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Best Place to Work of 2017

At Torcon, we pride ourselves in operating as more than just a business: we are a fam- ily. As a second generation, family-owned

Company benefits: Employee discounts for cell phones, pro- fessional apparel, computer and laptops, and fitness (Equi- nox Gym). Regional benefits:

Sax strives to be a de- sired place to work with an emphasis on flex-

company, this mindset impacts everyone’s approach to doing their jobs, and promotes a strong sense of responsi- bility for relationships with coworkers and industry part- ners. We are able to enjoy and respect our times with one another, and grow not only professionally but personally. Although Torcon has grown to be one of the Mid-Atlan- tic’s largest construction managers, we continue to foster a family-like environment that promotes trust among col- leagues and clients. We support and enable a strong work culture by encour- aging our employees to participate as a unit in activities that give back to the community. By coming together to offer our time and talents, we are not only able to make our community a better place, but also strengthen our bonds as a team. tively for the benefit of our clients. We also, together, serve the communities in which we live/work by volunteering and raising money for local nonprofits. The importance of fam- ily/work life balance is stressed at ROCK. We work hard and we play hard. And last but not least, no matter what the day or season, you will find fresh ice cream in our freezer. It’s a ROCK thing. What some of the firm’s most attractive benefits? ROCK pays for each employee’s health insurance entirely and con- tributes to the family’s insurance as well. Other great ben- efits include HSAs, a charitable giving matching plan, our birthday off from work and we are taken out for lunch in celebration of our birthday in our birthday month. ROCK pays for each employee’s health insurance entirely. but our best to our clients, projects, and one another. In order to be our best selves, the office maintains progressive flex- ibility allowing all members the latitude to integrate both work and family/outside commitments within their sched- ule. What some of the firm’s most attractive benefits? Fully covered Vision and Dental insurance, fitness discounts and reimbursements. Retirement plan, Health insurance, employee training, tu- ition reimbursement. Special perks such as, subsidized transportation. employee to achieve their full potential through career advancement initiatives, a focus on work-life balance, and a team approach to projects. We have a reputation for employing the highest quality construction profes- sionals in Central PA and providing them with a chal- lenging, stable and pleasant work environment with many opportunities to grow both personally and profes- sionally. What are some of the firm’s most attractive benefits? Out-come based wellness programs, variety of employ- ee based events (family picnic, holiday party, bonfires, fiscal year celebration, employee appreciation), a Lead- ership & Culture department, room for personal growth and performance planning can also be considered ad- ditional benefits. ROCK Commercial Real Estate is the best place to work because it’s a firm that walks the walk. Our teams truly do work together seamlessly and effec- The AKF NJ Office is truly a family. The team is supportive and nurturing in a way that makes us give nothing Benchmark Construc- tion challenges each

ibility, quality-of-life and a proper work/life balance for its over 160 employees. This progressive outlook has proven to attract and retain exceptional talent in an en- vironment and atmosphere designed to help team mem- bers thrive both personally and professionally through flexibility and a results-oriented position rather than unbending rules and requirements. In addition, the firm works to promote from within, and provides team mem- bers with training and educational resources to excel in their field and work up the firm’s management ladder. The firm recognizes the change in the times, and that strict hours and mandatory in-office working require- ments are not the way of the future. In fact, the firm has seen that the more flexibility extended to employees, the more productivity and results are delivered. venience of working remotely to accommodate parenting and non-work activity schedules) and open (a true open- door policy makes partners/senior team members available whenever and wherever needed). These tenets reinforce the “Withum Way,” which extends to in- and out-of-office re- sponsibilities and personal interests. As a result, employees choose to participate in Withum team events such 5K runs, softball games, fundraisers and charity events, even on the weekend (when they bring along family members). The firm also arranges office trips to sporting events and live theater, golfs together and attends off-site retreats, conferences and professional development training. Every professional is supplied with a laptop and a smart- phone/phone allowance to facilitate the ease and conve- nience of working remotely when required. Withum prides itself on a company culture that is fun (work hard/play hard); flexible (offering the con-

