Plug Connection Portfolio

Plug Connection is the industry leader in certified organic vegetable and herb young plants. Since our first organic certification in 2005, we have grown our organic offerings to include over 200 different organic vegetables and herbs from seed, over 40 vegetative herbs, and over 40 different grafted varieties. Our dry and cool climate offers low disease pressures, which pairs well with our adherence to strict CCOF organic protocols. All seed herbs and vegetables are grown organically under USDA certification by CCOF. While you don’t have to finish them as organic, the option is yours. Visit our ePicas site for a complete product listing of certified organic herbs and vegetables. Want a little variety? We offer an herb assortment that consists of six varieties, 34 of each. Two tray minimum. • French Tarragon • Double Mint • Italian Oregano • Rosemary Upright ‘Perfect Skewer’

Organic Vegetables & Herbs

• English Thyme • Salvia Bergarten

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