The Thirty A Review March 2021

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I t’s amazing to see what can happen when someone with vision is given room to work in a space. Suddenly that space has life and personality, dimension and texture. Above all else, it is finally home. That is the thing that makes Paige Schnell so passionate about her work as an interior designer, the mission at the heart of her company, Tracery Interiors, since she founded it in 2004. Initially begun as an interior design shop and design studio that would work with clients and customers on projects of any scope; from offering advice on accessories for finishing a room to designing and furnishing entire homes. Nearly two decades later, the company has grown; but they have never strayed from that vision. “We love being able to offer great options of beautiful products, no matter how big or small,” Schnell explains. “One thing that makes us unique is that we have a design studio as well as retail stores, which also allows us to offer clients quick turnaround. If someone approaches us to help furnish a home through our design studio, we are able to select items from our warehouse and retail stores in Inlet Beach or Rosemary Beach to create a beautiful home that their family can enjoy. Both of our shops offer an array of beautiful items for your home, and our Tracery retail team is there to help you select just the right item.” That team includes five women at the two retail stores and three designers, including Schnell. Holding degrees in Interior Environments from Auburn University and a degree in Interior Architecture from Auburn University between them, all three women are impressive in their knowledge of the industry—not to mention the talent that gives them such an edge. With 15 years of working in Atlanta largely focused on kitchen and bath design, Beth Nash joined the Tracery team in 2014. AK Tisa has been with the company for 15 years, having joined as an intern from Auburn. “Tracery has a team in the studio and the retail shops that brings multiple years of experience to assist our customers and clients create the home of their dreams,” says Schnell. “I think our dual approach with a design studio and shop sets us apart from others, because even after we finish a project with a client, we see them when they come back to town and stop by our shops to look around or visit.” Offering design services of all types, Tracery has also taken on many renovations over the past years. “We love new homes; but we love working on renovations, as well,” says Schnell, going on to enumerate current renovation projects in Seaside, Alys Beach, and Rosemary Beach. “We offer complete design services from the

Photos courtesy of Tracery Interiors

COVID, we’ve struggled with receiving prod- ucts and product availability,” Schnell notes. “Many items are taking much longer to receive; but we have pivoted and have stored items, expanded our Inlet Beach shop, and changed decision time frames with clients. Having that ability is one of the great things about working with a team.” No matter what they face, it is their clients that keep them passionate about their work. “We love creating dream homes,” says Schnell. “I received a note last Christmas that said, ‘Just thinking of you today as we enjoy our beautiful home in this shut-in moment. Forever grateful for our years of working together on our happy, restful, artful homes.’ The reveal is another amazing part of what we do, and we love doing reveals like you see on TV: Candles lit, home complete. It’s seriously the best part.” For more information, visit or call (850) 213-3216 to reach the Design Studio; (850) 231-6755 for the Inlet Beach shop; or (850) 213-3746 for the Rosemary Beach shop.

beginning of planning all the way through the last pillow placed on a bed and everything in between.” While most of their clients are along 30-A, they do take on out-of-town projects and have travelled to such cities as Nashville, Tennessee; Wilmington, North Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; Aspen, Colorado; and even as far as Napa Valley, California. “Besides creating homes for so many wonderful clients over the years, we’ve also had the honor of being featured in a great number of publications,” says Schnell. “We have been published in almost every national interior design magazine, and we also published a coffee table book in 2015 with Abrams. It was sold internationally, and a friend sent me a note from Florence saying she’d seen it in museum shop window. It’s amazing to know your work is spreading that far across the globe.” Even with such success, however, they have faced their challenges—most notably over the past year. “Since

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