Plug Connection Portfolio

First, we at Plug Connection would like to thank you for choosing us to produce your young plants for over 30 years. We love what we do: growing amazing young plants. We love where we do it: sunny, coastal Southern California. And we love who we do it for: the tireless growers that turn our SolarPower young plants into something a consumer can enjoy. We are pleased to show you what’s in store for the year to come. The market is changing and Plug Connection is adapting with it. Making it easier to purchase everything you need from Plug Connection is our continued goal. The first initiative is our One-Click Availability , found at One-Click generates an instant PDF or Excel file which updates inventory every 15 minutes. You can also still book directly on our website through our ePicas inventory, which allows you to book through your favorite broker. The second initiative is that we are now forecasting both our stock plant availability, and offshore unrooted supplier availability into the future. So now you can see what we can produce for you and when it will be available. We have integrated with several of our broker partners through online ordering and EDI. Faster acknowledgments equals peace of mind. You now have visibility to our SolarPower TM Succulents and SolarPower TM Grasses inventory. Southern California is an ideal place to grow both of these product lines. Our SolarPower collections offer a mix of tried and true products, in addition to some unique items that can only be found at Plug Connection. Speaking of unique items available from Plug Connection, True Bloom Roses TM from Ping Lim’s breeding are a breakthrough in the new Hybrid Tea Shrub class. True Bloom Roses are disease resistant with a shrub-like habit and a TRUE Hybrid Tea flower. Some other products that are unique to Plug Connection include Hamelia ‘Lime Sizzler’ Firebush, Lotus ‘Flashbulb’, Pixie Grapes, and we are bringing back to the market items such as Ocimum ‘Balsamic Blooms’, Pennisetum ‘Black Stockings’ and Lavender ‘Calm Breeze’. We have made it easier to get your products to you. Speed, reliability and price guide our freight program. We are now able to provide truck delivery to Texas, Mountain States, California and the Pacific Northwest. From our tried and true boxing system, to our industry leading one-way shipper pallets, to our attentive logistics team, we work hard to get you your product on time and in great condition. Here at Plug Connection, we take pride in what we do and who we do it for. From our customer service team to logistics to the folks on the seeding line, we dedicate ourselves to growing and shipping the highest quality young plants in the country. We want to thank you for your business and wish all of you success. Best Regards, Bruce Gibson, General Manager JP Williams, Sales Manager

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