Illinois Condominium Property Act

Section 9.4. Eminent domain proceedings; notice. After receipt of summons in an action to take or damage a common element, the unit owners' association shall provide to the plaintiff a list of the unit owners, mortgagees and lienholders, and the plaintiff shall provide notice by certified mail to the unit owners, mortgagees and lienholders. The notice shall include the following: (1) case name and number and jurisdiction in which the case is filed; (2) date of filing; (3) brief description of the nature of the case; (4) description of the property being damaged or taken; (5) statement that the unit owner may petition the court to intervene; and (6) statement that the mortgagee or lienholder may petition the court to intervene. An immaterial error in providing notice shall not invalidate the legal effect of the proceeding. Section 9.5. Successor developers . Any assignment of a developer's interest in the property is not effective until the successor: (i) obtains the assignment in writing; Real property taxes, special assessments, and any other special taxes or charges of the State of Illinois or of any political subdivision thereof, or other lawful taxing or assessing body, which are authorized by law to be assessed against and levied upon real property shall be assessed against and levied upon each unit and the owner's corresponding percentage of ownership in the common elements as a tract, and not upon the property as a whole. For purposes of property taxes, real property owned and used for residential purposes by a condominium association, including a master association, but subject to the exclusive right by easement, covenant, deed or other interest of the owners of one or more condominium properties and used exclusively by the unit owners for recreational or other residential purposes shall be assessed at $1.00 per year. The balance of the value of the property shall be assessed to the condominium unit owners. In counties containing 1,000,000 or more inhabitants, any person desiring to establish or to reestablish an assessment of $1.00 under this Section shall make application therefor and be subject to the provisions of Section 10-35 of the Property Tax Code. (b) Each condominium unit shall be only subject to the tax rate for those taxing districts in which such unit is actually, physically located. The county clerk shall not apply a rate which is an average of two or more different districts to any condominium unit. (c) Upon authorization by a two-thirds vote of the members of the board of managers or by the affirmative vote of not less than a majority of the unit owners at a meeting duly called for such purpose, or upon such greater vote as may be required by the declaration or bylaws, the board of managers acting on behalf of all and (ii) records the assignment. Section 10. Separate taxation. (a)

unit owners shall have the power to seek relief from or in connection with the assessment or levy of any such taxes, special assessments or charges, and to charge and collect all expenses incurred in connection therewith as common expenses. Section 11. Tax deeds. In the event any person shall acquire or be entitled to the issuance of a tax deed conveying the interest of any unit owner, the interest so acquired shall be subject to all the provisions of this Act and to the terms, provisions, covenants, conditions and limitations contained in the declaration, the plat, the bylaws or any deed affecting such interest then in force. Section 12. Insurance. (a) Required coverage. No policy of insurance shall be issued or delivered to a condominium association, and no policy of insurance issued to a condominium association shall be renewed, unless the insurance coverage under the policy includes the following: (1) Property insurance. Property insurance (i) on the common elements and the units, including the limited common elements and except as otherwise determined by the board of managers, the bare walls, floors, and ceilings of the unit, (ii) providing coverage for special form causes of loss, and (iii) providing coverage, at the time the insurance is purchased and at each renewal date, in a total amount of not less than the full insurable replacement cost of the insured property, less deductibles, but including coverage sufficient to rebuild the insured property in compliance with building code requirements subsequent to an insured loss, including: Coverage B, demolition costs; and Coverage C, increased cost of construction coverage. The combined total of Coverage B and Coverage C shall be no less than 10% of each insured building value, or $500,000, whichever is less. (2) General liability insurance. Commercial general liability insurance against claims and liabilities arising in connection with the ownership, existence, use, or management of the property in a minimum amount of $1,000,000, or a greater amount deemed sufficient in the judgment of the board, insuring the board, the association, the management agent, and their respective employees and agents and all persons acting as agents. The developer must be included as an additional insured in its capacity as a unit owner, manager, board member, or officer. The unit owners must be included as additional insured parties but only for claims and liabilities arising in connection with the ownership, existence, use, or management of the common elements. The insurance must cover claims of one or more insured parties against other insured parties. (3) Fidelity bond; directors and officers coverage. (A) An association with 6 or more dwelling units must obtain and maintain a fidelity bond covering persons, including the managing agent and its employees who control or disburse funds of the association, for the maximum amount of coverage available to protect funds in the custody or control of the association, plus the association reserve fund. (B) All management companies that are responsible for the funds held or administered by the association must be covered by a fidelity bond for the maximum amount of coverage available to protect those funds. The

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