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Additionally, in Mishna class, they are introduced to the study of Torah She’beal Peh (Oral Torah).  They are introduced to the study of the Oral Torah through the “Bonayich” curriculum.  This curriculum utilizes both traditional and modern pedagogical methods.   The Mishnayot are introduced through shinun (chanting), which is the traditional method by which Mishna has been taught and learned.  The two main books of Mishna that the students concentrate on are Massechet Brachot, which focuses on blessings and prayer and Massechet Avot, which focuses on Jewish ethics. In these Massechtot students learn the dialectical nature of the oral Torah and they engage in the dialectic and debate of Jewish law and ethics.


The Sixth Grade Language Arts curriculum focuses on developing a reading and writing community in the classroom. Through writer’s workshop, we delve into the craft of writing from spelling to grammar, and into many other characteristics of the writing process. Writing, sharing, and focusing on individual areas of growth for each student helps develop students’ writing proficiency. In reading, we continue to foster a reading community through class studies of novels as well as free choice selections. In our book studies, we build a common background to evolve our frame of reference and discussions for future reading endeavors. Also, we delve into the structural components of reading as well as explore the literary devices within the novels. Independently, students choose books to read and share through book talks thereby encouraging others to join our reading community. Our Language Arts curriculum embraces the use of technology to further expand our reading knowledge through nonfiction pieces, vocabulary development, and other technology that fosters a love and culture of reading and writing. SOCIAL STUDIES The Sixth Grade Social Studies curriculum focuses on the themes of Relationships and Independence. Study begins with an overview of basic map skills and geography concepts, with a focus on United States geography. Students then explore the history of our nation, beginning with learning about Native American cultures, and continuing with the periods of early exploration, North American colonization, the American Revolution, and the establishment of our new country’s government and Constitution. In addition to class discussions, students work independently, with partners, and in small collaborative groups practicing research and presentation skills. Supplementing this American history curriculum are ongoing current events lessons, using a variety of resources to bring an awareness of not only our history, but also of the current world around us. MATHEMATICS In Sixth Grade, we are introducing our students to the Glencoe Math program. The program continues to build on and introduce concepts in ratios and proportion relationships, the number system, expressions and equations, geometry and statistics and probability. Students will continue to work on



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