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How ‘Radical Candor’ Can Guide Your Team to Success Leadership Expert Kim Scott’s Fantastic New Book

collaborative business world without genuinely investing yourself in meaningful relationships. But, as Scott is eager to point out, love alone won’t push your team to new heights. You also need to “Challenge Directly”— to be honest with those who depend on you by letting them know when they’re leaving their potential untapped or shirking their responsibilities.This “brutal honesty” doesn’t have to be brutal at all; instead, it should be direct, clear, and compassionate. At the intersection of “Care Personally” and “Challenge Directly” lies the concept of “Radical Candor,” a framework that allows bosses to build two things: an empowered culture of honest feedback around the office and a team that works well together and is eager to achieve fantastic results. If you’re interested in learning how to be a more effective leader but are uncomfortable with the manipulative strategies espoused in so much of business culture, you can’t do better than Kim Scott’s book. It’s chock-full of actionable advice on how to start treating your team not only as employees, but as people , with all the emotions, aspirations, challenges, and potential that they bring.

At the outset of our careers, when we’re learning to jockey for a position in the workforce and master the concepts that will carry us to success, many of us immediately begin to absorb the wrong kind of thinking. In the midst of youth, when our egos are paper-thin and we haven’t yet fully developed our personalities, business culture comes along and tells us to “be professional.” “For an awful lot of people, that gets translated to mean ‘leave your emotions, leave your true identity, leave everything that is best about you … and come to work like some kind of robot,’” said Kim Scott, bestselling author of “Radical Candor: Be a Kickass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity,” at a recent Qualtrics X4 event. But to be the best possible asset to your team, she argues that you need to genuinely care about others — you need to “be able to bring your whole self to work and to create the kind of environment in which everyone around you can do the same.” This ability to “Care Personally,” writes Scott in her book, is the first key principle leaders need to understand in order to succeed as bosses.Though movies about Wall Street may teach us otherwise, it’s difficult to succeed in today’s


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