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EMPOWER THROUGH PURPOSE How to Recruit and Activate Quality Producers

Within a month of that event, we launched Agent Link. Recruitment and activation became our focal points because we saw how we could improve efficiencies and processes using predictive analytics and our knowledge of the industry in these two areas. We started this company to connect people, so that BGAs and IMOs, or Carriers wouldn’t be stuck with bad leads and left in the lurch with producers who don’t activate. With our extensive background in data analysis, we knew we could help solve the core issues many BGAs, IMOs, or Carriers face. Our database of over 1.6 million licensed agents combined with marketing intelligence tools gives us the ability to zero in on the quality producer who is right for you. Predictive analytics is revolutionary in terms of connecting a BGA, IMO, or Carrier to the exact producers they seek, and it’s gone even further than increasing activation and conversion rates: We’ve seen our clients find a renewed sense of purpose. We notice that when we solve recruitment and activation issues, it returns meaning to our industry. We are empowering our industry with purpose. Together, we’re bringing growth to our industry by returning purpose to the people in it, and we’re glad you’re part of it.

industry, but it wasn’t until we were personally affected that we understood the impact of a quality agent. You realize the power of having insurance and a financial plan. You realize what it means to have a quality producer in a crisis: It changes your life.

It happened again — you poured money, resources, and time into unqualified leads that don’t activate. Your marketing resources are being wasted, you’re not getting any premium returns, and you’re not getting in front of the producers who fit your unique organization. You know they are out there, among the 83 percent of independent agents, but the right producers are not responding to your recruitment efforts. When that happens, everyone loses: you, the producers who could be writing business for you, and consumers who don’t get connected to the core product. A bad lead is one of the most frustrating and wasteful dilemmas that can happen in our industry — and yet it happens far too often. This problem was the incubator for Agent Link. The way we look at it, we are matchmakers. We connect our clients to the right producers, and we connect quality producers to the right companies. Every time we match someone, it means a BGA, IMO, or Carrier can increase conversion, a producer increases their income, and you’ve both helped consumers get insurance or a financial plan. We love the idea that in a sea of 1.6 million agents, we’re going to connect you to the quality producer who activates, and in doing so, provides life-changing services. We see it as empowering people, and it isn’t a cliche for us because we’ve lived it. About 10 years ago, we experienced a family tragedy. It was one of those events that completely transforms your perspective. Senia had a lot of experience working in the insurance

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