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Plug Connection Stock Program Our Bonsall stock location houses our SolarPower Grasses and SolarPower Succulents. In addition, we hold our own stock of proprietary or difficult-to- find items in order to have consistent availability for our customers. Our clean stock greenhouses are equipped with double-door entry systems, high light, warm temperatures and are well suited for clean, reliable stock production. Inquire today about these items and look for our forecasted availability on Some of our favorites include:

Lavender Make your lavender production a breeze with our strong rooted, toned liners. We hold our own stock on these varieties, so our cuttings have a vigorous start with no transport stress. Our bright light and cool nights create robust, well-branched liners. Lavandula ‘Calm Breeze’ This stand-up variety from Selecta is bought for its highly fragrant and heavily textured foliage as well as its heavy flower power. Lavandula LaVela Series These Spanish lavenders from Selecta have excellent branching and flower earlier than most L. stoechas varieties, for early-season sales. Strong, vivid colors make a beautiful presentation.

Lotus ‘Amazon Sunset’ and ‘Flashbulb’ These vividly colored plants have unique parrot’s beak shaped flowers with brilliant hues of red and orange. The plants have a unique cascading foliage of soft silver needles adding unique texture to containers and baskets. Hamelia Lime Sizzler™ This first-on-the-market Firebush with variegated green and yellow foilage, has sizzling red-orange flowers from late spring to fall. A heat-loving tropical shrub. Lime Sizzler can be used as a perennial mounding shrub in the south or as a summer tropical annual in the north. Performs well in the landscape or in a container. Hardy in USDA Zone 9.

Lavandula Calm Breeze

Lavender LaVela Compact Dark Violet

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