Melaleuca Country - US English May 2019

One change that changes everything. OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU: Of all the places in the world, home should be safe—both the home we live in and the home we live on, this precious and delicate planet. It makes sense to protect our quality of life. Whether the ecosystem of the planet or the health of the home environment, both should be kept free of harsh chemicals. So when we developed our line of safer cleaning products, the name we chose was EcoSense® . Every parent makes a promise in their heart to protect their children from harm. EcoSense products help you keep that promise. We take great care in providing you quality cleaning products you can depend on and feel good about. EcoSense keeps its promise of a better, safer clean for your home. Our guiding principles are uncompromised safety, proven effectiveness, eco-friendliness, and affordability. We only have two rules: It has to be safe, and it has to work. SAFE We formulate our products to be safer as well as effective so you never have to choose between maintaining an immaculate home and protecting your family from harsh or unsafe ingredients.

EFFECTIVE EcoSense products are highly effective because their ingredients are highly efficient. They work hard so you won’t have to. EcoSense products clean away dirt, grease, and stains with nature’s cleaning agents, like citric acid and thyme oil. We target and lift away laundry stains with enzymes. Each ingredient must have a proven track record and significant evidence of safety. In addition to its own exhaustive research, Melaleuca relies on other academic research grounded in credible, peer-reviewed science to deliver exceptional products that you can depend on to work and feel good about using. ECO-FRIENDLY We seek out biodegradable ingredients for our proprietary formulas. We also make a consistent “concentrated” effort to save you money and help save the environment at the same time. As pioneers in product concentration, we continue to lead the way in creating higher concentrations than you will find anywhere else. Today’s ecosystem is burdened with plastic waste. Concentrated EcoSense formulas shrink packaging size and eliminate the cost of shipping water. Since 1985, Melaleuca customers have saved 281 million pounds of plastic, 45 million gallons of gasoline, and 1.5 billion pounds of greenhouse emissions. AFFORDABLE When you buy a 16 fl. oz. bottle of cleaner from the grocery store and use it up, you have to buy another bottle. With ONE small bottle of EcoSense 12x concentrated cleaner, you get SIX 16 fl. oz. spray bottles. That is less than $1 a bottle compared to $3–$4 a bottle for competitors’ products. Choosing EcoSense 12x concentrated products is a smart decision in every way. Switching to EcoSense is the one change you can make that changes everything. Choosing EcoSense will make your home safer and our world better, and we are privileged to partner with you in making it happen. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to take care of your home and your world at the same time! We want you to feel proud of the difference you’re making every time you clean.

WE WILL NEVER USE: Chlorine bleach Ammonia Formaldehyde Quaternary disinfectants Parabens

We are committed to carefully selecting the highest- quality, most beneficial ingredients from the laboratories of science and the vast expanses of nature. We search for plant-derived sources and biodegradable alternatives. When necessary, we also include thoughtfully chosen preservatives for reasons of efficacy, consistency, and safety. If natural ingredients do not meet our demanding levels of safety and effectiveness, we select an alternate source that allows us to achieve the desired result while maintaining our strict standards. Our steadfast focus is on delivering the clean you desire with the safety you and our world deserve.



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