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February 2018

Scott Toms on the Importance of the Client Relationship THOSE WHO MATTER MOST

After all, it’s the clients who make it all possible for any business, including Cornerstone Wealth Management Group. the ear they have come to rely on, as well as a financial navigator. I have no doubt we have a great year ahead of us. There are many things I’m looking forward to this year in addition to developing and deepening these relationships. For instance, one of my big goals is to be more active in the community. I’m currently on the board of directors with a few nonprofits, including CASA, Inc. and Star Community, Inc. I’ve been involved in some major projects with these organizations, and it’s my goal to devote adequate time and energy to ensure these projects can really take off in the months ahead. On the Cornerstone side of things, I’m looking forward to our ongoing workshops. We have a number of educational events for clients and people within the community. These workshops cover many financial topics, and I always enjoy sharing my knowledge and insight with others.

February is the month of relationships. It’s when people share their appreciation of those who matter most in their lives; friends and family, spouses or significant others. But it’s also important to highlight the professional relationships in our lives, such as the relationship between business and client. Cornerstone Wealth Management Group. It’s the trust you place in us and the expertise we share with you that makes the relationship work. One of Cornerstone’s core values centers on the premise of putting clients first. It may seem like a simple value, but there is a lot that goes into it. That’s because it’s not just a Cornerstone value. It’s a personal value that I and every member of the Cornerstone team hold dear. We all live and work in a complex world. The smaller financial world can be just as complex to navigate. After all, it’s the clients who make it all possible in any business, including

People come to us because they know we have the expertise to guide them. They put their trust in us to guide them toward their financial goals, whether those goals are personal or related to their business. As part of my own process in helping clients navigate the financial world, I try to keep it simple. It’s about making everything accessible and easy to understand. I get to chart a course through the financial high seas while you focus on what really matters most to you. It’s also about being there when you need us most. If you have a question, we’re here with an answer. If you have a concern, we’re here to ease that concern. Your interests come before our own. With any relationship, communication is key. And a huge part of the communication process is listening. Sometimes, it seems like good listeners are few and far between, but we recognize just how important listening is. That’s why we listen more than we speak. We listen for every detail. You may have a concern you didn’t even realize you had, and we might pick up on it during a conversation. It happens more often than you’d think. As I look toward the year ahead, I’m excited to continue to develop relationships with my clients — to be

Here’s to a great new year and to building our best relationships yet!

– Scott Toms

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