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San Diego is undoubtedly the best place in the U.S. for producing quality succulent liners. Our dry, yet mild climate, paired with sunny days and cool nights, produce toned liners with the most intense foliage colors. Our in-house stock facilities allow us to provide best-in- class variety and quality, year round. Visit our ePicas site or our One-Click Availability to check the inventory

of our SolarPowerâ„¢ Succulents varieties. Succulents are available in 72-cell trays Sempervivum are available in 102-cell trays

Assorted Trays In addition to full trays of over 100 varieties of succulents, we offer the following assorted trays for growers to create mixed combinations or to sell a boutique assortment at retail.

Echeveria Assortment 72-cell (6 varieties, 12 plants each) Mixed Succulent Assortment 72-cell (6 varieties, 12 plants each) Sedum Assortment 72-cell (6 varieties, 12 plants each) Sempervivum Assortment 102-cell (6 varieties, 17 plants each)

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