Human Resources Employee Handbook



ALI BIN ALI (ABA) HOLDING 1.1 Vision, Mission & Values

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1.2 Business Ethics

1.3 ABA’s “People Power” Philosophy 1.4 Group Human Resources Department


JOINING ALI BIN ALI 2.1 Employment

2.2 Grading Structure 2.3 Working Hours 2.4 Probationary Period 2.5 Relocation Expenses 2.6 Induction Program


ON BOARDING PROCESS 9 Key elements of the program entail ABA’s history, policies and procedures. 9 3.1 Qatar Residence Permit (QID) 9 3.2 Family Visit Visa 10 3.3 Visa for New Born Babies 10 3.4 Family Residency Visa 10 3.5 Opening a Bank Account 11 3.6 Obtaining a Driving License 11



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4.1 Payment of Salary 4.2 Loans and Advances

4.2.1 New Employee Salary Advance 4.2.2 New Employee Housing Advance

4.3 Transportation 4.4 Variable Pay 4.5 Medical Benefits

4.5.1. Employee/Dependent Coverage 4.5.2 Validity of Medical Insurance Benefit

4.6 Group Life and Personal Accident Insurance Scheme

4.6.1 Life benefit

4.6.2 Ancillary Benefits 4.6.3 Application process

4.6 Staff Discounts

4.7 Leave Air Travel Tickets 4.8 Business Travel Allowances 4.9 Deductions from Salary



5.2 Sick Leave & Reporting Procedure

5.4 Emergency Leave 5.4 Leave without pay 5.5 Maternity Leave

5.6 Haj Leave



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6.1. 6.2.

Probationary Review

Performance management process





Gross misconduct or Indiscipline & Personal Code of Conduct Guidelines 24

7.2.1 Breach of Security/Confidentiality

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7.2.2 Alcohol and Drugs 7.2.3 Conflict of Interest 7.2.4 Damage to property

7.2.5 Gambling

7.2.6 Gifts & Gratuities

7.2.7 Harassment/ Bullying

7.2.8 Misuse of Email and computer systems

7.2.9 Cash Shortage 7.2.10 Unlawful activities 7.3 Disciplinary Process 7.4 Grievance Procedure






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9.1 Declaration of Relationship

9.2 Re-employment of Former Employees

9.3 Internal Recruitment



10.1 Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

10.2 Nomination Criteria


RESIGNATION & TERMINATION 11.1 Voluntary Resignation 11.2 Involuntary Resignation

11.3 Retirement

11.4 Death or Disability

11.5 End of Service Benefits & Final Settlement

11.6 Exit Interview

11.7 Employment Certificate



12.1 Dress Code & Uniforms 13.2 Health & Safety 13.3 Common Language 13.5 Employee Data Privacy 13.6 Employee handbook usage




1. Ali Bin Ali Holding

1.1 Vision, Mission & Values

Vision “To be the Partner of Choice”

Mission • To be the Partner of Choice to our Suppliers, Customers & People • To deliver sustained Growth • To live the Values of the organization

Core Values

Principals and customers, both internal & external, will all be treated to consistently high standards of service excellence. Total Customer satisfaction is only achieved through continuous focus on quality.



These three words govern the approach we take to everything we do, in how we deal with people, how we take decisions and how we run our businesses.


Honest, Integrity & Trust

As achievers we are goal and result oriented and we are passionate about success. We constantly Challenge the status quo by being innovative and creative.

A Achievement

We will always treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

R Respect

Happy and motivated people deliver results. We will create an environment where individuals and teams can flourish. We will appreciate effort and reward results. We will create a learning organization which encourages people development.




1.2 Business Ethics To pride ourselves on our reputation for integrity and high ethical standards. To all our customers, the employee represents the company and is expected not only to comply with the law, but also to conduct him/herself in a manner that upholds our reputation and high standards. As a Holding • ABA will observe all laws and regulations applicable to the business in Qatar. • As an employee, you should not place yourself in a position liable to criticism that you have acted in any way for your personal benefit. • Confidential or proprietary information, which you obtain in the course of your employment, must not be disclosed to any person outside the company nor used for your own benefit or for the benefit of others. • All communications with the public must be truthful and accurate and in accordance with regulatory policies and rules governing such communications.

1.3 ABA’s “People Power” Philosophy It is the role of the HR function to help managers achieve their business objectives through engaging their people into winning teams. The motto therefore is “Excellence through People”. The company has the responsibility to establish a positive employee climate and to this end, hereby commits to: • Avoid discrimination on the basis of nationality, age, religion or gender. All positions are open to suitably qualified candidates. • Provide all employees with an equal opportunity to the company’s appraisal, development, training and career development systems. • To promote a positive working environment, with mechanisms in place to encourage a consistent and open dialogue between staff at all levels in the organization. All supervisors therefore have an obligation to provide honest and constructive feedback to their staff at regular intervals with a view to enhancing their performance. • To provide training and development activities designed to complement the appraisal process in developing the knowledge, skills and behaviours of our employees. • Invest into employees, who foster their career development and seek feedback on their performance whilst embracing all development opportunities offered to them.


