FOCUS 2022 - Foundation for Endodontics Annual Report


Paying It Forward and Giving Back

Dear Colleagues,

I feel very grateful for the opportunity to serve our specialty as President of the Foundation. The ability to pay back and forward with volunteer and leadership service has exceeded my expectations. In my career I have certainly gained more than what I could give in return, but I hope I have contributed to make the Foundation stronger for the future of endodontics. Endodontics has afforded me the chance to work with great educators, clinicians, researchers, and residents. All these folks have enhanced our ability to understand and improve our specialty to better care for patients and to train/become the next generation of endodontists. I have also witnessed the spirit of service surging through our specialty. The Foundation received a significant number of worthy applications for its new domestic access to care program in 2021. We are proud and honored to be able to support all varieties of endodontic clinicians and their quest to help the underserved.

The past two years has proven the resilience of our community. Through the pandemic the specialty has persevered and flourished. To celebrate our resilience will you consider paying it forward? Consider all that endodontics has provided you, whether it be: • The satisfaction of relieving patients of pain and saving teeth. • The opportunity to provide a generous living for you and your family. • Working and consulting with like-minded colleagues who have become life-long friends. • Mentors who paved the way for your fruitful career. Paying it forward will help ensure a continued bright future for endodontics and its practitioners for years to come.

My best,

John M. Nusstein, DDS, MS Foundation President, 2020 - 2022

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Changing Lives… One Smile at a Time . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 2021 Competitive Research Grants . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Foundation for Endodontics & Brasseler USA Resident Research Grants . . . 12 Endo1 Partners: Commitment to Support Residents and Educators . . . . . . 13 Winner’s Circle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 A Born Mentor: Dr. Ana Cristina Andrada . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 "A GPS for Your Handpiece" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Foundation-Funded Researchers Receive Accolades . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Honor Your Mentor! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 What’s Inside?

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FOCUS 2022


Changing Lives… One Smile at a Time Meet the first Foundation for Endodontics & U.S. Endo Partners Domestic Access to Care grant recipients

Sometimes, endodontics is about a lot more than relieving a patient’s oral pain or restoring a smile. Sometimes, you can change a life with a root canal.

Meet Our Grantees for 2021!

In 2021, the Foundation launched a new funding initiative, its Domestic Access to Care program, to address the urgent need for endodontic specialty care in at-risk populations. Kicking off with generous backing from U.S. Endo Partners over five years, the funding supports local initiatives led by AAE members who apply for the competitively awarded grants. All recipients in this inaugural cycle partnered with community dental clinics. “Just the other day I had a young man who chipped his front tooth while holding his baby, and he had a job interview in two

weeks,” said Dr. Francisco Nieves of Fort Worth, who volunteers at Mercy Clinic. “We were able to restore that tooth in time for the interview.” Proposals submitted cover the costs of endodontic equipment, supplies, and other consumable materials needed for free care. Four grant recipients, located in Philadelphia, Fort Worth, TX, and Raleigh, NC were chosen from among 14 submissions whose requests altogether totaled 10 times the available funding for the first year, indicating the need for additional charitable support to continue growing the program.

Domestic Access to Care requests in 2021 totaled 10 times the available funding. Visit to contribute to even more worthy projects in 2022!


“Otherwise, you don’t know how it’s going to be restored in the future, or what the follow- up care is going to be. I can immediately schedule that patient at FIGHT, or at least do a permanent restoration and know it will hold up until they see their regular provider.” Along with serving a range of mostly at-risk populations, FIGHT has incorporated a therapist to help patients reduce dental anxiety. “We’re now able to increase the standard of care, and the funds will allow us to extend number of patients we can serve,” explains Kari Hexem, DMD MPH, Chief Dental Officer at FIGHT. “There’s a lot of demand. Every patient we see requires endo for at least one tooth.” Dr. Hexem adds that FIGHT has developed a robust algorithm to determine eligibility for their scarce resources. “Which tooth? How old are they? Do they have insurance? Do they have HIV?” she asks. “We prioritize those who are completely unable to afford treatment and demonstrate willingness to commit to treatment.” Even with all the qualifications, Chou volunteering three appointments a week, and four staff providers doing simpler cases, the clinic is scheduled two months out on average.

Philadelphia FIGHT, a Federally Qualified Heath Center (FQHC) founded in 1990 to serve people living with HIV, has now expanded its services to include partners and families of HIV+ patients, the formerly incarcerated, Hep C+ individuals and those recovering from substance abuse.

“ When you compare 2019 and 2021, basically Dr. Chou has doubled our access to endodontic care, especially with regard to molar endo and retreats. ” – Dr. Kari Hexem



Total Endodontic Treatment (D3310, D3320, D3330, Retreats)

Following her residency at Tufts University, Dr. Tina Chou sought out a volunteer opportunity on returning to Philadelphia, where “we were always involved at various sites around Philadelphia” during dental school at the University of Pennsylvania. Her school contacts brought her to Philadelphia FIGHT, where she appreciates working with a full- time staff and team of providers. “There’s always that continuation of care, so when I’m ready to go in and treat a patient I can ask the dentist about the treatment plan and the prognosis. I like that collaboration,” Chou says.


