Orange County Insight March 2021

Board of Supervisors Appoints Interim Member

At the February 9, 2021 Board of Supervisors ’ Meeting, the Board unanimously appointed Keith F. Marshall to fill a vacancy as the Interim District Three Supervisor.

Mr. Marshall is an Orange County native. He and his wife, Deanne, have three children: Kyle, Kassidy, and Kaleb. Mr. Marshall attended Orange County Public Schools and graduated from Mary Washington College with a degree in Economics. He has run his family ’ s dairy farm and been an active member of the business community since 1978. Over the years the business has incorporated organic farming, robotic milking and improved facilities for animal welfare. Mr. Marshall credits his business ’ success to the great team of loyal individuals who have helped the business grow. Mr. Marshall ’ s interest in serving as the interim District Three Supervisor stems from his interest in self - governance and desire to contribute to the process. “ I feel we have a strong Board of Supervisors that have worked well together for many years. I believe this interim position is a great opportunity to continue the legacy of S. Teel Goodwin. and his many years of service. ” stated Mr. Marshall.

Lee H. Frame (District 5), R. Mark Johnson (District 1), James "Jim" Crozier (District 4), Keith F. Marshall (District 3), James "Jim" White (District 2)

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