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Not long ago, Sara and I attended a practice owner’s retreat in Costa Rica. We met with other audiology practice owners from around the country to discuss how to better run our offices and serve patients. One of the talks we attended was hosted by a pair of practice owners who discussed giving back to the community inside of their practice. This is their philosophy: “Everyone who comes into our office is going to have an opportunity to hear, regardless of their financial situation.” To achieve this, their practice started a program to help patients who can’t afford hearing aids get access to donated hearing aids that suit their needs. Being able to hear is a fundamental part of most people’s daily experience. When a person suffers from hearing loss and doesn’t have the finances to access a hearing aid, it’s detrimental to their quality of life. Around 48 million people in the United States alone suffer from some form of hearing loss. Because Medicare does not pay for hearing aids, many people can’t afford the treatment or technology they need. In the past, my wife and I have conducted a few mini-hearing missions with our church, providing exams and hearing aids for members of underprivileged communities. We worked with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, an organization that provides hearing aids to underprivileged adults and children around the world. These have been great experiences, and now we’re taking the steps to introduce a hearing initiative in our own offices. I’m working with the audiologists I met in Costa Rica to develop a program similar to theirs. We intend to continue our work with the Starkey Hearing Foundation and the wider community while also keeping a collection of donated hearing aids at our office. For years, we’ve had a program in which we buy back patients’ old hearing aids when they upgrade to new technology, and then we send them to Starkey. We will begin to assess the aids that we obtain in our buy- back program to see if they are appropriate to re-fit, and patients who financially qualify will have access to quality secondhand hearing aids through the program.

I became an audiologist because I wanted to help people, and I believe in the importance of hearing for a person’s overall health and well- being. Implementing this program at our offices reminds me of the importance of having a purpose and giving back to our community. Being able to help every patient who comes to our practice is incredibly important to our team. We’re excited to have the opportunity to help our patients on a deeper level, and we look forward to seeing where we will go from here.

Brad Stewart, Au.D. Owner, ClearLife Hearing Care, FYZICAL Allen

P.S. If you know someone who might qualify for free or reduced-cost hearing aids based on financial need, or if you have hearing aids that you would like to donate to this program, please contact our office at

844-440-HEAR (4327)

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