Anterior (D3310)



Premolar (D3320)



Molar (D3330)



Retreats (All)


When a power interruption shut down the Philadelphia FIGHT dental clinic, staff set up a temporary operatory in the medical clinic.

2019 2021

FOCUS 2022


Wake Smiles, a community dental clinical founded 20 years ago in Raleigh, serves thousands of uninsured adults living 200% under the federal poverty guidelines in Wake County. A high percentage of these patients live with uncontrolled systemic diseases, and the clinic’s interdisciplinary approach incorporates patient education about the relationship between oral and systemic health, and ways to improve both. Dr. David Wong , who had previously participated in the Foundation’s international access to care program, got involved with the clinic through the outreach of executive director Sommer Wisher, RDH. “Sommer does a really great job seeking out volunteers, and that was something I was interested in because that’s actually how I got into dentistry, by volunteering at a community health clinic like the one she runs,” Wong says. “I felt it would be a good opportunity to give back. I always promised myself that once I got out of school I would help the type of clinics that made me want be a dentist in the first place.” Wisher is less modest about her enthusiasm for Dr. Wong’s participation. “He found the [grant] opportunity and called me, and I was like ‘I’m not saying no,’” she remembers. ‘I’m saying heck yeah, let’s do it!’” Wong’s project provides endodontic care in-house one day a month. Before that Wake Smiles was lucky to refer out one case a month, and sometimes

“ I felt it would be a good opportunity to give back. I always promised myself that once I got out of school I would help the type of clinics that made me want be a dentist in the first place. ”

– Dr. David Wong

just one case a quarter, to one of four local volunteers, amounting to less than 40 treatments a year. Wong’s involvement will more than double that number, and now that he has properly outfitted the office with an endo cart and rotary equipment, it also helps solicit more volunteers. “I just recruited my first round of endodontists two weeks ago,” Wisher said. “They can’t believe we have a dang microscope!” “Last year, we performed 8,000+ procedures on 674 patients, and a third of them probably needed some sort of endo,” Wisher adds. “Our patients have major chronic illnesses that are not well managed. They’re adults past the phase of prevention. The only other solution for them is extraction.” "It’s hard for our partnering endodontists to do endo on one tooth when there’s a million other things that are wrong too. I can

call a doctor any day for a crown, but the root canals were the problem. If someone needs three RCTs and had a plaque index of 80% or higher, we can’t send them anywhere unless they could pay for it.” The expanded care is already producing results. “I had one 25-year-old patient who needed three root canals and was super motivated and changed his home care by leaps and bounds,” Wisher says excitedly about the impact of the clinic’s education efforts. “There was no way I could have referred him out.” For another patient in her mid- 40s who needed two RCTs, several extractions and an upper partial, Wake Smiles secured a prosthodontist for the partial and an endodontist who did the two root canals because they were part of an abutment.


“ [Endodontic

treatment] can completely change the trajectory of someone’s life... [Our patient will] stand out forever. Her smile showed the outside exactly how she was on the inside. ”

– Sommer Wisher

“That’s an extensive treatment plan for a nonprofit, but we can’t use all of our resources on one person. Months later, she came in to say thank you and show us pictures and tell us about the ‘new smile’ party she gave for her friends and family. She was a different person,” Wisher recalls. “It can completely change the trajectory of someone’s life. Yes, there’s better nutrition and a healthier bacterial load, but now with the confidence to finally present how she feels on the inside, which I think people lack when they have oral health issues or are lacking teeth. It was pretty phenomenal. She’ll stand out forever. Her smile showed the outside exactly how she was on the inside.”

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FOCUS 2022


Bender Division of Endodontics, Department of Dental Medicine. Project HOME’s endodontic service was inspired by Philadelphia endodontist Dr. Louis Rossman, who endorsed a domestic mission following his term as Foundation President and introduced Barnett to Project HOME. Rossman, who volunteers as a faculty member at the clinic, notes that working in the Project HOME clinic gives residents a unique learning opportunity they don’t receive anywhere else, even at school. “They’re on their own as one person, and they learn to mind the schedule,” Rossman says. “In school they don’t always learn to follow a schedule. They need to care for the people they’re working with and respect their schedules,” a lesson which is invaluable to them as future employers and colleagues. As for the patients, Rossman adds, “We’re in the poorest zip code in Pennsylvania. Our patients don’t travel out of it, they’re scared of doctors and hospitals, they don’t have

insurance, and many single parent homes with multiple kids who the parents fear will become involved with drugs or be shot.” “You don’t have to leave our own zip code to see the desperate need for our services,” Barnett observes. His program serves very much the same population as Project HOME and takes referral cases the clinic can’t treat. Until now he has provided everything the clinic needed to treat cases. When COVID interfered with the clinic’s ability to provide assistants for the residents volunteering at the clinic, Barnett rolled up his sleeves to take their place. “The grant funds don’t cover any of the other overhead costs, but we can continue to do a significant amount of pro bono procedures at the Project HOME clinic, and probably 10 times that amount for the same population here in our endo department,” Barnett adds. “In Pennsylvania, if you’re over 21, Medicaid does not cover any endo procedures at all. But we’re in this community. I do not want to not treat patients who need endodontics to save their teeth."