1.4 Group Human Resources Department The Human Resources Department’s Mission is to support the company’s mission by providing services and programs to attract, develop and retain a highly qualified and diverse workforce. This employee hand book explains the first steps ABA employees will take as part of the ABA Holding, and provides the employee with relevant information about their entitlements and benefits. Whether it’s working with other people’s products or providing specialized services, ABA relies considerably, on the employee’s skills and dedication. The company will preferably invest in people who invest in themselves first.

ABA is an equal opportunity employer abiding by the Qatar Labor Laws and all its divisions reflect these policies. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender,

religion, or any factor other than performance and competencies.

Ali Bin Ali Holding employs over 4,000 people. What holds us together is our strategy to make ABA stand out as a Partner of choice. ABA would like to take this opportunity to stress its commitment to providing a quality service to ABA employees. The company is continually reviewing its processes, systems and documentation in order to improve the response to ABA staff’s requests and address them in the shortest time possible. Employee opinion matters to us. If the employee has suggestions for improvement, ABA invites him/her to share them.

Ali Bin Ali Holding

Group Human Resource Department 9 th floor, Right wing, Ali Bin Ali Tower P.O. Box 75, Doha, State of Qatar.

T: +974 44469888 F: +974 44469798 E: W:


2. Joining Ali Bin Ali

2.1 Employment a. Employment is governed by the Qatar Labor Law, and the specific conditions mentioned in the letter of appointment. b. At the same time, the employment is subjected to completion of Immigration procedures and receipt of satisfactory references. c. During the employee’s tenure with ABA, any change to the terms and conditions of the employment contract will be confirmed in writing, in the form of an addendum contract (e.g.: Personnel Action Form), which will require the employee’s written acknowledgement. 2.2 Grading Structure a. ABA operates a structure that facilitates management decision-making and employee empowerment. b. All job positions are evaluated and attributed a grade level. Our grading starts from 6 and goes up to 20, above which the grading structure is reserved for Senior/ Executive management team. c. Job grade is based on the evaluation of the job we are performing, clearly described in a job description document and Management discretion.

2.4 Probationary Period a. The probationary period is a minimum of 3 months, extendable up to 6 months, which can be viewed as a trial period for both the organization and our self. b. At the end of the period, a decision must be taken regarding the employee’s continued employment which is based on their performance and integration with the company. c. Subsequently the employee’s appointment will be confirmed as a permanent employee, unless the employee is on a fixed/limited term contract. 2.5 Relocation Expenses If the employee is recruited from overseas, she/he will be provided with a flight ticket from the closest International airport of their home town to Doha. However, local travel expenses such as taxi fares will not be paid at any location unless a company transportation may be provided if available. If recruited locally, the employee’s family is entitled for a one way ticket from the organization. 2.6 Induction Program To assist the new employee in familiarizing themselves with the company’s activities she/he will go through a New Employee Orientation program no later than 40 days upon joining. The employee’s orientation about their job, will be conducted by their direct Line Manager/ Supervisor, who will outline the job requirement and objectives to be achieved .The on boarding process will vary from department to department.

2.3 Working Hours a. As per the Qatari labour laws ABA

employees will be required to work a 48 hour week or 36 hours during Ramadan; however this is subject to the nature of their job and the department they are working for. The Division Head will inform them of the timings they need to observe.


3. On Boarding Process

The purpose of the on boarding process is to enable new employees to settle into their roles as quickly and smoothly as possible. Key elements of the program entail ABA’s history, policies and procedures. 3.1 Qatar Residence Permit (QID) Once you have entered Qatar using your work visa, you will have to go through the following formalities to process your residence permit:

• Step 1: Blood-type certificate: This can be obtained from any local hospitals/clinics in Doha for both adults and children. Submit your blood type certificate to your Division Coordinator along with a passport-sized photograph with blue background. • Step 2: Medical test: All expatriates except for children up to age 16 are required to undergo a medical test conducted by the Ministry of Public Health - Medical Commission within seven days of arrival in Doha. For expatriates who are on managerial visa profession, the blood type certificate as well as medical test could be undergone at any of the below accredited hospitals in Doha. The charges are maximum of QAR750 and is borne by the employee. - Al Emadi Hospital – D Ring Road Al Hilal West Doha, Qatar - Al Ahli Hospita l – Ahmad Bin Ali St. 232 Building 142 Zone 20 Doha, Qatar The result of the medical test will be checked online by the Admin Department. Once the result is out, finger printing will be followed. • Step 3: Fingerprinting: All expatriates except for children up to age 16 are subject for registering their fingerprint by the Ministry of Interior – CID. • Step 4: Labor Contract: your labor contract will be sent to your division for your signature. Once signed, it will be submitted to the Ministry of Labor for attestation. • Step 5: Qatar ID: proof of completion for all the above as well as your attested degree certificate (depends on the visa designation), work visa, and passport, and other relevant forms will be submitted by the Admin Department to Ministry of Interior online for approval. Subsequently, the Residency Permit/Qatar ID will be issued.

