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One of Anglia Ruskin’s students with colleagues on work placement in Germany

Preparing students for business

S crutton Bland provide successful work placement programme.

worked with us to employ one of our students in their Placement Year include MTV, Proctor and Gamble, Tesco, IBM, Disney, Bosch and Airbus. Many employers in our local markets in the east of England and across the UK have also benefited from student placements, including Scrutton Bland . The benefits available to employers of working with our students include:- n Hearing the fresh ideas of a student with high levels of enthusiasm, skill and flexibility who can apply their academic knowledge to your needs; n Cost-effective resourcing - the costs of a placement student are often less than a new graduate, and you can spot future talent to hire after the students graduate. n An opportunity for junior employees to gain management experience by taking on the responsibility of managing our students. n Links to leading academic specialists and resources in the Lord Ashcroft International Business School, which can help provide support to your growing business needs n Networking opportunities for you with other placement employers.

develop their experience of the working world and can be chosen from all our courses in the LordAshcroft International Business School on both specialist degrees, such as Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Economics and HR, and general business courses. They have the skills to fulfil all sorts of positions for your business from a general Administrator role to a Finance Intern or a Marketing Trainee. Many of our students can speak a foreign language, which could also benefit your business if you operate internationally or have plans to expand. “Having the opportunity of gaining some practical experience in the real working world has allowed me to put into practice all of the accounting knowledge I have acquired at Anglia Ruskin.” Accounting and Finance student Scrutton Bland are pleased to work with a number of educational institutions across the region to provide services including insurance, accounting and audit provision, and offer straightforward professional advice to offer the most effective result for you. If you would be interested in talking to one of our experts please call 01473 267000 or 01206 838400 or see our website

external audit services to Anglia Ruskin University. Adviser magazine spoke to them about their highly

At Anglia Ruskin University we are proud of ensuring our students not only gain academic knowledge while studying with us, but are prepared for the world of work. We were named Entrepreneurial University of the Year in 2014, and 9 out of 10 graduates are in work or further study within six months of leaving us. There are multiple benefits of taking an Anglia Ruskin University Placement Year student for your business. The ethos of our courses are very practical and we work closely with employers to ensure that our students develop the relevant skills required by businesses today. We have students available to work in your business for a period of 12 weeks to one year to help you with projects you don’t have time to complete, shortfalls in staff and other peaks in workload. Major employers who have previously

Our students are bright and keen to


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