The Foundation’s first opportunity to learn about domestic access to care was a pilot program in 2018 in North Philadelphia. Einstein Medical Center’s Endodontic Division partnered with Project HOME, a 30-year- old nonprofit comprehensively focused on ending homelessness and alleviating poverty. With services ranging from housing and adult education to healthcare, after school, and college access, its nine-operatory dental clinic, integrated with medical care, is now fully equipped with a microscope and CBCT. More than 30 percent of residents living under the federal poverty line – twice the national average. Dr. Frederic Barnett , Chairman of the Maxwell S. Fogel Department of Dental Medicine at Einstein leads this effort. Project HOME is staffed on a part-time basis by an endodontic resident and faculty member from Einstein’s I.B.

“ We’re in the poorest zip code in Pennsylvania... You don’t have to leave our own zip code to see

the desperate need for our services. ” – Dr. Frederic Barnett


The initiative is changing lives, he adds. “At some point the masks come off and you see people’s smiles. There’s a new level of self-awareness and self- respect, more self-confidence when you have teeth that people can see. What better way to market what we do?” “The Foundation funding has made a huge difference, adds Mary Jo Kasenchak, DMD, a staff dentist at Project HOME. “The patients here just cannot afford a root canal most of the time, so it’s really devastating to pull a tooth when it could absolutely have been saved. For some people maybe it’s the last molar they have to chew with. We do anterior teeth now, but [before 2018] we did not do any endo at all. It’s incredible to be able to take that burden of cost off people who already live with that burden every day and make it just about what’s best for their health, instead of what they can afford.” “Something we see quite a bit of here are patients who are trying to get a job and get their lives back together, and they have pain here and pain there, we want to save their teeth, but they can’t interview for a job or stay in a job because they have so much pain,” notes Kasenchak’s colleague Ingrid Carvo, DMD. “Providing that treatment is really important to lift them up out of poverty.” “Our dental services were really impacted as a whole by COVID,” comments dental director Janine Burkhardt, DMD. “We’re really lucky to have our partners at Einstein still willing to come in, and before the grant they were bringing all their own materials and supplies. They take a huge hit in their own productivity to come see our patients. The patients are just so grateful too. It makes them feel human again.”

FOCUS 2022


the opportunity to train general practitioners on anterior cases. “That could really impact the patient’s ability to get a job,” he said. “I don’t just do root canals there, occasionally we’ll extract teeth, do an overall comprehensive exam or an oral cancer screening, I do whatever we can for the time they’re there.” “Our patients are mostly undocumented,” says Peggy Leitch, RN, Mercy Clinic’s executive director. “They’ve never been to a dentist in their life. The idea is to see as many people as we can.” The Foundation’s funding support for endodontic materials and supplies has been especially critical to nonprofits as the battle against COVID wages on and precious charitable dollars need to be reallocated to maintain operations. “It’s been harder adapting to what COVID brought upon us, needing more PPE, and more paid staff,” Leitch added. “It’s hard to look a 65-year-old volunteer in the

face and ask them to come in and work. Our whole staff were either in the vulnerable category or they were taking great risk at their regular jobs. Foundations have stepped up a great deal.”

Mercy Clinic, established in 2011, provides medical and dental services to the uninsured and impoverished residents of inner-city Fort Worth, serving areas with among the lowest life expectancies in the state of Texas. All medical and dental providers are volunteers. The two-chair dental clinic offers oral health examinations, digital radiography (including panoramic), dental prophylaxis, restorative dentistry, endodontics, and oral surgery. There are 10 general dentists, two endodontists and a periodontist on the dental team roster, along with an on-site pharmacy. Dr. Francisco Nieves grew up on the south side of Fort Worth, a mostly Hispanic area which he describes as having “so many people who don’t have access to care or funds, they’re working three jobs and they can’t find a clinic that will see them at nighttime. Life happens and they’re spending all their money on their family and can’t take care of themselves. Anything we can do to help them out, a cleaning or an extraction or a root canal, means money they can use to pay the rent.” Nieves started volunteering at Mercy Clinic at the invitation of a classmate from dental school whose former practice owner had been a volunteer at the clinic. He is also glad to have

“ Anything we can do to help them out, a cleaning or an extraction or a root canal, means money they can use to pay the rent. ” – Dr. Francisco Nieves

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Competitive Research Grants





Effects of COVID-19 on the Pulpodentin Complex: A Histological and Molecular Study The Role of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps (NET) in Apical Periodontitis Development 3D Evaluation of Outcomes in Regenerative Endodontics: A CBCT Study Synchronized Microbubble- Photodynamic Activation to Disinfect Minimally Prepared Root Canals

Han Na Cho*

University of Texas at Houston


Leticia Chaves de Souza**

University of Texas at Houston


Indaiá Soares Leibovitch

University of Michigan


Christine Teed

University of Toronto


Total Funding for SPRING 2021


In Vitro Study: The Effect of Amelogenin Peptide on the Proliferation and Differentiation of Stem Cells of Apical Papilla Root Resorption After Clear Aligner Therapy in Adults: A Three- Dimensional Comparative Analysis

Nawfal Al-hashimi

University of Toronto


Austyn Grissom*

University of Texas at Houston


Total Funding for FALL 2021


Total Overall Funding


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* Indicates residents who received $500 awards for the highest scoring proposal. ** Indicates faculty who received $500 awards for the highest scoring proposal.