A residency permit is allowing visitors from abroad to stay and work in Qatar.

Obtaining a Qatari Identity Card For certain countries steps one to five outlined below are completed in the home country through the approved Qatar Visa Centre and the recruiter or division coordinator will guide you through this process. For other countries once you have entered Qatar using your work visa, you will have to go through the following formalities in the below sequence to process your residency permit/QID. Your respective Recruiter/Division Coordinator will guide you through the process.


3.2 Family Visit Visa The visa is granted for one month and can be extended for another five months for the first, second degree relatives (parents, siblings, and children) and in-laws and three months for other relatives and this is subject to the medical test. Requirements: Online via Metrash application: •• Passport copy of the relatives •• Proof of relationship

3.4 Family Residency Visa Family residence permits/QID may be

obtained, subject to rules laid down by the Immigration department, which get updated from time to time. Please check with your recruiter or the division coordinator for the prevalent regulations on obtaining the family visa. Below are the generic list of requirements in order to obtain the family visa. Requirements: •• Valid Qatar Tenancy Contract under the employee’s name attested by Baladiya •• NOC letter from sponsor/employer citing profession and salary •• Company ID •• Marriage Certificate attested by the issuing country’s Embassy in Doha and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Qatar •• Birth Certificates of the children attested by the issuing country’s Embassy in Doha and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Qatar •• Degree Certificate attested by the issuing country’s Embassy in Doha and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Qatar •• Copy of passport and QID •• Copy of attested labor contract •• Local bank statement of last 6 months •• Passport copies for the family members for whom you are applying, and 2 passport-sized photograph •• Water & Electricity bill under the employee’s name •• Degree Certificate attested by the issuing country’s Embassy in Doha and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Qatar Once again ensure you double check the minimum salary requirements in order to be able to sponsor your family. As per the new Immigration regulations, ladies under company sponsor can only sponsor their children provided they meet the rules set by the immigration.

Manual application:

•• Application form to be filled by the

employee in Arabic. Forms can be downloaded from

•• Copy of employee’s QID or passport •• NOC letter from sponsor/employer

citing profession and salary •• Company ID •• Copy of attested education/marriage/birth certificates translated to Arabic •• Copy of attested labor contact

•• Copy of tenancy contract under the

name of the employee •• Passport copy of spouse/children/relative

3.3 Visa for New Born Babies This visa is provided for new born babies who are less than 6 months old upon their arrival along with his/her mother at the entry border. Requirements : •• The baby should have a passport or his/her name should be added in the passport of mother or father •• The parents should have an original birth certificate of the baby •• The parents should have a valid residence permit in Qatar.


3.5 Opening a Bank Account All employees are required to have his/her bank account opened in Qatar to ensure compliance with Qatar’s Wage Protection System (WPS) In the first month of employment, the new hire/ employee will be provided with a cash card with a limited bank facility, to be organized by the Division Coordinator. Employees may opt to receive their salary into a regular, current or savings bank account which requires the following company attested documents: 1. Salary letter – has to be requested from the company through the existing HCM system by the employee or by the Division Coordinator in case an employee number/HCM access is not yet available. The letter template varies from bank to bank. 2. Copy of Qatar Identity Card or QID – front and back Some banks have different requirements and may require additional documents such as: 1. Copy of Tenancy Contract to establish

3.6 Obtaining a Driving License The steps outlined below refer to those applying for a driving license for the first time, as well as those who have to re-take their test. (Or exchanging a recognized Driving License for a Qatari License):

Documents required:

1. Three Passport Size Photographs 2. Copy & Original Passport 3. Qatari ID 4. Company Computer Card Copy OR Sponsor’s ID copy (If on Family sponsorship) 5. NOC to obtain a driving License approved on Metrash 6. Eye Test report at the Traffic Department OR Private hospital/clinic/licensed professional

New License

•• First time applicants can approach any of the driving schools with the above mentioned documents to attend classes and proceed with the tests •• If you want to exchange your foreign Driving License, you will additionally have to produce your original foreign driving license – this option is applicable only to drivers licenses issued in approved countries by the Qatar Traffic department. Temporary License For a temporary driving license, you will additionally have to produce your original international driving license – temporary Qatari driving licenses are valid for 3 months but can be extended on application.

your residential address 2. Valid passport copy 3. Passport size photographs

Once the employee has obtained a bank account, the account confirmation letter issued by the bank, containing the account details, including IBAN need to be uploaded onto HCM by the employee: Employee on transfer of sponsorship may utilize their own and existing bank details locally available and will simply require to share the IBAN details to the Head Office Personnel Department.



