Orange County Insight March 2021

Orange County Implements New Logo and Style

Orange County recently implemented a new Style Guide and branding logo. The Style Guide introduces all approved County of Orange logo versions and demonstrates the rules for both print and digital use for to properly present Orange County, Virginia ’ s visual identity. Use of the Style Guide improves communication by ensuring consistency within the organization and enforces best practices by guiding designs to a quickly recognizable professional outcome. The Style Guide is derived from two key elements: the color palette and the County logo. Together they provide a unifying theme and position the County with one unified voice. Consistent and correct use of the logo, seal, and information listed in the Style Guide make a positive impact on the County government and the community it serves by giving the County the tools to craft communications that are unique and adhere to the County ’ s identity. The Orange County Court on July 28, 1774, ordered the Sheriff to pay fifty shillings for a county seal. This seal according to W.W. Scott, an Orange County historian, consisted of “ an excellent cut of a lion, encircled by the name of the County. ” That same month, delegates from Virginia ’ s counties were preparing to elect the colony ’ s delegates to the First Continental Congress. The colors of the seal are those appertaining to the coat of arms of “ The Honorable Alexander Spotswood Esq., Her Majesty ’ s Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief of Virginia, ” as his commission read. He was a principal figure in the early history of what became Orange County in 1734. The Orange County Bicentennial Commission engaged Miss Jean Love of Orange to design and execute a conjectural rendering of the seal in color, which is reproduced in the current seal. On March 11, 1975, the Orange County Board of Supervisors adopted the seal as the official seal, and the colors as the official colors, of Orange County, Virginia. The updated logo is a modern interpretation of the County seal. The rampant lion symbolizes defiance, while his posture, erect on hind legs and presenting a full face, is emblematic of prudence, or the ability to govern oneself by the use of reason. 1734, tactfully positioned at the lion ’ s feet, represents the County ’ s establishment and history. The text “ Orange County ” gives homage to the Blue Ridge mountains, the base of which is home to Orange County. The updated logo will be used for branding purposes, and the seal will continue to be used for official documents. The primary logo has a family of alternates to be used for specific purposes. With this family, Orange County can communicate consistently across different media and size requirements and address numerous audiences. The County anticipates the use of the new logo as well as the seal for the foreseeable future as it introduces the new logo onto vehicles, business cards, etc., as the budget allows.

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