FOCUS 2022


Foundation for Endodontics & Brasseler USA Resident Research Grants

The Foundation for Endodontics announced that Brasseler USA Dental, LLC, has pledged $75,000 to fund Resident Research Grants during 2022. The grant makes $500 available on a one-time basis to every endodontic resident to fund activities related to their research. The grant also makes it possible for residents to receive an additional $500 award once the initial grant has been awarded, used on research, and reported.

“Brasseler USA is committed to removing financial barriers for residents embarking on endodontic research,” said Jack Burlison, Director of Endodontic Professional Relations. “We believe this grant program will be a catalyst for scientific innovation.” Endodontic program directors or department chairs may apply on an annual, rolling basis for the funding on behalf of their residents.

Visit to apply.


Endo 1 Partners Pledges Its Commitment to Support Residents and Educators

At the end of 2021, the Foundation finalized a very generous pledge of $500,000 from corporate donor Endo1 Partners. The Foundation is delighted to further its mission to benefit endodontic residents and educators, specifically. The five-year pledge will be applied to a brand-new scholarship for residents, the Foundation for Endodontics & Endo1 Partners Annual Meeting Resident Development Scholarship and the Foundation for Endodontics & Endo1 Partners ADEA Scholarship . The goal of the Resident Development Scholarship is to financially assist endodontic residents who are presenting oral and poster research and table clinics at the annual meeting. Presenting research ensures growth and development of the science of endodontics and improves the quality of patient care. As residents begin their career in endodontics, the annual meeting provides them with the opportunity to learn, network and seek professional resources. The scholarship will reimburse up to $500 for eligible expenses. Eligibility requires that applicants are post-graduate residents in their final year of endodontic training at a CODA accredited institution (or one with a reciprocal agreement) and that they have submitted and accepted to present either an oral research, poster research,

or table clinic presentation at the annual meeting. Endodontic education drives the specialty forward, and supporting future endodontic leaders raises the profile of endodontics within dental institutions. The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) Leadership Institute helps to further develop dental faculty and enables a growing pool of outstanding academicians to become academic leaders in dental institutions. The Foundation for Endodontics,

now with Endo1 Partners, will sponsor an endodontic educator’s participation in the Leadership Institute annually. These awards will enable a growing pool of outstanding residents and academicians to achieve new heights. Our thanks to Endo1 Partners for their support!

FOCUS 2022


SPRING 2021 Faculty Winner

SPRING 2021 Resident Winner

Leticia Chaves de Souza Dr. de Souza earned her dental degree from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2004. She has a Master’s degree in Endodontics and a PhD degree in Materials Science, and joined the UTHealth School of Dentistry as Assistant Professor in 2017. Her research focuses on the physical, chemical, mechanical and biological properties of endodontic materials and instruments, as well as understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying apical periodontitis (AP). The aim of this study is to verify the expression of neutrophils extracellular traps (NET) in different stages of AP development using an in vivo experimental model of AP. NET are networks of extracellular fibers that bind to pathogens allowing neutrophils to mobilize and kill microorganisms, and the role of neutrophils and NETs in AP development is not fully understood. “Apical periodontitis is the primary condition that we treat as endodontists. Therefore, it is important that we fully understand the molecular mechanisms underlying apical periodontitis development and healing,” says de Souza. Dr. de Souza believes her research will have the potential to contribute to the development of future diagnostic and targeted precision health-based treatment strategies for apical periodontitis.

Han Na Cho

During her general practice residency in New York City, Dr. Cho experienced the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic first-hand. This exposure had a significant impact on her decision to focus her research on COVID-19’s effects on dental pulp at the University of Texas in Houston. Since the dental pulp is a highly vascularized tissue connected with the oral environment, Dr. Cho has hypothesized that COVID-19 would induce alteration in the cellularity and vascularization of the dental pulp. “As endodontists, we encounter many patients who come to us with pain, so it is important for us to have a basic foundation and appreciation of the science behind the signs and symptoms our patients experience,” she says. “Having that awareness will translate into providing optimal care for our patients. Given the limitations of endodontic literature in viral diseases, especially COVID-19, I’m really excited to be able to share my findings with the community when the outcome is finalized.” Dr. Cho believes her research will provide insight into the biological effects of COVID-19

and have important implications for the clinical practice of endodontics regarding the predictability of disease progression.


FALL 2021 Resident Winner

Austyn C. Grissom

During the spring and fall competitive research grant cycles, the highest- scoring resident and faculty proposals receive a $500 personal cash award. The goal is to pay tribute to those applicants whose efforts reflect the highest-quality science.

Dr. Austyn C. Grissom is a resident at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Dentistry. His study is the first of its kind: combining the precision of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) with the latest image segmentation techniques to assess orthodontically induced external root resorption (OIERR) in three dimensions. The purpose of this study is to quantify the change in surface area and volume of vital and root-filled teeth in an adult population following comprehensive orthodontic treatment (COT). “The use of CBCT imaging in dentistry has literally unlocked a new dimension of understanding with regards to our treatment outcomes. As we continue to embrace new clinical technology, we must utilize it to push the envelope so that we can provide better care for our patients and ultimately save more teeth,” said Dr. Grissom.

Congratulations to our members of the 2021 Winner’s Circle! This is just a sampling of each of these talented endodontists’ accomplishments. Visit and read the full articles on each of these researchers, their goals, and outlook on endodontics!