4. Salary, Benefits & Deductions

4.1 Payment of Salary

4.2.1 New Employee Salary Advance a. Permanent full time employee(s) may apply for a “New Employee Salary Advance” within 45 days of joining. The amount is based on your grade and eligibility as mentioned in the table below:

a. Salaries will be paid no later than the 5th working day of the following month, however as a principle the Last working day of each month is Payday at Ali Bin Ali. Employee’s salary will be transferred to her/his bank account and the employee will receive the pay slip from the division. b. Please contact your Finance Department for any queries that one may have on their monthly pay. 4.2 Loans and Advances a. We do not encourage indebtedness, and hence the company does not grant loans. b. If one wishes to apply for a bank loan, the company will assist them with a salary certificate and an undertaking to transfer their salary and end of service benefits to the bank. c. Please note that while ABA does not guarantee the loan with the bank, upon resignation or termination the company is obligated by law to transfer all final settlement dues to the employee’s salary account. d. To provide assistance to new employees, the company offers the following advances:

Advance Amount QR

Grade Range


Grades 6 to 8


Grades 9 to 12


Grades 13 to 15


Grades 16 to 18


Grades 19 and above

b. The employee can request a salary advance only once upon joining and within the probationary period. The advance will be deducted from the employee’s salary in three equal monthly instalments, subject to compliance with Qatar’s Wage Protection System (WPS) requirements.


4.2.2 New Employee Housing Advance

b. Employees who are not provided with company transportation or vehicle will be getting a Transportation Allowance to cover cost of daily commute between employee’s residence and work location. Transportation Allowance amount is based on their grade and will be provided as part of their monthly salary. c. Employees who are required to travel extensively within Qatar will be provided with Car Operation Allowance to cover vehicle expenses including repair, maintenance, insurance, petrol, etc. Car Operation allowance amount is based on the grade and will be provided as part of the monthly salary. 4.4 Variable Pay Employees will be eligible for only one of the following variable pay category– Bonus, Commission or Overtime, at the discretion of the company. Details of your entitlement is contained within your offer letter and further details may be obtained from your line manager, division coordinator or Human Resources Business partner

a. Permanent full time employees getting housing allowance may apply for Housing Allowance Advance within the first three months of joining the company. b. The maximum housing allowance advance that can be availed by the employee is equivalent to 3 months of housing allowance and special housing allowance (if applicable). c. The housing allowance advance is granted only once upon joining and will be deducted from the employee’s salary in three equal monthly installments, in compliance with Qatar’s WPS requirements. d. Once approved, the housing allowance advance is processed under the name of the landlord by cross cheque, payable to first beneficiary

4.3 Transportation

a. Employees may be provided with a

suitable transportation/vehicle or an allowance by the company, based on job role and grade eligibility. Details of the eligibility will be shown in the letter of appointment.


4.5 Medical Benefits

4.6 Group Life and Personal Accident Insurance Scheme a. This is an optional & voluntary scheme managed by the Group HR and provided by a designated private insurance company. b. Should one decide to participate, they will be required their request via the HCM self-service, completing the Group Life Insurance Plan Form and Beneficiary Designation Form. If required, they may be asked to provide a medical report at their expense.

4.5.1. Employee/Dependent Coverage a) Employees in grades 6 to 8 will be covered under the Hamad Medical Scheme

b) Employees who are in grades 9

and above are covered under Private Medical Insurance Scheme

•• Employees in Grade 20 and above

are covered under Category A

•• Employees in Grades 9 to 19 are

covered under Category B

•• Benefits pertaining to specific categories will be communicated to the concerned employees on annual basis c) Dependents (Spouse and Children) are covered only for employees, provided the following criteria are met: •• Employee should be in Grade 13 or above •• Employee should be on ABA sponsorship or a GCC National

c. Employee’s enrolment is subject to

confirmation of the insurance provider.

d. The insurance premium will be borne by the employee, through monthly salary deduction, based on defined policy rates. e. The Group Life Insurance Policy is renewed on an annual rolling basis: e.g. 28th August, 2020.

•• Family must have valid Qatar ID. •• Relevant documentation such as

f. Further details of the scheme are

Marriage Certificate and dependents’ Qatar IDs are submitted to the HR Administration function. 4.5.2 Validity of Medical Insurance Benefit ABA Employees and dependents coverage up to last working day of the employee in the company. For any queries, please approach your HR Business Partner or the Admin Department.

available with Group HR.


