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Ripe for Success Nigel’s Frozen Bananas Will Open This Spring b y D e n i s e K . J a m e s

O ne night in late 2009, 30-A native Simon Sullivan had a very strange dream. His late father, Nigel, ap- peared to him and informed him that bananas would play a significant role within his life. Upon waking, Sullivan felt under- standably baffled, as well as determined, at what the message might mean…Today, he says that during the years following the vision, he felt like the mystery was always in the background, a quiet hum behind every- day existence. Fast forward several years, and Sullivan,

seating will be at 124 Quincy Circle, a bustling area of the beach that is known for shops and other services. Nigel’s will be the first food item in the plaza, and Sullivan and Carter are looking forward to a busy spring and summer, dipping bananas as well as ice cream bars for scores of locals and tourists, while playing feel- good 1970s music in the background. Carter’s and Sullivan’s children, ranging in age from 4 to 17, are eager to get on board with the fun and

Chef Sullivan dips a banana into gourmet, dairy-free chocolate.

a professional chef, decided to finally put the dream’s meaning to the test and pursue a sweet business idea: selling chocolate-dipped bananas at the local farmers’ market. His partner, local photographer Marla Carter, cautioned him that the enterprise may prove too time-consuming for their busy lifestyles. Still, the idea persisted, and by the time late summer 2020 rolled around, Cart- er and Sullivan; after researching a similar business in Newport Beach; had been suffi- ciently convinced they might be onto something. So, they named their new ven- ture Nigel’s Frozen Bananas and offered a pop-up shop during the holiday season, with a very promising response from the community. “I grew up here; I went to Seaside Neighborhood School, and as kids, we would always go to Frost Bites,” Sullivan says. “Seaside is known for food trucks and innovative food concepts, and this seemed like the perfect place.” Sure enough, the concept took off in a big way over the holiday season, with kids and adults alike going bananas for the freshly dipped fruit topped with all kinds of goodies, from peanuts to cookies. Nigel’s Frozen Bananas are coated in a rich, Belgian chocolate—made with coconut oil so it is actually dairy-free—and then “made as healthy or as indulgent as you want them to be,” according to Sullivan and Carter. The topping assortment over the festive winter season included Biscoff butter cookies, Oreos, peanuts, fresh coconut flakes, Reece’s Pieces, pretzels, and even a special gingerbread topping. The bananas are frozen,

Nigel’s signature Ice Cream Bar

exciting new business as well, with the older ones volunteering to work and the younger ones hoping to taste-test all the delicious concoctions. As for what Nigel would think about the family’s business, Sullivan isn’t quite certain, but he has a good feeling about it. “I think he would say that we’re on the right path,” he muses. “He would be proud. I’m not sure if this is the mark I was supposed to hit, but when I hit it, I’ll know.” It sounds like it’s

Treats the whole family will love.

Photos by Marla Carter

skewered, and then dipped and topped in front of each individual customer, who of course is able to choose their custom toppings. Ice cream bars are also available, but the couple affirms that most people enthusiastically order the namesake bananas. “We are definitely going for the retro, beachy nostalgic feel,” they explain. “The population is here, and the request is here. The age range is really diverse, from kids to older people, who love the nostalgic vibe. It’s

on the right path to us— and we can’t wait to sample the yummy new treats at Nigel’s Frozen Bananas, just in time for a Seaside summer.

honestly marketed for everyone, and everyone has really responded favorably to it. For parents, it’s a healthy choice for kids, and for adults, it’s something healthier to treat yourself with.” May 2021, Nigel’s Frozen Bananas will make its debut in a more permanent location, likely to the delight of their raving fans. The new walk-up with outdoor

To learn more about Nigel’s Frozen Bananas and view photos of their mouth-watering treats, visit them on Instagram: @Nigels30A.

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