FOCUS 2022


Foundation Endodontic Educator Fellow shares her passion for developing talent—and honing students’ referral skills For the Foundation’s 2021 Endodontic Educator Fellow, Dr. Ana Cristina Andrada, an assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, mentoring students’ dental expertise also means fostering their judgment around which cases belong in the hands of an endodontic specialist. A Born Mentor

Director of Predoctoral Endodontics at VCU, Andrada relies on the Objectively Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) assessment developed by AAE member educators with Foundation support as a critical tool in training future general dentists. “It’s not uncommon to see new graduates eager to take any case, but we prepare them with the OSCE assessment form to determine if they’re going to be able to effectively handle that case,” Andrada says. “We tell them you to use the assessment form and refer if warranted, and be happy with doing the crown.

In cases when they think they can manage it but later realize, ‘this is more than I can do responsibly,’ we’ll talk about recognizing limitations and being in close contact with specialists.” Implementing this assessment tool—which provides quantifiable measures upon which to base a decision to refer out a case— has become even more important as some programs shift to an “integrated” approach that replaces specialty departments with a general clinic in which all work is overseen by a general dentist.

“The specialists are there for consultation, but a general dentist is overseeing every single case,” Andrada explains. At VCU, Andrada says her general dentist colleagues appreciate a collaboration of specialist experts. “Just this morning a patient came for endo. I spoke with the GP to discuss restorability, then we got the periodontist involved, and we all made a decision together. I don’t think it should be one dentist treating the entire case. Even though [the general dentists] are going to be by themselves in their offices, they’re always going to have the support of their referral base.” Andrada says she thinks the change to integrated programs is tied in part to the urgent shortage of endodontic instructors, underscoring the critical need for the Foundation’s role in endodontic education support.


FOCUS 2022


As the daughter of two teachers, Andrada may have been born with the DNA for mentoring, but if you ask her, it really manifested itself epigenetically. A Brazilian native, she completed both dental and endodontic specialty training at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (FUSC) in Florianopolis. Her mentor, endodontic department chair Dr. Wilson Tadeu Felippe, offered her the opportunity to pursue an academic career—an unexpected shift from her plan to remain in clinical practice. “I never thought I would be an academic in Brazil, but my mentor Dr. Felippe saw that in me,” Andrada said. “I didn’t believe I was patient enough to teach, but I always saw him and his wife Dr. Mara Cristina Santos Felippe (FUSC department vice chair) do so much for us. I never thought that would be me. When I finished my endo training, he urged me to teach others. ‘You have that in you,’ he told me. ‘You just haven’t discovered yourself yet.’ They always supported me all the way.” Moving to the United States to retrain in endodontics and earn a doctoral degree in oral biology (also earning an American DDS degree at University of Detroit Mercy), she said she found the same level of mentoring and encouragement from Dr. Robert White at Harvard. “Predoctoral and advanced graduate students routinely sought Dr. Andrada’s advice and consultation,” wrote Dr. White in his recommendation letter for the Foundation Fellowship. “Her ability to patiently listen, understand, clearly communicate and follow through are most

notable character traits. She readily develops and maintains mentor relationships with her students, caring for them and, in turn, always learning with them. Her ‘classroom style’ is engaging, interactive, and enthusiastic while remaining flexible and creative. Dr. Andrada truly enjoys sharing her knowledge and teaching.” Andrada also brings elements of her Latin heritage to the teaching experience. She particularly appreciated a feeling of family within her professional community in Brazil. “Everyone was family, everyone was there to support each other, to grow together. That’s what I want to pass to my students

now…they should know my door is always open, you can knock and close the door and cry if you want, or just share something nice, I’m here for them,” she said. “It’s very fulfilling. That’s what I want to do every day. When a student texts me in a panic about a no-show, being able to reassure them we’ll find another case, I just love having that relationship with them.” Her own growth as an educator has been enhanced greatly by participating in the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) Leadership Conference, thanks to a scholarship from the Foundation.


“I didn’t know that I was already leading,” she says of the self- realization that occurred while participating in the program. “With the position you’re in, being faculty and a course director, you don’t see the everyday things you do as part of your job as leadership, but it was eye-opening how much we are being leaders every day, how much our students look up to us every single day in and out of school and in everything we do. After that I hoped to have more of those leadership position at school, so I volunteered for committees at work and in AAE. It’s eye-opening that I can make a difference.”

“ Everyone was family, everyone was there to support each other, to grow together. That’s what I want to pass to my students now… they should knowmy door is always open, you can knock and close the door and cry if you want, or just share something nice, I’m here for them. It’s very fulfilling. That’s what I want to do every day... I just love having that relationship with them. ” – Dr. Ana Cristina Andrada

FOCUS 2022


Images courtesy of Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry

A GPS for Your Handpiece

Foundation-funded research leads to FDA approval for a novel endodontic surgical guidance application

Two independently conducted studies by Dr. Frederico Canato Martinho and his research group at the University of Maryland, and funded by Foundation for Endodontics Competitive Research Grants, were instrumental in leading to FDA approval of a new software application for a “dynamic navigation system” (DNS) customized for endodontic treatments.