4.6.1 Life Benefit The benefit will be paid in the event of death due to any cause. The benefit amount will be equal to equivalent to 36 months basic salary, up to the maximum of QAR 1 million. Hence the Monthly Insurance Premium, accounts for the (Total Sum Insured x 0.1617%) / 12 months Sample Calculation for an Employee with QAR 2,000 monthly basic: •• Insurance Coverage: QAR 2,000 x 36 = QAR 72,000 •• Annual Premium: QAR 72,000 x 0.1617% = QAR 116.42 •• Monthly Premium Deduction: QAR 116.42 / 12 = QAR 9.70 •• Endorsement Fee: QAR 25/- (one-time payment) 4.6.2 Ancillary Benefits •• 100% coverage of sum insured following Permanent Total Disability due to accident or sickness

4.6.3 Application Process New Employees

a. New employees can submit their application through Oracle HCM Self-service, attaching the completed “DIC life insurance application form” and “Life insurance declaration form” b. Employee will be notified of the feedback on their application and other details/requirements (if needed) through the Division Coordinator

c. Monthly premium and one time

deduction will start only once your enrolment is confirmed by the insurance provider 4.6 Staff Discounts All Ali Bin Ali employees are eligible for the following staff discounts*:


5% discount or less than the normal retail price depending on the work (no fixed percentage) Discount

Printing Press

•• 100% coverage of sum insured following Death due to any cause

Luxury Products

10% to 25% Depending on the brand

•• Percentage of Disability as per Continental Scale for Permanent Partial disability due to accident

20% ABA Restaurants

20% (Subject to total annual amount spent and direct brand)

Galeries Lafayette

•• Repatriation due to accident/ sickness/ death accounts up to Qr. 7,500/- per person


5% cash back discount

•• Pandemic and Epidemic is included.

*Offers & Discounts are subject to change without notice.


4.7 Leave Air Travel Tickets

•• If as an example your family is brought to Qatar (on family visa) after two years of service then, at that point in time you will be eligible for the first one way ticket into Qatar. Subsequent to this first entry, your family ticket eligibility kicks in and the annual family ticket entitlement may be availed after one year of arrival. Please note that in a case as such the family ticket for the first two years cannot be retro claimed g. All air tickets purchased by the Holding will be non-transferable and non- refundable by parties other than the Holding. h. Employee may change their tickets and get an upgrade or an extension to the trip or a different number of tickets as long as the charge is within the maximum amount of the ticket entitlement i. Where no additional cost to the Holding is involved, the employee may use of stopovers and/or diversions on their annual tickets. Should an additional cost be involved, this will be borne by the employee.

a. Employees are entitled for paid air passage to their country of residence to enjoy their annual leave. Details of employee’s entitlement will be spelt out in the offer letter and can further be validated through their Division HR Coordinator, Division Finance or Group Human Resources

b. Please note the class of travel for

all grades is Economy.

c. Employees below one year of employment service, shall not be entitled for annual leave air tickets. d. All annual leave tickets for employees will be issued to the airport destination nearest to their home town as mentioned in the employment contract. e. Employees first annual leave air tickets shall be due after the completion of one or two years of service as stipulated in the contract. f. If employees are entitled for family annual tickets, their eligibility for family tickets takes effect the “first” arrival of their family and if being brought in on family visa. Examples: •• If the family joins (on family visa or family visit visa) in employee’s first year of service then, the first one way ticket is provided for their family member/s and employee will be eligible for family tickets for every subsequent year.

j. Encashment of leave ticket is not


k. Unutilized ticket entitlement of one year may be carry forward to be utilized within the course of the next year. Tickets not utilized in the next year will automatically lapse and no compensation will be made for this, except for the first joining ticket.


4.8 Business Travel Allowances a. All reasonable expenses incurred by employee on business trips will be reimbursed by the company upon submission of actual receipts, which have to be recorded via the HCM I-expense form. b. The business travel advance details are available in the Business Travel policy with the General Manager/Divisional Manager and Administration department

l. In case the employee resigns or is being terminated in the course of the year, the leave ticket entitlement will be calculated on a pro-rata basis for the part of the year worked. •• If the ticket has been utilized, the pro-rata amount will be recovered from the employee’s final settlement. •• If the ticket has not been utilized, the pro-rata amount will be paid as part of the employee’s final settlement, which is subject to a 15% administrative charge. m. Should one be on their annual leave outside of Qatar) and are called back by management of the Holding to attend to urgent business, the employee is entitled to receive an additional annual leave ticket. Further details regarding leave air ticket entitlements are available with the Group Personnel Manager, and Administration Dept. Head Office.

4.9 Deductions from Salary Deductions will be made from salary for the following:

a. New Employee Advance payments


b. Losses caused by employee’s


c. Unauthorized absence, taking leave before the due date and / or over staying specified leave. d. Sick leave taken, not in accordance to the Qatar Labor Law.


