NATFEN Digital Magaine Edition 17



W hen it comes to social media there are now risks. Big risks - particularly regarding privacy and data. GDPR has been introduced as a measure to improve privacy, with the idea of protecting individuals in relation to online contact, yet does it go far enough? As a marketing tool the internet has evolved into a massive beast. Websites, social feeds and news publications have developed exponentially to such an extent that we are now seeing a technological revolution that has eclipsed print production in pretty much every arena. Online shopping is shutting down many high street stores with the larger chains being forced to re-evevaluate which stores are best placed to bring in any profit. The internet isn’t going anywhere. Apps are creating a viable solution for quick quotes and sales with some tradesmen and business owners across many industries having to play ‘technical’ catch up in order to maintain their business profiles alongside their competitors. For others, it has been a gift that has helped their companies to grow far bigger and quicker than ever before thought possible.

Two things spring to mind when it comes to the reach of the internet, and they are aspects which need addressing. Safety and accessibility for all. With so many businesses relying upon the internet to make sales, with giants such as Amazon, Mr Porter, ASOS and Etsy leading the way in making shopping easier for everyone, it makes me wonder how many people who are sight impaired are struggling to cope with the Internet of Things? Adapting websites to cater for all ages and capabilities would seem to make sense. How do businesses address this and have web companies considered this for everyday use? Re-visiting content pages to make them accessible for everyone is not necessarily costly and there is certainly a large audience out there that needs to be considered. How much money are companies losing online due to a lack of consideration for the sight impaired? Talking to Molly Watt from The Molly Watt Trust (more on this topic later), there is a huge area of development that needs to be addressed by those who trust online as the route to build their business. For companies that have a crossover in relation to trade and consumer websites, it should now really be a priority.


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