A third study, published in the International Endodontic Journal , demonstrated similar effectiveness when conducting root-end resection in cadaver models. Just as DNS can more accurately help guide endodontic procedures, Dr. Martinho also predicts that the innovation, derived from robotic surgical equipment, could reshape endodontic training in the future. “There is a great chance for this technology to help residents’ education, too,” he says.

The X-Nav Technologies platform, originally developed for implant dentistry, was demonstrably more accurate and efficient than freehand based on CBCT virtual modelling, thanks to tracking devices that provide 3D dynamic navigation, with visual feedback to guide the handpiece and allow the surgeon to adjust the treatment course in real time. The technology in effect shows “where you are compared to where you should be” on a CBCT-based virtual surgical plan and allows for course correction, versus trying to “replicate the ideal plan on the patient but with no guidance.” One study published in the Journal for Endodontics (JOE) in September 2021 compared DNS to freehand in removing fiber posts from endodontically treated teeth. A second study, funded by

a Foundation Resident Research Grant and published in the JOE in November 2020, demonstrated the benefits of DNS in locating calcified canals. “It’s like a GPS for your handpiece,” Dr. Martinho explains. “And I don’t see this technology being applied to only one treatment modality.”


Foundation-Funded Researchers Receive Accolades


Foundation funded research has been influential to the development of science. Articles published from Foundation funded studies have been honored, cited and noticed by your peers, journals, and other scientists. Take a look at both the quantitative and qualitative impacts Foundation funding has had on scientists and their studies. 2020 Clinical Research 2017 Basic Research: Biology

2015 Basic Science: Biology Martin DE, De Almeida JF, Henry MA, Khaing ZZ, Schmidt CE, Teixeira FB, Diogenes A. Concentration-dependent Effect of Sodium Hypochlorite On Stem Cells of Apical Papilla Survival and Differentiation. J Endod 2014;40(1):51-5.

Messing M, Souza LC, Cavalla F, Kookal KK, Rizzo G, Walji M, Silva R and Letra A. Investigating Potential Correlations Between Endodontic Pathology and Cardiovascular Diseases Using Epidemiological and Genetic Approaches. J Endod 2019;45:104-110. Dr. Maria Messing’s research project was her thesis for her graduate training under Dr. Ariadne Letra at the University of Texas at Houston. “A lot of my patients have cardiovascular disease... They’re having an infection, I can see the radiolucency, they’re going to benefit a lot from getting that treated. I’ll tell them that just keeping that chronic infection in their mouth will end up affecting their cardiovascular health over time… If I hadn’t received that funding for the research, I honestly don’t know where the money would have come from.”

Austah ON, Ruparel NB, Henry MA, Fajardo RJ, Schmitz JE, Diogenes A.

Capsaicin-sensitive Innervation Modulates the Development of Apical Periodontitis. J Endod 42(10):1496-1502. Honorable Mention Moore B, Verdelis K, Kishen A, Dao T, Friedman S. Impacts of Contracted Endodontic Cavities on Instrumentation Efficacy and Biomechanical Responses in Maxillary Molars. J Endod 42(12):1779-83. 2016 Basic Science: Technology Layton G, Wu WI, Selvagana- pathy PR, Friedman S, Kishen A. Fluid Dynamics and Biofilm Removal Generated By Syringe- Delivered and 2 Ultrasonic- Assisted Irrigation Methods: A Novel Experimental Approach. J Endod 41(6):884-889.

FOCUS 2022


Dental colleagues and proteges from around the world funded the Foundation’s first named Full Time Educator Development Grant (FTEDG) for their esteemed mentor who succumbed to COVID in 2021. Honor Your Mentor!

Anil Chandra Memorial FTEDG Donors

THE CHANDRA FAMILY Dr. Ahana Chandra Mr. Amit Chandra Dr. Anshuman Chandra Mr. Ananya Chandra Ms. Kavya Chandra Mr. Sameer Chandra Ms. Rekha Srivastava Dr. Sangeeta Srivastava Ms. Sheela Srivastava

Dr. Pallavi Agarwal Dr. Shalini Arora Dr. Navneet Aujla Dr. Ramesh Bharti Drs. Purnima Chhabra & Vyomesh Bhatt Dr. Patricia Choi Dr. Dolly Chopra Dr. Amit Dania Dr. Somdipto Das Dr. Manu Dimri Dr. Dharmendra Gupta Drs. Arpana Gupta & Sambhav Jain Drs. Swati & Hemant Gupta Dr. Tapasya Jayaram Dr. Rahini Jeyapaul Drs. Aarati Kalluri & Ramanan Chebiam Drs. Amit & Ravinder Kaur Kalra Dr. Ashish Khare Dr. Preety Kaushik Drs. Alok & Nirupama Misra Mr. Serj Minassians Dr. Ramya Ramamurthy Dr. Chetan Rayal Dr. Clifford & Mrs. Phyllis Ruddle Dr. Anupam Dua Sharma & Mr. Vivek Sharma Drs. Dimple Sharma & Shushant Rohilla Dr. Shruti & Mr. Sanjay Shukla Dr. Vijay Babloo Singh Drs. Sarabjeet Singh & Navneet Sandhu Dr. Vipul Singhal Mr. Aman Srivastava Dr. Dipti Srivastava & Mr. Pankaj Srivastava Dr. Seema Sunil Raina Dr. Sangeeta Talwar Dr. Alka Yadav CORPORATE MATCHING DONATIONS Intel Jacobs Engineering Microsoft Oracle Salesforce

The Anil Chandra Memorial FTEDG award honors the late AAE international member from Uttar Pratesh, India, who was Dean of the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics and a senior professor in the Faculty of Dental Sciences at King George Medical University in Lucknow. He was 61 at the time of his death due to COVID-19. The recipient of the Chandra Memorial FTEDG will be announced at AAE22 Phoenix.