5. Leave Entitlements

5.1 Annual Leave

given by the authorized person. Whilst annual leave is an entitlement, the actual timing of such leave is at the discretion of the General Manager. j. Annual leave may be split up and taken on separate occasions however the air ticket entitlements will remain the same. k. Annual leaves may not be cashed in or carried forward. If employee is unable to take leave in a given year, any accrued leave will carry forward for a maximum period of 3 months into the following year. Any unutilized leave will be forfeited at the end of the 3- month grace period. For employees with ‘once every two years’ ticket entitlement, their leaves can be utilized within a two-year periods and can be carried forward for a further 3 months into the next year.

a. All ABA employees are entitled to

take leave in accordance to the grade entitlement which is stated in the offer letter b. The new employee may take leave after completion of 6 months of service on a prorated basis for the first year. Employees completing 3 months may take pro-rated leave, subject to obtaining exceptional approval of Division GM and Group HR. c. Leave entitlements of new employees will be calculated at the end of the first calendar year of their services (31/12). Subsequently, all future leave entitlements for all employees shall be based on the calendar year starting 1st January of each year. d. Annual leave is calculated on a calendar day basis, accounting for all weekends in between as annual leave. e. If proceeding on leave at the start of the weekend i.e. on Thursday evening, you must complete the full working day, if not leave will be considered as starting on the Thursday itself. f. Upon return from leave, employee must report to duty upon start of working hours on that day and file a re-joining report on HCM. g. Public holidays that fall during the annual leave will be considered and will be added to employee’s leave balance for that year. h. Employee must fill in the leave request and submit it via HCM. Leave requests should be initiated by employee in accordance with the predetermined Annual leave plan i. Although one may request for leave at any time, approval for the same must be

l. The leaves accrued by an employee

during his/her first calendar year in the company may be utilized up to 31st March of his/her third year in the company. In the case of employees with ‘once every two years’ ticket entitlement, hi/her first calendar year leaves may be utilized up to 31st March of his/her fourth calendar year in the company. m. If employees, that are on annual leave outside of Qatar and are called back by management to attend to urgent business, they shall be compensated with two leave days and an additional leave air ticket. n. Prolongation, delay, cancellation, shortening and cessation of the annual leave must all be approved by the authorized person o. Should one extend their leave without due authorization and with insufficient reason to do so, they shall be subject to disciplinary action as per clause 7.3


5.2 Sick Leave & Reporting Procedure

h. Should one wish to claim sick leave whilst on annual leave, they must obtain a properly authorized medical certificate upon resumption of duties. ABA retains its rights to refer the submitted medical certificate to a selected physician for cross verification. i. Should one be unable to report to work due to an illness they must ensure that their reporting supervisor is informed no later than one hour after their scheduled reporting time so as to avoid being marked as absent/leave without pay.

a. All employees are entitled to take sick leave, provided that the medical reports from Hamad Hospital or ABA’s approved clinic/hospital* are produced. b. Sick leave can be availed only upon completion of the three month probationary period. c. For normal sickness, a total sick leave of two full paid weeks per anniversary year may be claimed. An additional four weeks may also be claimed on half pay. HRA will be paid in full. This may be followed, if necessary and with prior approval by a final six weeks of unpaid leave with no HRA. d. If all sick leave entitlements as defined above are claimed and employee is still unable to resume duties, the Holding at its discretion may choose to terminate the employment contract e. All official holidays and week rest days, falling within the employee’s sick leave shall be considered as part of sick leave f. Any claim for sick leave which is not accompanied by the appropriate medical certificate as described in 4.3.a. shall be treated as leave without pay. g. ABA reserves rights to refer sick leave medical reports to a selected physician for cross verification

5.4 Emergency Leave

a. Emergency leave of maximum up to 7 working days inclusive of traveling time shall be granted in the event of death or serious illness of a parent, spouse, child, grandchild, brother or sister, with the approval of the authorized person(e.g.: death certificate, medical certificate/ report) b. All emergency leaves should be documented and submitted via the HCM by the employee upon resuming duty c. There is no specific ticket entitlement for an emergency leave however one may choose to use their annual ticket entitlement should they be eligible for the same


5.4 Leave Witout Pay

5.6 Haj Leave Muslim employees can avail, once in the course of their employment with ABA, a leave without pay of up to 28 days for the performance of Haj. The leave dates should be agreed between the employee and his/her direct supervisor; however, the 10 days of official haj must fall within the period. Further details about leave entitlements are available with the, Group Personnel Manager - Administration Department.

a) Leave without pay may be granted to employees by the authorized person in accordance with the list of authorities and the concerned Department Manager on a discretionary basis and after the demonstration of due cause.

b) The same procedures governing

annual leave shall be applicable in requesting, approving and recording leave without pay.

5.5 Maternity Leave

a) Married female employees, who have completed one year of service with ABA, shall be entitled for 50 paid calendar days of maternity leave (inclusive of pre and post delivery period). b) Married female employees who have less than 6 months of service are entitled to 40 days of unpaid leave and those who have between 6 to 12 months of service are entitled to 40 days of half-paid leaves. c) As per labor law, nursing female employees are entitled to a rest interval of one hour per day for a period of one year post delivery. Exact timing of such rest interval should be agreed between the employee and her line supervisor. This interval will be calculated as a part of the normal working hours and no deduction will be made on the same.


