What Different Types Of Pain Mean

“Don’t Wait Until Your Pain Impairs You!” Signs You Need To Seek A Physical Therapist

Is the pain worse at a specific time of day? Achy, stiff pain in the morning can be due to muscle and tissue stiffness. Severe radiating pain to the lower back, buttock and leg with bending in the morning is an indicator of a potential herniated disc. Whereas pain towards the end of the day after moving and activity is an indicator of spinal muscle weakness as the muscles fatigue during the day. Do you have difficulty with prolonged sitting, standing or walking? Pain with prolonged standing and walking is typical of muscle fatigue of the spine as well as the hip muscles. It is typical to complain of pain to the low back and buttocks as your muscles cannot tolerate the activity. An easy test to check your hip strength is to lie on your side and lift your leg up 10 times. If you struggle with this, you most likely have hip muscle weakness. The good news is that with the right physical therapy treatment plan, you can alleviate these problem areas and prevent the pain from returning. There is a lot that can be done to help pain and the fastest way to relieve pain is to find out the true source and treat it. At Synergy Therapeutic Group, our therapists have years of medical training, specializing in muscles, joints and nerves, to determine where your pain is coming from. With specialized hands-on therapy, structured easy medical exercises and modalities, we can relieve your pain, get you stronger and put you on the right path to return to the activities you love to do, without pain. Call us today to find out more.


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