One Chandra FTEDG award will now be given annually. Dr. Chandra’s illustrious career as a dental educator and endodontist includes a global network of clinicians he mentored during dental school and graduate training; numerous publications and awards; and appointments at North American universities including UCLA, SUNY, and Rutgers. He held four patents, edited three Indian dental journals, and served extensively in volunteer leadership roles in addition to giving presentations at dental conferences around the world. Dr. Chandra was widely revered as a passionate advocate for advancing access to specialty training and standards of endodontic education, and for his kind willingness to stay in touch and remain a mentor well after his students completed their training. Donations from across the globe fully funded the award only weeks after launching the appeal.

Dr. Chandra is survived by his wife Sangeeta, daughter Ahana, and son Ananya.

Who was your mentor? For more information on establishing a Foundation award, please contact Gary Rejebian at or 312-517-2159 .


The Foundation proudly thanks the following companies for their generous contributions to support endodontic research, education and outreach.

$ 2,700,000

* $1,000,000 from Tulsa Dental Products

$ 740,000

$ 500,000

$ 400,000

$ 245,000

$ 200,000

$ 190,000

$ 177,500

$ 175,000

$ 117,000

$ 110,000

$ 100,000

$ 80,000 Coltene

$ 50,000 American Dental Partners Foundation Pacific Dental Services XDR Radiology $ 30,000 Endodontic Practice Partners Septodont, Inc. Vista Apex

$ 25,000 Avalon Biomed Legally Mine PreXion Seiler Instrument and Manufacturing $ 5,000 Jordco, Inc.

$ 75,000 Acadental ACTEON North America ASI Medical, Inc.

FOCUS 2022


The Foundation, in harmony with its donors, aims to strengthen the specialty and its practitioners while envisioning a future where natural dentition can be saved, for all patients.

Thank You for paying it forward!

Philanthropic giving is easily arranged, with staff available to discuss options and payment plans for gifts, multi-year commitments, deferred gifts, and other vehicles. We hope endodontists at every level of their career can find a way to give back. Your contribution will not only help the Foundation achieve campaign success, but it will allow you the opportunity to pay it forward. We’d like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to the following individuals and corporations who have contributed toward the 2021 – 2022 campaign. This includes donors who have contributed between May 1, 2021 and February 18, 2022.

Bianca Aboubakare, DMD Dr. Pallavi Agarwal Adela Agolli, DMD, CaGs, MSc Abdulrahaman Mohammed Alfadag Christopher M. Allen, DDS, MS Robert B. Amato, DMD Alireza Aminlari, DDS, MS American Board of Endodontics Anonymous Dr. Shalini Arora Robert A. Augsburger, DDS, MSD Dr. Navneet Aujla Benedict Bachstein, DMD Leif K. Bakland, DDS

Kalisha C. Jordan, DDS, MSD William A. Kahler, DDS Drs. Aarati Kalluri & Ramanan Chebiam Renee R. Kalp, DMD Drs. Amit & Ravinder Kaur Kalra Arif Karim, DDS Shingo Kato, DDS

Dr. Sougaijam Singh Aprajita Singh, DMD Dr. Vijay Babloo Singh Vipul Singhal, DDS

Callie M. Smithson, DDS, MSD Clara M. Spatafore, DDS, MS Dr. Aman Srivastava Dr. Dipti Srivastava & Mr. Pankaj Srivastava William D. Stanley, DDS, MS

Steven J. Katz, DDS, MS Robert L. Kaufman, DDS

Dr. Preety Kaushik Dr. Ashish Khare Katie R. Kickertz, DDS, MS Kevin P. King, DDS Keith V. Krell, DDS, MS, MA Tadkamol Krongbaramee, DDS Curtis Ksenak Rajesh Lall, DMD Zane M. Lambert, DMD Emily T. Lammers, DDS, MS Alan S. Law, DDS, PhD Julie Leduc, DMD Kimberly A.D. Lindquist, DDS, MS Sandra Madison, DDS, MS A.K. Bobby Mallik, DMD Maria C. Maranga, DDS Ben B. Maze, DDS Scott McClanahan, DDS Richardson L. McGuire, DDS, MSD Alyssa McHugh Christopher S. McManus, DMS Kelly L. McNamara Frederico Canato Martinho, DDS, MSc Amir H. Mehrabi, DDS, MSD Robert J. Michelich, DDS Michigan Association of Endodontists Stuart O. Miller, DDS Serj Minassians Michael J. Mintz, DDS Drs. Alok & Nirupama Misra, DDS

Dr. Sangeeta Talwar Leila Tarsa, DDS, MS

Cynthia T. Tatsuta, DDS Patrick E. Taylor, DDS Fabricio B. Teixeira, DDS Leiza Yamila Walia, DMD Sharyn Ward Curt A. Warren, DDS

