Adviser - Spring 2016

Adviser/ accounts

their details and automatically post invoice details against payments. So both client and accountant can see when invoices were raised and paid without having to separately log in to a bank account.” This all sounds very clever, but isn’t cloud accounting complicated to use? “No, not at all. Much of the cloud accounting software on the market today is supplied by some really big names who have designed systems to be as easy to use as possible. It can take time for the system to recognise any ‘rules’ which you set up, but only in the same way that Google quickly learns which websites you use or the online adverts you see. In fact, cloud systems like SBLive are designed to take the onus away from a heavy reliance on your accounts

administration and to get everyone in your business working together no matter their level of finance knowledge. Cloud software can be accessed anywhere via a laptop or smartphone. Simply by asking your teams to download an app, they can raise invoices directly without having to wait for it to be processed by your accounts department. The same can apply with expenses: rather than being hit with bundles of paper expenses at the month end, by getting your staff to use the smartphone app to upload a photo of the receipt when for example they fill up the van with diesel, the expenses will be seen in your accounting software within minutes.”

With all the stories in the press recently regarding online data

breaches is cloud accounting safe? “It can be argued that keeping your data in the cloud is safer than keeping it on your own computer. Saving data in the cloud means that no actual files are kept on your laptop or smartphone, so if it were lost or stolen your accounts would be kept safe and ready for you to access from another device. In addition the companies that supply the software are reliant on keeping clients’ data safe and go to significant lengths to secure and back up their servers.” Does a cloud solution mean the end of accountants for businesses? “I hope not! [Simon laughs]. In all seriousness, businesses will always need professional advice. What cloud ‘


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