Rediscover Magazine Fall 2020


Sometimes, things are more than they seem! I t can happen wherever there is deep, unrealized potential in a well-known person, company, trend, idea, technology, or product. Rediscovery may arrive as an organic reinvention of purpose or appear to be a natural evolution to new talents, capabilities, or uses. Either way, rediscovery is a remarkable gift: the mind- opening realization that people and things you thought you knew have the potential to surprise you. Ironically, perhaps, genuine rediscovery is not as uncommon as you might think. Examples are all around us: Satellites, for instance, now ring the planet. But when Sputnik launched in 1957, the world had no clue that satellites would change the world by enabling global TV broadcasts, GPS, satellite imagery, and vastly improved weather forecasts. Things that we’re familiar with can often surprise us. To demon- strate, we’ve collected 10 examples of people, products, and other things that became famous for one reason and have since been embraced again and again in new ways. BY DON STEINBERG



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