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Orange County has begun implementing a strategic deployment of credit card processing equipment at various department locations throughout the organization.

The Treasurer and Information Technology Department are working with Planning and Development Services, Parks and Recreation, the Office on Youth, the Animal Shelter, the Landfill, and the Public Library Branches to implement credit card payment options for fees, services, and permits. Some departments will even be able to process online and in - person credit card payments. The deployment team is working towards completing all implementations by late Spring 2021.

The beauty of a recent ice storm

Gail Lloyd Site Manager Employment Start: 1994

Get to know Orange County staff... The Personnel File:

Gail Lloyd is the Site Manager for the Orange Elementary Child Care Program, one of the four Orange County School Age Child Care (OCSACC) programs managed by the Orange County Office on Youth. Gail has accumulated the second most years of service with the Orange County Elementary Child Care Program of any staff member in the department. Gail was first hired in 1994 when only the Gordon - Barbour Elementary School site was open and was one of the first staff members to move to the Orange Elementary School site when it opened in 1994. She left employment with Orange County for a period during 1998 and 1999. She was re - hired as the Site Manager in February 2000 and has been with OCSACC since. Office on Youth Director, Alisha Vines, stated, “ Gail has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know, and she cares for the children she works with very deeply. Her compassion and dedication to the families she serves is unsurpassed. ”

Gail finds providing a safe, nurturing environment for the children to be the most rewarding aspect of her role. Gail ’ s favorite activities while caring for the children are playing games like Connect4 and Bingo, playing outdoors, and walking the Cheetah trail. In her off - hours, Gail enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading good books, watching comedies, working in the yard, and indulging in Starbucks ’ white chocolate mochas.

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