Adviser - Spring 2016

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and bringing them together to work as a team. “We have some terrific examples of players who have joined the programme at a young age and gone through the ranks to become elite sports men and women. Many more of them will not necessarily turn professional, but will learn life skills and ways of working that will set them up for a great future in terms of learning the values of hard work and fair play.” Ipswich Basketball Club chair Nick Newman said: “We are very grateful to Scrutton Bland for their ongoing sponsorship of the team. They recognise the spirit of what the club is about, and this new deal will enable us to continue to work with local schools to get children into sport, and to find the superstars of the future.” n Scrutton Bland provide financial services such as audit, insurance and accounting for many local and national clubs, charities and not for profit organisations. If you would like to get in touch to see how your group could benefit, telephone 01473 267000 or 01206 838400.

Ipswich Basketball Academy women’s team: Ashleigh Pink, Frances Musson, Charlene Tom Pavel Kricka Photography

Bascombe, who works in our IFA department. We are committed to developing our sponsorship of the Ipswich Basketball team and the work that they do and we are delighted to be associated with such a great club.”

Ipswich Basketball Academy’s Director and club head coach Nick Drane added: “The Community Project is a great way of engaging children with the sport at a young age, whatever their background,


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