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Organic… Let’s Do This!! b y D r . B a r t P r e c o u r t

destructive to our cells. Specifically, many GMO foods have a chemical called glyphosate. This is the same chemical that is sprayed on our lawns to prevent weeds and insects. Research has shown that this glyphosate is very destructive to our gut microbiome. Why is this important? Because your gut is the primary source for the development of your immune system. Poor gut health, poor immune health. Not only are these GMO foods toxic to humans, they are extremely toxic to our environment. In fact, glyphosate is considered one of the biggest threats to our environment, yet unfortunately we hear very little about it. These toxins are now being linked to the rise in auto-immune conditions, such as Hashimoto’s disease, Celiac disease and many more. Brain fog and stubborn weight loss are also linked to toxic overload. NUTRIENTS This is where organic foods excel. Organic foods have more vitamins and minerals than non-organic and GMO foods. In these “covid” times, this should become our number one priority. Give our cells all the tools they need to defend and attack foreign invaders. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The biggest challenge is that you can’t tell just by looking at them. You will have to be a smart shopper at the grocery store and hunt down your organic foods. Most will be labeled clearly as organic and non-GMO. To keep this in perspective… most organic vegetables have nearly double the number of vitamins and nutrients relative to non-organic, and of course none of the added chemicals and toxins. Your immune system requires these nutrients to defend itself. Yes… defend itself against things like COVID 19, recover from stress, keep up with life etc… Nutrients like vitamin C, zinc, vitamin A, D, E, K… are all essential for being healthy, and are reduced significantly in non-organic foods. ENVIRONMENT Mother Nature is organic. When we pollute her with chemicals and toxins, we are harming mother nature. We essentially vote with our purchases. Purchas- ing organic food is a vote for our health and a vote for mother nature. If we continue to purchase non-organic foods, foods that have GMOs, we are voting for the larg- est chemical companies in the world to keep polluting our earth. Mother Nature, like humans, thrives when less toxic.

Dr. Bart M. Precourt

[M]ost organic vegetables have nearly double the number of vitamins and nutrients relative to non- organic, and of course none of the added chemicals and toxins.

CONCERNS: Occasionally I will hear a couple of concerns come up about organic foods, so let’s address them: “It costs too much”… False. Cheap food is cheap! I understand where this comes from, yet the reality is that chemically processed foods and genetically modified foods are simply “cheap” foods. They are not equal; you get what you pay for. “Organic foods are hard to find” … I will agree that this can be a challenge. Yet it’s our health, and we should be up for the challenge. I know locally here in our community the more we ask... the more the local grocery stores and restaurants will provide. We recently open up Prema Organic Café a 100% organic café. (self plug) So I understand the efforts and costs required to make the shift. It is possible! CLOSING THOUGHTS: Is it hard to eat a diet rich in organic healthy foods? No, it’s just different. It’s a conscious choice. It’s more available than we think, and it’s important that we want to raise the bar and level up our health. Vote for your health! Vote for mother nature! Vote to be awesome! Dr. Bart M. Precourt, D.C., is a Holistic Doctor, chiropractor, acupuncturist and nutritional consultant. For nearly 20 years he has helped people get healthy, lose weight and create healthy sustainable lifestyles. He currently practices in Seagrove Beach, FL at Balance Health Studio, For a consultation, contact Balance Health Studio at (850) 231-9288.

F or years we’ve heard about “organic” foods. Often it was associated with the health nuts and nature lovers. Yet now it has become mainstream and maybe at the perfect time. Currently we are in unchartered waters. But with COVID 19 continually lurking around we have learned at least one major lesson. Our health is the most important and valuable commodity in the world. What does this have to do with organic foods… everything! There are three important distinctions of organic foods and their consumption. Here are some compelling reasons/points to start moving your diet more toward a diet that is full of organic foods. TOXINS: This is what organic foods DON’T have. When we consume non-organic foods, we are consuming toxins. Toxins are one of the most dangerous inhibitors to health that we experience. They inhibit our cell’s ability to function and defend. This is one of the reasons we have become so vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. Organic foods are non-GMO, and this is incredibly important. GMO (genetically modified) foods are often

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