COMMENCEMENT ACTIVITIES State's Netmen Defeat Niagara University by 3-2 won by Geol"ll"O Murphy and Edward Schreier. Ket'l n elh Clugston an d U n d e r perfect pl11 y i n g co n ditio n •, G eo rg<> Ko en ig e a m e i n second. H a r- State's n etmo n met a n d defeated t h e r� 1. u � orey andSolomon Cohen plaef'd �� r� a ; �;� ,·ersity team by the eloee Tho on e -mile crew rac e was won b y H a r o ld 13anh o!State'a t ea m wo n thoW h ite crew, made up o f t he f�I- t h o .ai n gl e s m a 1.e h . lie an d John ! o wing mem. bers: Elm e r Richa"1-ao n , E•·aM a lao wo n th e ir do u b l ea m a tch. S!.A n le y M,eh a el, Charle,, Tremp e r, Robert&ori an dSmi th wo n th e ir third Roy Orendod, and J o s e ph �l o tkin, d o uble,, 'm a kh ln a grue ll i n g t h r� coxswain. oet. R e s u l� a re a s foll o ws: Mra. Abato wna the wi n n e r of the Si n gles-B a nks ( S) dl\f e ntedWood h.ard-fought fac u lty b a l loon race. (NJ, 6-2, 6-4;Buff (NJ d e fe a t...i Ev- T h e annua l U n dertrrad u at<: Dinner an.o ( S), 6-8, 6-4, 6-0: Streic h er IN) wu he l d i n the evening at the Co n - dol e atedSc n gb u s h (SJ, 6-4, l!-6, 6-2. sist.ory. Dr.Bris t ol Adam• of Cornel l Don b les-B an ko a n d Ev a ru, {S) d e Unive,.,,it y sp o ke o n t h e s u bject ot i' e a t edWoods andBuff (NJ, 6-3, 2-6, oports in Te! a tio n to t h e c oll ege. 6--3;Smith a n d Ro b erts on (S) dcfo a t- is addrll'!IA Dr. Ad a ms �..i Co n le y a n d Co l fer (NJ {1--1 4-6 wi n g poem which he10'..s. _._ , had �ml)Ofted i n h onor of the � Th� l ,� o �::'.::; 1 :ir�u�:� l i �: t h 1 •., ""' eou.,.. Spirit I � """ hold "Colum b ia Rou n d . . at Cr o -� __ t. �. �- -- ;�_ , :t_ ��.--�: ��: :f-��- ·�_f_' �t. �. ;- , :� l�L�-�:t:::�1��:1? 1 ·�:;:;�1��- : � Arc h ery Tournament; Jc.,,i e Co n •tn n tine, Mirian, l}ai!'"llo n . G l ad y � ln closi n rcad the fo l g h l o :;�,��."'ffld� ,..n ���� a ::::r".�\';....i.'lt., �: 1 oentcd theBish o Jean Mo u lton. for iam O a ment in 11eh o t odivit y . �orot hy ('.'Cha wu h eld on Mond a y ck team tor four evcnl n r,M1 y 21i, at t he' h orne ofllar­ n keya. Thl1 i1 the rletSea l ander. P l ans for tll e an nual rd wao m1de. ho u o e part y , to l,e held at the h ome hagke\ball of Doroth y M..ley in Attic a , from first year onS..ction June 10 t o 19, ,. . el"e diM: u ued.. ived !�U.""" r:e':�t!��;, a :r::e e n t:!i e c!:e een �h�: th a t:d a fll o n th e Sigm a g me n !'"llit sley k e m Pike. J o n a rd Ruu e ; Art hu h n ll. g o :."rie�e� n .�';,V�:�1:.'d;�il�i� a ���:iet� 1 �;� e) �:;'. �a�:"c:: ;'�:��n;::�; e,Doro thy cy, CenevieYe no hu i :;:;•. �= pr e cneptional aooompli• h ip a n d •t;,de n Mnrlcy a or ab le mentio n Dr. Neuma nn Mr. Graba u pres en atc!'11 to the f ol l o ,. . e.., mem b e!'"II or t h mSc h t l l, captai n neth Cluga\on.W e David S a nford, Willi a Batta,r!ia,man a ger: Le o bu1! n dllarrySimo n to n presented a Gra ba u, o n l)ehlt or t the Varsity tcsm. · glrl,' award1. Mem b Year Cb a &old b a 1ket ba Sta b Y, wlio h a Of1! n ge a n d- 'B la ye s!'"II, wen, i:rlv e Br-.l time 1 u e h a n 1w a Forty gir l , wue giv' en a ward• for th e teams, 1l•t e en girl� r e c e for 1 e cond year o n Sectio n five w e re reW11rd'"'1 for th on team,. Dr. Neum ann nor Meda l o a!'"ll h ho n . hrod . 1w e Wi ll Ke n t o wi n e V a i a a n F.d�!!�;:� o Dor a ve p l S e ctio n :� gh ��.t: 1 ��.:.: a i!'"IIOn,flora D o · Mnlo n . �!Hliee n received J>ridd!e, MarieWekem ann . :�· t h y team: ioo to 400 wU! rc«1'-e 11 �m• l r York. ailk lauel lo he wor n t.ehm, stri n g of th e nd Marie Holm e a W11rd, which was alM pT't'le'hted b y a , w.,,t to Joh n Eig en us m an a..:er. Cheer-leadc""' emblems wer e 1rivc n to Ceorl(e Man n . Joh n Batl t�arn1, an y d ear e t.hlrd K u Step han Hsz,,lS<: hu mpf, Hele n Ma lon ie Ryder, Shirl e eH l ey, M a 1 j '" 0 "":;:,o,�' ;1, 1 1��-T ;,',i.';�;;.."!�f·��t = r.::: ,:: 1 ,T�,�:r.., u

