... The Personnel File:

Following a flurry (literally) of winter weather activity that saw April Clark involved in many aspects of emergency operations, it seemed like a great time to feature her in this month ’ s Personnel File! April is the Senior Administrative Assistant and Emergency Planner for the Orange County Fire & EMS Department. She began her Orange County career 22 years ago (wow!) as an E911 Communications Officer. That position set the tone for an accomplished career in public safety. She says her favorite part of her work is “ being part of a team and working with our community partners to make sure that our community is ready for an emergency. ”

April matches those words with action! She recently graduated from the FEMA Emergency Manager ’ s Basic Academy, which involves 120 hours of coursework. April said the Academy “ helps emergency managers understand the importance of being prepared before a disaster occurs, and helps us understand the steps to take once a disaster has struck, in order to best help our community. ” Immediately after graduation, April put those skills to use; she helped manage the emergency situations brought on by the several rounds of winter storms we experienced in January.

Her favorite movies are the Jurassic Park and Back to the Future series. Let ’ s just hope, for all our sakes, her emergency management skills never involve handling a time - traveling dinosaur situation. Thank you for all your hard work, April!

Page 24 | February, 2022

Orange County Communications Department 112 W. Main Street P.O. Box 111 Orange, VA 22960


Meet Wilford Wilford is a 6 year old, BIG boy weighing in at almost 17 pounds! He came in as a stray and is having a hard time relaxing with the craziness that comes with being at the Shelter. We would love to see him in a home that can give him time to relax. He would be best suited in a home with just cats. Wilford came in with 2 other cats that have since been adopted. He is current on all vaccines, tested negative for FIV/FeIV, has been dewormed, and microchipped. Wilford will need help with a diet plan to take some weight off. If interested, please go to the County website and fill out the preadoption application and email to the Director at .

Visit us on Facebook See Adoptable Pets Here (540) 672 - 1124 Directions: 11362 Porter Road Orange VA 22960

Page 25 | February, 2022 Find your new best friend at The Orange County Animal Shelter

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