Adviser - Spring 2016

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W elcome to the first issue of Adviser magazine, a readable mix of timely financial advice, company profiles and charity news, for both individuals and businesses in East Anglia. In each edition we will tackle some of the biggest issues facing businesses in our region, and discuss ways in which you can take care of your personal finances. The coming of spring is such a positive time. The days are getting longer and warmer, there is new growth in the fields and gardens, and … it’s the end of the financial year! As accountants, tax advisers, insurance brokers and financial advisers, Scrutton Bland is well placed to provide financial services to anyone looking for assistance with the processes and procedures that need to be completed at this time of year, and this issue of Adviser gives some useful pointers on tax credits for research and development, and maximising business tax relief.

Catherine Britton, Editor

Erica Gilson, Editorial Director

Looking to develop your business? In this edition we take a look at the new regional Enterprise Zone sites that will be developed around Ipswich over the coming months, and aim to create 5000 jobs by 2021. If you are at the other end of the business timeline and are considering selling your firm, then Scrutton Bland’s managing partner, Tim O’Connor, provides his top ten pieces of advice for the business owner. Cyber crime is a problem that has hit the headlines in recent months, and the evidence is that fraudsters are becoming more and more sophisticated. Tim Mulley, senior partner at Scrutton Bland looks at the ways that some of the most recent schemes are targeting business professionals, and suggests ways to combat potential criminal activity. Scrutton Bland has always taken its corporate social responsibilities seriously, and has been a supporter of charities and organisations who have a positive impact on our local communities. This issue of Adviser includes a profile of Ipswich Basketball, whose Academy is sponsored by Scrutton Bland, and The J’s Hospice in Chelmsford, plus there are some great pictures from our tree planting event at Assington, near Sudbury. Finally, as a local firm of almost one hundred years standing, we thought it was time to look back to see how Scrutton Bland has developed over the years. Like any family history, there have been some interesting characters, both staff and clients! We extend our thanks to everyone who has contributed to this, and to all the articles in this edition.

We hope you enjoy this first issue of Adviser, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any comments or suggestions for future issues.

Catherine Britton, Editor


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