Erik P. Balinghasay, DDS Ted M. Beauchamp, DDS

Magdy Beshay, BDS Dr. Ramesh Bharti

Kathryn T. Watts, DMD, MS Evan R. Whitbeck, DDS, MS Alyson Whittlesey, CFRE Kenneth J. Widelka, CAE, FACHE, CPA

John H. Bogle, DMD, MS Alexis L. Borgestad, DDS Neil R. Bresnahan, DDS Richard P. Broering, DMD, MS Tung B. Bui, DDS Alexandra N. Chamberlain, DDS Drs. Purnima Chhabra & Vyomesh Bhatt Sami M.A. Chogle, BDS, DMD, MSD

John C. Wikle, DMD Jon R. Willison, DDS

Michael S. Winick, DDS Juergen Wollner, DDS David K. Wong, DMD Christopher J. Wood, DMD Alka Yadav Ross A. Yost, DDS THE CHANDRA FAMILY Dr. Ahana Chandra Mr.. Amit Chandra Dr. Anshuman Chandra

Patricia Choi, DDS Dr. Dolly Chopra Vanessa Chrepa, DDS, MS Nadia Chugal, DDS, MS Sandra Ciampa David E. Claffey IV, DDS, MS Elizabeth M. Claffey, DDS, MS College of Diplomates Elisabetta Cotti, DDS, MS

Mr. Ananya Chandra Ms. Kavya Chandra Mr. Sameer Chandra Ms. Rekha Srivastava

Victor A. daCosta, BDS Connor A. Dang, DDS

Amit Dania, DDS Dr. Somdipto Das Joshua M. Davis, DDS Leticia Chaves de Souza, DDS, MS, PhD Scott S. Dickson, DMD Manu Dimri, DDS Tevyah J. Dines, DMD Michael Dobrow Samuel O. Dorn, DDS James C. Douthitt, DDS, MS Joseph A. Everett, DMD Phillip H. Faucette, DDS Michael J. Feldman, DMD Robert M. Fleisher, DMD Ashraf F. Fouad, DDS, MS Sara M. Fowler, DMD, MS Kenneth J. Frick, DDS, MS Petar V. Georgiev, DDS Gerald N. Glickman, DDS, MS, MBA, JD Johnny Levar Gosier, DMD Ina Griffin, DMD Austyn Grissom, DMD Robert Grode, DDS Drs. Arpana Gupta & Sambhav Jain Dr. Dharmendra Gupta Drs. Swati & Hemant Gupta James W. Gustin, DMD R. Rubin Gutarts, DDS, MS Kenneth M. Hargreaves, DDS, PhD Bradley M. Harris, DDS Gary R. Hartwell, DDS, MS Brad L. Holmes, DDS Andrew S. Huttula, DDS Illinois Association of Endodontists James D. Isett, DMD, MS Dr. Tapasya Jayaram Timothy Jernberg, DMD Dr. Rahini Jeyapaul Jeannette M. Jimenez-Rodriguez, DMD Marcus D. Johnson, DDS, MSD

Dr. Sangeeta Srivastava Ms. Sheela Srivastava CORPORATE MATCHING DONATIONS Intel Salesforce Microsoft Oracle Jacobs Engineering FREEDLAND SOCIETY DONORS

Dr. Priyanka Mittal Kerry D. Moore DDS Aundra L. Murphy, DDS Michael J. Murray, DMD

Vicky Nguyen Nguyen, DDS Matthew S. Niemiec, DDS, MS John M. Nusstein, DDS, MS Mbachan C. Okwen, DDS, MBA, MSD

John S. Olmsted, DDS, MS Karen R. Panietz, DDS, MSD Oscar M. Pena, DDS, MSD Rebecca Perry, CAE, CPA Justine Radies, CMP Dr. Seema Sunil Raina

Noah Chivian, DDS Janice C. Chou, DDS Michael J. Mintz, DDS CORPORATE CONTRIBUTIONS Brasseler USA Dental LLC Endo1 Partners

Ramya Ramamurthy, DDS, MS Charles D. Ratcliff, DMD, MSD Cindy R. Rauschenberger, DDS, MS Dr. Chetan Rayal Gary Peter Rejebian, MSJ

Shelley M. Ridenour, DDS, MS Douglas N. Robertson, DDS, MS Karl R. Rosell, DDS Louis E. Rossman, DMD Mathew J. Royal, DDS Dr. & Mrs Clifford and Phyllis Ruddle, DDS Nikita B. Ruparel, DDS, MS, PhD

If you have questions about a contribution to the Foundation, please do not hesitate to reach out to Foundation staff for more information.

Kyan Salehi, DMD, MSD Steven Schmoldt, DDS Kyle P. Schroeder, DDS Joseph H. Schulz, DDS Benjamin Schwabe, DDS

Chelsea I. Selin, DDS Craig Shapiro, DMD Sunil Sharma Dr. Anupam Dua Sharma & Mr.Vivek Sharma Drs. Dimple Sharma & Shushant Rohilla Dr. Shruti & Mrs Sanjay Shukla Drs. Sarabjeet Singh & Navneet Sandhu

180 N. Stetson Ave., Suite 1500 Chicago, IL 60601 P: 800-872-3636 or 312-266-7255 F: 866-451-9020 or 312-266-9867

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