Annual Meeting Minutes; Faculty-Student Association; Octobe…

1.:t11.utes of the f:b1•st a:nnual meeting of' the Faculty-Student Association of the College - .October 1 , 1951 'I 1 he first annual meetinrr of the Paci.1.l ty-Student Association r:as held in i~oon 1 of ...,the Coll'ree;e Union on 1.:onday , Octoberl." The president opened the :meeting at 7 : L~; PM. ::L 1 he follo·:rine; nonbcrs v:ere present ; Dr· . Horn, Dean need , Dea.n. B 1 ret:z, Dr . Peterson , J.~r/ Goehle , Lirs . Penn, Patricia Sru1sone , acting pi-·esidont of Student Council, I,:anfred ~Jidnan , president of the Junior Class, Alan Beanan , v i c e-president of ths SophOi:m.ue Class, and Suzan.De Co c12rane, tho Presh:.w.n Clas3 , 'ihe ninutes of t~ e r1eetin 0 of April 22 vrer·e approved as corrected . l.I.r . Goehle novcd that the r.linutes of the

f irst meetins of April 22 be changed to state t hat i t \'!as an orgahiza tion :meeting and that t his :r.iecting of Oc to1)er 1 be c onsidered the f irst annual neoting of the Association. Dr. Peterson s econded . ~ o tion c arried .

Dr . Horn read the First Annual Re-oort of the Board of Directors o f the Po..culty-Studcnt Association. Questions raised by the students Yrere ansuered by r.1.cmbGrs of the Board . I t \Vas suggested that there be another r:1eeting of the Ass oc iation after the students have hatl a chance to study further the Annual Report and the Constitution. J;1r . Gor~hle distributed and oxpla:l.ned the financial report as of June 30 , 1951 .,rod , r.1ovecl that t~~o present Board of Directors be re-elected . Patricia Sansone Becontled . Llotion carried . son r:1ov::-;d that at the next ai--irnria1 r:1eetin·-~; of tl10 Association in Artie Je II, Section 1, line 6 of the B'y.-lRTIS p1-")esident of the :Buffalo Branch, Eevr York Assoc la tion of Teachers Collage 7aculties be substituted f or ~nor.1.bcr of ·i.,he - fucul ty, and in line 7 v ico-prositlont of that orsanization be substituted for nenoer of tho faculty. Dr . Fretz seconded. Lotion c arried.. Dr . }e:be:: 1

Notice of the Board 2:1cc'cin:;s will be posted so that r:10:nbers of tho Association nay a~');Jcn.r ocfcro tl"::e Board if' they have speciuJ_ reco:--'.1:;1end'.ltions ot~ questions. · The nez.t t1eetin1_s of the E0etrd of· :Uirec tors vlill be I':onday, October 15 at 3 : 00 o'clock. The ~eotin?; \"!8.S o.tljournecl at" 10:JO ?}! .. Respectfully sub~!t ~ed

I Corn)c tion~ ~he results of the election ~e~c n~t ~iven furins t~c neettn~.

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