Illinois Condominium Property Act

18.8, by mail or delivery, and that no other notice of a meeting of the board of managers need be given to any unit owner; (10) that the board shall meet at least 4 times annually; (11) that no member of the board or officer shall be elected for a term of more than 2 years, but that officers and board members may succeed themselves; (12) the designation of an officer to mail and receive all notices and execute amendments to condominium instruments as provided for in this Act and in the condominium instruments; (13) the method of filling vacancies on the board which shall include authority for the remaining members of the board to fill the vacancy by two- thirds vote until the next annual meeting of unit owners or for a period terminating no later than 30 days following the filing of a petition signed by unit owners holding 20% of the votes of the association requesting a meeting of the unit owners to fill the vacancy for the balance of the term, and that a meeting of the unit owners shall be called for purposes of filling a vacancy on the board no later than 30 days following the filing of a petition signed by unit owners holding 20% of the votes of the association requesting such a meeting, and the method of filling vacancies among the officers that shall include the authority for the members of the board to fill the vacancy for the unexpired portion of the term; (14) what percentage of the board of managers, if other than a majority, shall constitute a quorum; (15) provisions concerning notice of board meetings to members of the board; (16) the board of managers may not enter into a contract with a current board member or with a corporation or partnership in which a board member or a member of the board member's immediate family has 25% or more interest, unless notice of intent to enter the contract is given to unit owners within 20 days after a decision is made to enter into the contract and the unit owners are afforded an opportunity by filing a petition, signed by 20% of the unit owners, for an election to approve or disapprove the contract; such petition shall be filed within 30 days after such notice and such election shall be held within 30 days after filing the petition; for purposes of this subsection, a board member's immediate family means the board member's spouse, parents, and children; (17) that the board of managers may disseminate to unit owners biographical and background information about candidates for election to the board if (i) reasonable efforts to identify all candidates are made and all candidates are given an opportunity to include biographical and background information in the information to be disseminated; and (ii) the board does not express a preference in favor of any candidate; (18) any proxy distributed for board elections by the board of managers gives unit owners the opportunity to designate any person as the proxy holder, and gives the unit owner the opportunity to express a preference for any of the known candidates for the board or to write in a name;

(19) that special meetings of the board of managers can be called

by the president or 25% of the members of the board;

(20) that the board of managers may establish and maintain a system of master metering of public utility services and collect payments in connection therewith, subject to the requirements of the Tenant Utility Payment Disclosure Act; and (21) that the board may ratify and confirm actions of the members of the board taken in response to an emergency, as that term is defined in subdivision (a)(8)(iv) of this Section; that the board shall give notice to the unit owners of: (i) the occurrence of the emergency event within 7 business days after the emergency event, and (ii) the general description of the actions taken to address the event within 7 days after the emergency event. The intent of the provisions of this Public Act 99-472 adding this paragraph (21) is to empower and support boards to act in emergencies. (b) (1) What percentage of the unit owners, if other than 20%, shall constitute a quorum provided that, for condominiums with 20 or more units, the percentage of unit owners constituting a quorum shall be 20% unless the unit owners holding a majority of the percentage interest in the association provide for a higher percentage, provided that in voting on amendments to the association's bylaws, a unit owner who is in arrears on the unit owner's regular or separate assessments for 60 days or more, shall not be counted for purposes of determining if a quorum is present, but that unit owner retains the right to vote on amendments to the association's bylaws; (2) that the association shall have one class of membership; (3) that the members shall hold an annual meeting, one of the purposes of which shall be to elect members of the board of managers; (4) the method of calling meetings of the unit owners; (5) that special meetings of the members can be called by the president, board of managers, or by 20% of unit owners; (6) that written notice of any membership meeting shall be mailed or delivered giving members no less than 10 and no more than 30 days’ notice of the time, place and purpose of such meeting except that notice may be sent, to the extent the condominium instruments or rules adopted thereunder expressly so provide, by electronic transmission consented to by the unit owner to whom the notice is given, provided the director and officer or his agent certifies in writing to the delivery by electronic transmission; (7) that voting shall be on a percentage basis, and that the percentage vote to which each unit is entitled is the percentage interest of the undivided ownership of the common elements appurtenant thereto, provided that the bylaws may provide for approval by unit owners in connection with matters where the requisite approval on a percentage basis is not specified in this Act, on the basis of one vote per unit; (8) that, where there is more than one owner of a unit, if only one of the multiple owners is present at a meeting of the association, he is entitled to cast

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- 30 -

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