Duggal® Vision to Visuals 2024


40,000 square feet of warehouse space to stage, pack, store and ship your order. Develop, install and manage print campaigns, digital signage and everything in between. Our in-house fullfilment team is experienced in installing fine art in galleries and museums, same-day tradeshow setups, retail events and overnight retail transformations, fashion shows, art galleries and museums.

Project Management

Managing your project has never been easier with Duggal’s Visual Management System (VMS). Our secure online system allows you to analyze, update and manage all visual data at a glance within a user-friendly and intuitive format. Duggal VMS allows you access the most up-to-date information in real-time with optimally structured data feeds and asset distribution processes. This includes consolidated visual overviews, online ordering, centralized product and store information, order status updates and tracking, integrated campaign planning, budgeting and forecasting. As well, you can streamline the distribution of new visuals with built-in deadline driven alerts and error prevention tools. Such as: automated notifications to alert the field to expiring imagery, accountability settings for comprehensive review and approval, and feedback loops to prevent incorrect or unneccessary visual production. Duggal VMS is customizable to meet your specific business needs and tailor functionality to your own workflow requirement.


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