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How Posture Affects BACK AND NECK PAIN

• Thepain inyourback isworsenedatcertaintimesofday.  Forexample,after you’ve spent a day at the office, or after a few hours on the couch. • Thepain frequentlystarts inyourneckandmoves intoyourupperand lower back. Pain that seems to travel from one area of the back to another is frequently an indication of posture concerns. • Thepainwillsubsideafterswitchingpositions,suchasswitchingfromsitting to standing or vice versa. • Backorneckpain thatdevelopssoonafterachange incircumstances,such as starting a new job with a new desk chair, or getting a new car. After years of practicing poor posture, your back, shoulder and neck muscles will likely find standing or sitting with straight posture to be uncomfortable. This is becauseyourmuscleshavegrownaccustomed to theslouching,andstandingup straight will require some thorough stretching. That doesn’t mean that once you have bad posture you can never correct it.

Rememberbackwhenyourmotherusedtotellyouthat ifyouwouldn’tstophunching your shoulders, they’d be stuck that way forever? An idle threat, one that barely anyone took seriously. Yet, fast forward a few decades and it turns out that mom might have been on to something, after all. Apoorhabitofbadposturecanhavea lasting impactonyourneckandback.The worse your posture is, the more intense your back and neck pain can become. Unfortunately, once you start experiencing neck and back pain, simply squaring your shoulders isn’t likely to be much help. Working with a physical therapist can help you to train the muscles in your back, neck and shoulders so that you can improve your posture permanently, and in doing so bring relief to your chronic neck and back pain. THE POSTURE & PAIN CONNECTION Not all back pain is caused by poor posture, and it is true that you can have poor posture for years without feeling the consequences of that slouch right away, but in time thehabit is likely tocatchupwithyou.Therearecertainways thatyoucan tell if neck or back pain may be a result of poor posture, including:

What Can Good Posture Do For You?

• Be mindful of how you lift heavy objects. Keep your shoulders square and yourchest forward.When liftingsomething that isover50 lbs it is important totakeextracare.Leadwithyourhipsandtrytokeeptheweightclosetoyour body. Lifting something improperly can lead to injury to your neck or back, which may make proper posture uncomfortable. WHAT CAN GOOD POSTURE DO FOR YOU? There are a lot of benefits of having good posture. Aside from saying goodbye to neckorbackpain, improvingyourposturecanprovideseveralunexpectedbenefits to your lifestyle and personal well-being. Here are a few of the additional benefits of having good posture: • Proper posture creates quality exercise for your core and back • Improved respiratory health • Added protection for your organs, bones, joints and muscles • Reduced risk of arthritis If you are experiencing chronic neck and back pain, there is a good chance that it could be related to your posture. Contact your physical therapist to learn more about how you can take steps to start improving your posture today. Learn more about how you can naturally improve posture, visit our website at or call the clinic nearest you today!

Workingwithaphysicaltherapistto improveyourposture isagreatwaytoovercome chronicneckandbackpain. Inphysicaltherapy,youwillbeguidedthroughaseries of stretches and strength building exercises that can help you begin training your body to practice better posture, thereby reducing your back and neck pain. Ofcourse,therearewaysthatyoucan improveyourpostureathome,aswell.Here are several strategies that are typically helpful: • Try to stand tall whenever you are standing or walking. Hold your head high and square your shoulders, but more importantly work on being the tallest version of yourself. Hunching over is the leading cause of poor posture. • Use support when you sit to keep your posture correct. Lumbar support in office chairs and car seats will help a bit, but for improved posture you may need toaddadditionalcushioning thatwillhelpyoukeepyourbackstraight.


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