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Science Discovers the Secret of Caruso’s Marvelous Voice

Caruso’s Throat and Yours Why is it that the humble peas­ ant boy of Italy became the great­ est singer of all time? This dia­ gram of his throat will show you. Caruso’s marvelous voice was due to a superb development of his Hyo-Glossus muscle. Your Hyo- Glossus muscle can be developed too! A good voice can be made better — a w eak voijee becom e strong — a lost voice restored — stammering and stuttering cured. Science will help you.

The Hyo-Gloasu# (Singing)Muaclc

Diagram of Caruso’s Throat Showing the Superb Development of his Hyo-Qlossus Muscle. The Hyo-Glossus (Singing 1 Musde

Diagram of the Normal Throat Showing the Com­ plete Vocal Mechanism,

We Guarantee— Your Voice Can Be Improved 100% E VERY normal human being has a Hyo-Glossus muscle in his or her throat. A few very fortu­

Opera Singers—discovered the secret of the Hyo-Glossus muscle. Dissat­ isfied with the methods used by the maestros of the Continent who went on year after year blindly following obsolete methods, Professor Feuch­ tinger devoted years of his life to scientific research. His reward was the discovery of the Hyo-Glossus, the “Singing Muscle”. Professor Feuchtinger w e n t even farther into the Science of Singing. He perfected a system of voice train­ ing that will develop your Hyo- Glossus muscle by simple, silent exercises right in your own home. Grand Opera Stars Among His Students Hundreds of famous singers h a v e studied with Professor Feuchtinger. Over 10,000 h a p p y pupils have' received the benefits of his wonder­ ful training. There is nothing complicated about the Professor’s methods. They areideally adapted for cor­ respondence instruction. Give him a few minutes each day; The exercises are silent. The results are sure. The Perfect Voice Institute g u a r a n t e e s that Professor Feuchtinger’s method will im­ prove your voice 100%. You are to be your own judge—take

this training—if your voice is not improved 100 % in your own opinion, we will refund your money. A Beautiful Voice for YOU You do not know the possibilities of your voice. If you want to sing—if you have always felt that you could sing but lacked the proper training because you had not the time nor the means to study—here is your chance. Professor Feuchtinger’s course will improve your voice 100%. You can now learn to sing at a very small cost and in the privacy of your own home. If you want to improve your speaking voice—if you stammer or stutter—Professor Feuchtinger will help you. Inspiring Free Book "Physical ‘V o ice Culture i” Send us the coupon below and we’ll send you FREE this valuable work on the voice culture. Do not hesi­ tate to ask. Professor Feuchtinger is glad to have us give you this book and you assume no obligations what­ ever by sending for it. You will do yourself a great and lasting good by studying “Physical Voice Culture.” It may be the first step in your career. Do not delay. The number of t h e s e books is limited. Send today for your copy.

nate persons—like the late Caruso —are born with the ability to sing well. But even they must develop their natural gifts. Caruso had to work many years developing that muscle before his voice was perfect. Whether your voice is strong or weak, pleasant or unpleasant, melodi­ ous or harsh, d e p e n d s upon the development of your Hyo-Glossus muscle. You canhaveabeautifulsing- ing or speaking voice if that muscle is developed by correct training. Prof. Feuchtinger’s Great Discovery Professor Feuchtinger, A. M.—de­ scendant of a long line of musicians —famous in the music centers of Europe, Munich, Dresden, Berlin, Bayreuth, Vienna, Paris andFlorence, for his success in training famous

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Perfect Voice Institute 1922 Sunnyside Ave., Studio 53*17» Chicago, 111.


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