Premier’s attack on teachers’ unions is overkill

To the editor:

employers access to a mechanism where- by differences are resolved, a balance is struck and labour peace is maintained. Workplace peace rests on justice and fairness and collec- tive bargaining is the means whereby it’s achieved. In the workplace, contracts expire regularly and workers continue to conduct their respon- sibilities until the next contract is ratified.

resorting to a strike, but all parties recog- nize that the right to strike is an important right in workplaces in a democracy. When he recalled the legislature, Dal- ton McGuinty invoked the fear of a strike even though teach- ers, through their representatives at the bargaining table have said they will be in their classrooms the day after Labour Day. By curtailing the

government is assaulting the process itself and signaling a deep disdain for workers and challenging their right to bargain col- lectively. Under the guise of fighting the deficit on the backs of teachers instead of working with them to arrive at common ground, Dalton McGuinty is engaging in overkill, fast-forwarding a process that has not yet run its course, and responding to a phan- tom worst-case scenario. It is the desperate action of a premier who is desperate to win seats in two by-elections that he desperately needs to win to achieve majority status. At the federal level, we see the abuse that a majority government can enact. Ontarians would be wise to ensure it doesn’t happen at the provincial level too.

Under the guise of fight- ing the deficit on the backs of teachers instead of work- ing with them to arrive at common ground, Dalton McGuinty is engaging in overkill, fast-forwarding a process that has not yet run its course, and responding to a phantom worst-case scenario.

Since back-to-work legislation was de- veloped in the 1950s, the federal govern- ment has tabled it only 30 times, and four of those events were engineered by the current government. Sadly, back-to-work legislation is becom- ing a commonplace tactic of the federal government as it continues to abuse the majority it gained in May 2011. Now the Ontario provincial government is following suit, and is recalling the legisla- ture two weeks early, to introduce a piece of back-to-work legislation that is no less than a frontal attack on teacher unions and an assault on the collective bargaining process itself. Collective bargaining is not a one-off; it’s a multi-staged process, and one that has served society well, giving workers and Statement re: McGuinty Government Legislation to impose a contract on On- tario’s teachers and school boards-Aug. 27, 2012. The McGuinty government’s legislation to impose a contract on Ontario’s teachers and school boards is a cynical and reckless ploy to pick up votes in the by-elections in Kitchener-Waterloo and Vaughan and win back majority power. The McGuinty Liberals are manufactur- ing a crisis in education where none exists. There was never a threat to disrupt classes in September and from the outset the prov- To the editor:

The labour movement is proud of its col- lective bargaining record. Over 98 per cent of the time, contracts are achieved without

process, in fact by pre-empting the process and going directly to punitive legislation that would remove the right to strike, the

Elaine MacDonald President, Cornwall & District Labour

Liberals manufacturing a crisis in education

ince’s teachers have been willing to accept a wage freeze for 2 years. It is unfortunate that the McGuinty gov- ernment has failed to negotiate in good faith with the province’s teachers and school boards. The McGuinty government’s legislation will lead to a challenge in the Supreme Court of Canada where it could be over- turned and cost Ontarians hundreds of mil- lions of dollars in legal costs and penalties. In 2007, the Supreme Court of Canada overturned a legislated wage freeze for 9,600 healthcare workers in British Colum- bia stating that it violated the right to a process of collective bargaining under the

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