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I recently drove past Coronado High School and noticed they tore down one of the main buildings. It’s a bittersweet thing to see a school being torn down, but in the community, a new, renovated school will be in its place. It’s good to see the Quality of Life bond finally coming to fruition here in El Paso.

When I was a kid, my parents had me attend a private Christian school in Lubbock, Trinity Christian School. Looking back, it was a good environment. The class size was relatively small, and it was a good community. In junior high, that changed a little bit. I went to an honors magnet school where I met a lot of interesting characters. During my first week of school, another student offered to sell me a joint. Coming from a private Christian school, you can be sure young Clark was a bit shocked. The transition was trial by fire, but I survived and learned to appreciate life outside of the bubble of private school. While I enjoyed many different subjects, I was particularly interested in science. I ended up getting a biology degree at Texas Tech before getting a job in the pharmaceutical industry. At one point in time, I gave a lot of thought to pursuing a career in medicine and wanted to become a doctor. But in college, I did not put in the work that I needed to and didn’t have the passion it takes to become a doctor. But I’m very glad I did get lost, because now I’m doing what I love and what I was meant to do. In the spirit of the back-to-school season, we’re giving away five backpacks for kids in need filled with a gift certificate for supplies. We are a little tardy in making this offer in our newsletter because we devoted our September issue to the Walmart tragedy. If there is a child in your life or you know of one who needs a new backpack this school year, give us a call and tell us their story. We look forward to hearing from you. – Clark Harmonson

As someone who believes in the power of education, I am pleased to see our community renovating our older schools. With a new building comes new resources, and that’s good for our community. My own kids benefit from our public school system, and we know that the more support we give teachers and the educational system, the better our students will be for it. I was somewhat of a nerd in school. I loved the learning experience, especially during law school, which I attended after a three-year stint working in pharmaceutical sales. Going back to law school after working in the real world, I appreciated it more than others who just went straight from college to law school. Because I love to learn, I thrived in law school. There was just so much to discover. I enjoyed the intellectual pursuit of knowledge and the act of bettering myself through the classroom experience. I loved to read about the law, but I was also motivated by the fact that I was paying for school myself — so I knew I had to stay focused! I ended up graduating second in my class, which was a huge personal accomplishment, not to mention a sizeable confidence boost. I’m very competitive, and I saw this ranking as an absolute win.

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