New Jersey

On-site gym, pick-up and delivery dry cleaning service, shoe shine and repair, massage therapist, community building lounge area, Daily and weekly food and mer- chandise vendors. Conveniently location, free employ- ee parking, in-office putting green, Health and wellness room for nursing mothers What some of the firm’s most attractive benefits? Marcus & Millichap offers all of the benefits below. Retirement plan, Health insurance, profit sharing, stock options, performance based reviews on a regular basis, employee training, maternity leave, paternity leave, tuition reimbursement. Special perks such as, free parking, child- care, subsidized transportation. -National Platform – MNet, our internal, proprietary listing pro- gram, offers our agents the ability to view all active listings within the firm, and bring qualified buy- ers to any listing. This culture of collaboration & informa- tion sharing is a founding principle of the firm. -Training & Mentorship Programs – Marcus & Millichap provides structured, industry-leading training programs tai- lored to your individual level of business, sales, and real estate experience. Our team-oriented environment enables newer agents to learn from influential, highly successful se- nior agents and managers. -Non-Competitive Management – Our management team is there to train, coach, and support our Agents in growing their businesses; they are no longer brokering deals themselves. Our management team ensures we have the best-prepared, most knowledgeable Agents in the market. Pennsylvania corporate culture in which every staff member, from senior management to cooperative education students, is able to set her or his own work schedule to effectively manage their work/life balance and our desire to continually improve our workplace environment and practices. TPD experienced tremendous success this past year. The firm posted its highest revenue in company history. TPD was also ranked on many national and regional lists, being recognized for growth, quality services provided to clients, business practices, company culture, and steps taken to en- hance quality of life for staff – including being ranked the #4 Best Place to Work for in PA (medium size category). Two new offices came along with a southern expansion for the firm, which are located in Elkton, MD and Asheville, NC. superior broker training and employee retention is ex- ceptional in an industry where lateral migration is the norm. In fact, many of the firm’s long-term brokerage professionals – over 50% of whom have been with GH 18+ years – started out at larger institutional-focused or- ganizations. After joining GH’s ranks as trainees, many are spearheading and closing their own deals within 12 – 24 months. The firm also offers all of its employees – many of whom have 25 – 42 years of service – career pathways focusing on cultivating talent from within. GH recognizes its people with annual promotions and in-house awards to mark employment anniversary mile- stones, Salesperson of the Year and Deal of the Year. The tenets established by its late founders are the foun- dation for GH’s enduring success and consistent year- over-year sales milestones. Geb r oe -Hamme r ’s 42-year reputation for TPD is a best place to work for many reasons, but we believe we are one of the best due to our commitment to staff members’ work/life balance, our unique

Why do you feel your company is the best place to work? IMC operates by strong values and ethics; we value people and

family first. We work together to create an environment of integrity and accountability. Employees feel genu- inely appreciated and that they are a part of something meaningful. Individual and professional growth allows IMC to thrive in all aspects. What are some of the firm’s most attractive benefits? Annual company picnic, golf outing, holiday party, bring your kids to work day; Friday summer BBQ’s; ca- sual days; bonuses; short and long term disability; and a volunteer program. IMC’s offices are located within a LEED Gold Certified Building. Our tag line is Improv- ing Lives and Environments. Retirement plan, Health insurance, profit sharing.

We are a growing firm that attracts the best in our field. Our firm environment is one

of positive attitudes. Our leadership is constantly mo- tivating the staff to learn and providing top notch train- ing. Our firm has cutting edge technology that is an asset for pour attorneys and our clients. What some of the firm’s most attractive benefits? Kaplin Stewart has many perks. We are fortunate enough to have staff appreciation events, summer ice cream truck, monthly birthday celebrations, lunch and learns, and fabulous holiday parties.

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