6. Performance Reviews

6.1. Probationary Review

d. Employee objectives must be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time bound and agreed jointly by them and their reporting supervisor e. These agreed objectives need to be

a. Employee’s probationary period is

as per Section 2.4

b. Based on employee’s performance, their reporting supervisor will at the end of the probationary period review and discuss areas of strength, areas of development and areas of concern c. Employees are encouraged to request for feedback at any moment during their probationary period 6.2. Performance management process a. All employees will participate in the Performance management process, therefore undergo an annual Performance review and appraisal

submitted in the ERP system for Line Management review and approval

f. During the first business quarter/ At the beginning of the year, all employees have to undergo an annual performance appraisal with their Line Manager to discuss and evaluate their performance of the previous year and set the objectives for the next/current business year g. A subsequent mid-year review will be set by the line manager to track your progress. Any updates must be recorded in the ERP system, providing comments or % of accomplishments h. Subject to an employee’s performance and behaviour, a Performance Improvement Procedure (PIP) and Corrective Action Guidelines (CAG) may be pursued as per Section 7.

b. The performance management

process is the employee’s and line manager’s conjoint responsibility

c. The annual performance objectives

and competencies are aligned to the company’s strategy, division/department objectives/goals/targets and are set after

the probationary review (for new employees) or as per the annual performance management cycle


7. Performance Improvement Management

Stage 3:

If the employee is deemed to be unable to meet his/her role requirement, the following company procedure process is followed in order to improve performance.

a. Final Performance Directive (Written letter) highlighting area of improvement with a directive to improve within a period of one month

Stage 1:

a. A Written Warning is issued detailing the areas of improvement

b. No further Coaching, mentoring or

Training support is provided

b. First Performance discussion to

highlight area of improvement

c. At this stage an employee’s Performance will be monitored for a max duration of 1 month

c. Coaching, Mentoring or Training

needs are assessed and provided

d. Review on performance after

d. Performance monitoring is set for a

period of one month max

set period

e. Performance review after agreed

time period

If by stage three and by the end of six months employee’s performance is still considered as poor, they may be subject to any of the following: 1) Suspension from work with loss of pay 2) Not considered for annual increment and/or any due promotions 3) Termination on grounds of incapacity to fulfil role requirements For PPIP all three stages will be applied to ensure that employees are given adequate support to improve themselves, however please be advised that if found that one is intentionally not fulfilling their role requirement at any point in the three stages, they will be liable to disciplinary action as per section 9.4

If in the event employee’s performance has still not improved the second stage in the PPIP is

Stage 2: (Corrective Action Plan)

a. Second Performance discussion to

create Corrective Action Plan

b. Further Coaching, Mentoring or Training needs are assessed and provided

c. Performance monitoring is set for a

period of max. three months

d. Performance review after set period

In the event of the employee’s performance not improving a third stage is pursued


7.2. Gross misconduct or Indiscipline & Personal Code of Conduct Guidelines a. Gross misconduct or indiscipline is not related to employee’s incapacity to fulfill role requirement, but rather their behavior and attitude towards the role and requirement. b. This will be governed by the Personal Code of Conduct Guidelines as detailed below 7.2.1 Breach of Security/Confidentiality No breach of set security measures or leakage of confidential information to any third party will be tolerated 7.2.2 Alcohol and Drugs Usage of Alcohol or drugs in the office premises or company vehicles is strictly prohibited and employees are also prohibited from showing up for duty in a state of intoxication 7.2.3 Conflict of Interest Indulging in any transactions of business that competes with ABA will be considered as conflict of interest and will not be tolerated. 7.2.4 Damage to property Intentional damage of property will not be tolerated and if found guilty ABA may report at its discretion such damage to the law enforcement agencies.

7.2.5 Gambling Gambling in the office premises is strictly prohibited. 7.2.6 Gifts & Gratuities You may not receive any gifts or gratuity of any kind from suppliers or customers (Please refer to the Code of Conduct policy for further details) 7.2.7 Harassment/ Bullying Any form of harassment, bullying or discrimination based on colors, race, gender, nationality, age, disability, or any other category prohibited by law will not tolerated.

7.2.8 Misuse of Email and computer systems

You are governed by the IT usage policy of the ABA Holding. No deviations from the set guidelines will be permitted. The policy is available on the company’s intranet and the IT department. 7.2.9 Cash Shortage All employees who handle cash as a part of their job responsibilities will be accountable for any shortages unless so specified. If employees handle cash, they will be liable to pay for the cash shortages and severe disciplinary action may be pursued in cases of fraud or dishonesty. 7.2.10 Unlawful activities Employees are to abide by the laws and rules of the country.


7.3 Disciplinary Process Following is the corrective action procedure (CAP) for all disciplinary issues:

5. Suspension

a. If all previous steps fail employees may be suspended from work without pay and any benefits (Annual Leave, PRP, etc.). Employees may be liable to directly be suspended based on the severity of the issue. All suspensions will be followed by an investigation and if found that an error was made during the suspension then all privileges will be restored and an apology letter will be issued

1. Verbal Counselling

a. This relates to minor problems where in the reporting supervisor will hold informal discussions with employee regarding the issue.