...... . : CALENDAR Frid a y, Ma y 2!1- 1:00-4:00-P. M. H an dbook Ex h i b it i n S o cia l Ce n ter A. 5:00 P. M. Rowi n 1r Practice, W.S. R. C. DeltaSigmn Epsilo n Ho u se P a rt y a t\Vi l $0n. Monday,J un e lOreh e olr a S u pp e r. Tu e sday,Ju n e 2- 10:00-11:00 A. M. La•t A•· oemhly. w;;g � ;��:;e;: . " Cand : : I Friday, J u n e 5-- • :�tb1r�- :. 0 :,� ::;::::: : I Sunday.JUM14- .· 4:00 P. M. Uace a lnu, . ,,at� Sermo n b y Rev. Joh n C. C a rr i n College Audit(lrium. • Mondsy.Ju n e lli- 8::"0 r. M. Cl a 1111 Day Du n c e i n C y m n ulum. Tnol!day.J u "e 16- 10:30 A.M. Comme n cement Ex e rei•H i n College Audi• t o ri u m. Addn,"" by Ch a n·,• cellarS a muel P. Capen. • Friday,Jun e 19- H:30 P. M. Comme n cemen t l::x e rei, e oof the&hoo l o f Prac t ice i n Col l eg e u m. Addrl!!III b y Dr. �ra � •to 0 n. • • • • l.l<'ltaSiK11""!1f'l'arty O n e of theOut�tan.tinK900ial e,·e n 111 in t he y e a r f�r nrnmb<.', . . of Delta Sia:ma EP""ilo n L1 the an nualllou•e P a rt y held t h,• hut week-e n cl in May. at \Vil.on. o n Lake O nta ri o . l'lan3hav e hi!-en n, a detor a nri e t y o{activltieo.ra n gi n g {rointhe a � u o at o{tan (if po,aihle, or,.t !ea1t a o unb urn) to a water csmiv a \ of w h ic h t h e ca n oe racfl, promlu to riv a l if no t 1urpan th<>S

GRADUATION ,.. Flowers The Elmwool S u ppli e e.Save ou ruade coupon.e u theyuev a luable. THE COLLEGE SODA GRILL 1000 EUIWOOU AVENUE N&XTTOMARIN&BAHK - JEHLE'S Quality Foods and Baked Goods are recognized asthebest 309 Bryant Street

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Rebstock • The Florist 106 l::lmwoodA•e.,Bull'alo, N.Y. !Mt:.u;.::;;m:!


DODDS Quality Dairy Products Served Exclusively at StateTeachers College CITYWIDE DISTRIBUTION


loel Smith. er, LottieWier1bow,ki �f1:; ,'!: n ��:!! �� ..:�;;:; H p � n t�:�e� '. " y eer gr ou p are Mar- and Naho n ,n r1 of the fo u rth lrd,,w K, nny . Moulton,Wi- o were o n the Oran,re y mplon1hlp team 1.., nd Do"'StabJ. y St.lw e ll, �..

Qgurtesy of Philco Distributing Corporation

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