2. Verbal Warning

a. This step is normally to be taken if counseling and coaching does not change the situation. Employees may be liable to directly receive a verbal warning if the severity of the issue is high

6. Termination

a. If all previous steps fail, employees may be terminated from work (with or without final benefits). They may be liable to directly be terminated based on the severity of the issue. A termination will be issued following an investigation and the issue warrants the same

3. Written Warning

a. This step is normally to be taken if Verbal counseling and Verbal warning does not change the situation. Employees may be liable to directly receive a written warning based on the severity of the issue.

4. Final written Warning

a. This step is normally to be taken if Verbal after step 1, 2, 3 is done and there is no change. Employees may be liable to directly receive a written warning based on the severity of the issue


7.4 Grievance Procedure In the unlikely event, that an employee feels that an occasion or event has occurred and the decision affecting his/her is unjust, they are encouraged to make use of the following grievance procedure: 1. Informal Stage with Line Manager •• Employees are to raise their grievance verbally to their line manager, who will raise the issue with the Divisional Manager/ General Manager. •• Employees are entitled to receive a verbal response no later than 3 days post raising the issue •• The response may be a request for additional investigation time and therefore not represent a resolution to the grievance raised. •• The grievance should be addressed and resolved within a period of one week.

•• The response may be a request for additional investigation time and therefore not represent a resolution to the grievance raised. •• Upon concluding the investigation, the grievance should be addressed in writing/ verbally within a period of two weeks 3. Written Appeal to Group Human Resources •• In the event the employees perceives the obtained response to be unjust, she/he may proceed to send a written appeal to the Group Human Resources Manager. •• Employee may choose not to give a copy to Line Manager, however a copy must be sent to the Divisional Manager and/or General Manager. •• Employees are entitled for a reply no later than one week from the letter being received by the concerned parties. •• The response may be a request for additional investigation time and therefore not represent a resolution to the grievance raised. •• Upon concluding the investigation, the grievance should be addressed in writing/ verbally within a period of two weeks If the matter is still not resolved then employee will be advised of their rights to pursue the matter with the Legal Department, the final authority to resolve the issue.

2. Formal Stage with General Manager/Divisional Manager

•• If in the event employee feel the

answer is still unjust or if after several informal discussions they do not receive an answer from their line manager they may formally write a letter to the Divisional manager/General Manager with a copy to the Line Manager, detailing the issue and the date and time the informal discussions have been held. •• A Copy of this letter must be sent to Human Resources department for record keeping purposes. •• Employees are entitled to receive a response no later than one week from the letter being received by the concerned parties.


8. Promotion

•• A maximum of 1 Grade increase is

A promotion is a reassignment to a job with higher responsibilities, with or without a change in grade; shall be based on the following: •• Promotions shall be considered either due to availability of vacancies or due to increase in content, scope or level of responsibility of existing job that is re- evaluated

allowed during Promotion.

•• If the Job Grade is two grade or higher than the Employee’s current grade, The employee will be promoted to the next higher grade and will be required to undergo a 12 month evaluation period before being considered for the next higher grade. •• The results of upgrading test or assessment, where applicable. •• No disciplinary penalties or warning letters issued in to the employee in the past 6 months prior requesting for promotion.

•• Merit and consistency in


•• The employee’s potential (skills and competencies) to assume higher responsibilities with an ability to maintain a reasonably high level of performance. •• The tenure of an employee in the current role which should be a minimum of 24 months.


9. Recruitment Policy

9.1 Declaration of Relationship Relationships for the purpose of this policy are defined to include those people who are related by blood or marriage. All candidates shall declare relationships on the company application form at the time of joining. If an employee enters into matrimony with another employee of ABA during the course of employment, HR needs to be informed. Recruitment of direct relatives require approval of the EVP. In all cases, relatives can’t work in the same Division. 9.2 Re-employment of Former Employees •• Former employees may be considered for re-employment, provided that they have resigned or their services were terminated due to issues other than performance or disciplinary causes. •• As a general principle no employees may be rehired within 2 years of their resignation. •• In all cases the recruitment will be based on the standard screening and selection processes.

Our recruitment process is fundamental to us delivering our business goals and objectives. It involves us firstly identifying the manpower requirements for each division and then the identification of the right people to fill vacant roles in the business. On the basis of the approved manpower plan and organization structure, an annual recruitment plan will be developed. Recruitment of new employees is restricted to fill:

•• Vacancies of existing positions •• New positions according to the

manpower plan

•• Replacement vacancies

Our recruitment and selection practices are guided by the below principles: •• We will only select high quality staff who meet the requirements of the job as outlined in the role profile. •• Recruitment and selection is conducted on the basis of merit and without bias or discrimination. •• Recruitment and selection will be conducted in a manner that is respectful of local culture and in accordance with immigration and labour laws. •• All standard recruitment activities will be within the approved manpower plan. •• ABA will adopt fair and consistent methods of recruitment and selection so as to select the most suitable candidate.


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